I Am, Lord Michael, Emissaries of the I Am, February 23, 2017

by Christine Preston

Christine: Hi Lightworkers! The information that follows may not provide a full view but just a partial one through the window of one of my meditations, and conversations, by the method of telepathic communication, with my Monadic I Am Presence and Archangel Michael. So here it is, a transcript of an instruction in a state of meditation which has been given at the end of my visualization for the Solar Ring and Tube of Light:
I Am: Archangels are Emissaries of God. That is how they are understood in an exoteric way. The term Archangel is composed of ‘Arch’ meaning ‘Ancient’ and ‘Angel’ which derives from the Greek Aggeloi meaning Messengers or Emissaries.
Basically the Archangels are Emissaries from the highest dimension and from the Great Central Sun, the Father-Mother God, or Alpha-Omega. These names represent the dual polarity of the of the highest Being whose name is I Am that I Am to reflect the fact that the mankind with the link to this Being is connected in its selfhood in an esoteric way, or immanent way, to this Being of Light. You might say ‘In the beginning this Creator created the Universe’ but there was no beginning and time is just a construct of the human mind. The Emissaries of this highest of dimension are called Archangels in Western tradition. In the East they have been called ‘Jyotis’, a Sanskrit term meaning ‘Lords of Light’. In the plural form it can mean ‘the heavenly bodies’ or ‘stars’. Jyotisha is Vedic Astrology and a science concerning the heavenly bodies. In antiquity, such as in the age of Plato, the stars were thought of as celestial spheres, or orbs, made of an etherial fifth element, therefore of a higher dimensional matter or substance, that thinkers called ‘quintessence’. The Israelites believed in the concept of a flat earth accommodating for life upon a platform of circular shape, a heaven above it, and an underworld below it which was where souls ended up after death. They were influenced by later Greeks who adopted the concept of a spherical earth in the middle of concentric heavens. The ancient authors of the gospels often identified the stars of their cosmological models as angels, which you may find mysterious, and other mythologies of the world also explained or identified their gods and goddesses as the various stars of their cosmologies.
The Emissaries of the highest dimensions called Archangels bring to the lower dimensions the Divine Will to manifest Heaven upon Earth at this time which has been said in the book of Revelation to be the End Time. Christians believe that Jesus made prophecies about the time when his second coming would occur to establish God’s kingdom on earth, and that he gave some revelations to the apostle John of Patmos sixty years later. This was in the form of what you call channeling, but is called a vision in Christianity. The establishment of God’s kingdom is realized as the Archangels bring the vision which is the Divine Will to mankind. These End times are not about destructions and an end of civilization or of the world, but an elimination of evil. In Revelation 4 it is stated:
John: ‘Immediately I was in the Spirit and behold, a throne set in heaven, and One sat on the throne’.
Christine: The throne in heaven was upon the highest dimension, and in the Galactic Center, as well as the Spirit Within, an infinite Being who embodies all creation in all dimensions. During this meditation my monadic I Am Presence gave me images and concepts, one after another, as above, then Archangel Michael came to me as the Higher Self of my ascended twin flame, André, to expand upon the concepts. He is asking me to mention that there are Twenty Four Elders and they sit before the Throne in the presence of God at the highest level of being. They communicate with the Masters and twenty four thrones and dominions which carry out the administration of the Universes through the Councils of Light. On the left hand of God are the archangels and they are extensions of this Creator. They chose the Divine Will and in this way are different from mankind. There are seven main Archangels and they have a feminine counterpart often referred to as a divine complement rather than a twin flame. On the right hand of God are the Elohim or Creator Gods. They also are different from mankind. Saint Germain revealed their names in his I Am teachings. There is a Council of Twelve at the highest level that oversees creation. Archangel Michael is telling me to use some of the information given by Joshua D. Stone in his Ascension Manual and what he stated was obtained by telepathic communication with the Master Djwhal Khul. In a sumarised form he said:
Joshua: The Archangel Metatron is the Universal Logos and is symbolically at the crown of the Tree of Life.
Christine: You will find this Tree of Life represented in many Nordic, Hindu, Buddhist cosmologies which seem to support the flat earth concept due to the fact that the middle part in the bubble representing Earth, there is a platform, and above the latter, a representation of the higher realms which are etheric and the dwelling place for the ascended souls. Many interpretation give these cosmologies a concrete, or outer world, interpretation. But they are symbolic.
Joshua: The Monadic I Am guides the Higher Self and its incarnated extension or personality. In the same way the Logos of Sirius guides our Solar Logos and there also is a Logos guiding the Logos of Sirius. There are Seven Great Beings who ensoul the Seven Stars in the Great Bear Star System. It is from them that the Seven Rays are imparted to mankind. Above these is the Galactic Logos and a Being who is part of it is called Melchior. He is in charge of the Milky Way Galaxy. Above this Being is the Universal Logos who is in charge of the Universe. There are Masters who have returned all the way back to the Godhead called Cosmic Ascended Masters, and those we are familiar with are planetary ascended masters. At the highest level is the First Cause, the heavenly Father-Mother God, the Divine Presence with a duality of consciousness, or image, which we were also created with. Our Solar Logos is called Helios and Vesta, and Lord Sanat Kumara has traditionally been known as our Planetary Logos. It is because the latter is taking an initiation that we are experiencing the process of Ascension. Our planetary system is taking a monumental leap in consciousness and has become sacred. We are attuning with Galactic Masters whose power is higher in frequency than our planetary or Solar Masters.
