Lord Michael, Lazarus 8, February 12, 2017

by Christine Preston,

Christine: We are continuing with the story where we left off in Lazarus 7. After I had been affected by the flu with headaches and had not been able to communicate with Archangel Michael as usual, my ascended twin flame André woke me up early on February 8, 2017, and asked me to make some calls, or prayers. I didn’t know why yet but later learned that the family had been called to the hospital because the patient’s heart rate and blood pressure were low. However, as the Consultant had lied in Court I was skeptic that my friend’s father was ill as claimed. Furthermore her brother had stated on his visit on the same day their father seemed to be doing extremely well and seemed stronger than when he saw him on the previous Monday. My friend had been informed by her Lawyer that the Judge had decided to make a verdict in favor of the family and this was after it had been postponed for a week from the Friday when she was in court in London. However, as this was supposed to be confidential information I had not been informed. All I knew was that Archangel Michael had stated to me in the middle of the night that the Judge ‘had surrendered’. On February 6 my friend had texted that she had not heard anything from the Court after she had attended court in London the previous week. The Judge was renowned for giving quick verdicts but the barrister provided him with additional medical evidence. The assumption that a verdict would be given on February 3 had proven to be wrong. With regard to the financial expenses incurred by the family, I had no idea they were as much as they were, and the archangels had indicated at an early stage of development that it would not matter if the family could not obtain the services of a solicitor, or a lawyer. See Lazarus 1. In a way it can be said that my friend felt at the time that she needed this reinforcement and to be able to rely on the legal power rather than on the celestial forces to obtain from the hospital to provide care for her father. It seems that heaven was using the battle in Court to produce changes in the system. Mother Mary had told me that they had not informed me as to the costs and also said that these should not be of any concern to me. The hospital probably also heard by February 8 that the Judge decided to rule in favour of the family. So I wondered whether the hospital had made a false claim by saying the patient had deteriorated in an effort to gain credibility with the Judge and reverse his verdict. My ascended twin flame André told me on February 8 that my friend’s father had not suffered any deterioration at all. At this stage my friend was rejoicing with the prospect of removing her father from the hospital and taking him to the Leamington Spa clinic, but she only told me that in a telephone conversation a few days later. At the same time she was concerned with the news her father had deteriorated and was asking me for some prayers. Archangel Michael also stated to me:

Lord Michael: the hospital does not want the patient to be released so the story will not leak. They are afraid of some repercussions in the system. You guessed right about the fact that the patient was excited about the prospect that his daughter would experience a revelation regarding things pertaining to the higher dimensions and our existence as well as the possibility of telepathic contact. Nothing is wrong with him medically. It’s taking its course because recovering is slow. But there is nothing serious that can’t be fixed. We think he will be stabilizing soon. The blood pressure is lower now and again, but this is not really serious. They like to dramatize to substantiate their claims that he will die in six months. And with regard to the Verdict, you didn’t know the Judge has sided in favour of providing the help and imposing the transfer to Leamington Spa clinic.

Christine: Speaking of my friend’s father, Archangel Michael said:

Lord Michael: It is not that he would like to live to give his daughter a boost in her life, it is more than that, as he wants to live in order to experience the Ascension and Events about to take place in a year or so, and a few years more. He would like to be with his children too. He was, however, excited about the prospect that his daughter would experience a revelation regarding things pertaining to the higher dimensions, our existence, and telepathy.

Christine: the feeling for my friend’s father was very much like the one described by people who have had a Near Death Experience. They have also felt the higher vibration of the Light and want to remain in that better realm of the afterlife. Suddenly the afterlife is reality to them and all the ideas that are the result of the materialistic indoctrination fade away. Archangel Michael also said to me the following:

Lord Michael: There still are surprises in store for you regarding this Court case that will astound you. I mean with regard how this case has had ramifications and will have had an effect upon people.

Christine: My friend’s solicitor stated that the Laws will now change because of the case and that it was the first time that the Judge in question ruled that an 81 year old man should be allowed to live! Then the unexpected happened: on February 9, I received a text saying:

Friend: My father has passed away! If he wanted to live why is he no longer here?
Christine: She was distressed for not being able to talk to her father any more and blamed herself for not having been with him through the night. She experienced a despair from the idea that she had lost her father and this relates to an inability to view death as unreal, or to a detachment which people possess in the East due to their