Christine: We have recently penetrated into the fourth dimension and then the fifth, because our planetary body has moved up higher upon the ladder of these dimensions. So what channelers have reported, concerning the presence of a multitude of Galactic beings to assist us with the Ascension, is true. But they are higher dimensional beings. They intend to manifest themselves upon the Earth physical platform too. They have incarnated for a number of decades and are coming by other methods as mentioned before. What Archangel Michael has dictated to me regarding the Emissaries, or Archangels, is the following:
Lord Michael: The significance of these Emissaries, whether Archangels or other, is that they stand between their human extensions and the Real Self. You are a projection of consciousness into four lower bodies which are vehicles of expression, the etheric, mental, emotional and physical vehicles. You have a personality, a self or ego. When you come out of these vehicles at the death of the body, it is comparable to getting out of some garments you have worn for a day. You exist in the highest of these vehicles of expression upon the etheric realm as a celestial counterpart that the human self has left behind at incarnation. You are a son or daughter created by your Higher Self, or more exactly, a divine counterpart of a higher Being, as Archangels have a dual polarity. There is a Father and a Mother image in the Archangel. So we speak of the Archangels and their divine complements. Such a being is a spiritual hermaphrodite as there is no separation at that higher level of existence between the two polarities or Father-Mother images. When Archangels project consciousness in the matter world, twin flames are separated at the moment of incarnation in the vehicle of expression. The part of the Higher Self that has the Father image sends a Son into the world, and the feminine complement with the Mother image sends a daughter in the matter world. At the moment of creation, these beings exist upon a higher dimension as souls, and they were originally created as one. They only became separated in incarnation. So a Son is the extension of his Father, his Higher Self, and a daughter is the extension of her Mother, her Higher Self. This Son and Daughter are Twin Flames born as soul extensions of the Father-Mother aspects of an Archangel. The Sons of God of Genesis 6 were Initiators who incarnated in the days of Lemuria. Their progeny misused the powers they genetically inherited from those fathers.
Christine: I have been impressed during this meditation with the fact that many teachers in recent decades have not realized that the crucifixion of Jesus Christ did not take place, and that the gospel story was molded upon the pattern of a template, so to speak, as there existed an ancient teaching with regard to initiations with obstacles to overcome upon the path of Ascension. We also go through a type of crucifixion in various forms as we progress with the initiations that have been discussed in two, at least, of the videos. What Joshua D. Stone stated about this is the following:
Joshua: The fourth initiation is esoterically called the crucifixion because it is at this initiation that one is crucified in the sense of outer supports being stripped away. All that is left then to hold on to is one’s inner relationship to self, God and the Masters. This initiation has to do with letting go. It has to do with learning that what might be perceived as ‘loss’ really is the lower-self holding onto things that the Higher Self recognizes the initiate does not really need. What is perceived as loss is nothing but lower-self desire, but what is won is desire for the Higher Self and God. It is not possible to take one’s ascension and become an Integrated Ascended Master without having a true desire and longing for God!
Christine: Jesus the Christ took his fourth initiation and his teacher was Lord Maitreya, and apparently the latter gained his sixth initiation, and became the head of the Spiritual Hierarchy, holding the position of the Christ. As to Jesus, he became an Ascended Master but reincarnated as Appollonius of Tyanna and then took his fifth initiation. There is a lot more to tell about Lord Sanat Kumara and his coming, some 18 and a half million years ago, to be the Logos of Earth. This should provide more enlightenment in relation to the ancient Cosmologies, but we shall leave this for another video. On the subject of the Cosmologies I have received the following dictation from Archangel Michael:
Lord Michael: You have done some prayers and I would like to confirm regarding our studies on the debates regarding Flat Earth versus Globe that your expectations that the models offered in ancient cosmologies are more accurate than the globular model of the Science that has evolved over many centuries but that could not be proven. The Establishment created a science that is fantasy, or something like science fiction actually, in order to back up the view that man is alone in the Universe and that there is but matter to it, no higher realms, for instance. They concocted a whole view using Darwin’s theories. It’s all wrapped up in the materialist viewpoint that makes man appear insignificant and that removes the Almighty Inner God from the scenario of Life. Archangels are emissaries for the Light of the higher dimensions. We re-created this world by lifting it up from the lower dimensions. We created it for our own use originally then it was lost and taken to an abyss of corruption. We brought Light to it again and this is the point which some records seem to regard as its beginning, in those days when some beings thought they were the gods, and there was no one more advanced than they were. I am referring to the story found in Gnostic records such as ‘On the Origin of the world’ discovered at Nag Hammadi.
Christine: Wishing you all to be kept safe and secure in the light of the Archangels and Ascended Masters.

I Am, Lord Michael, Emissaries of the I Am, February 23, 2017

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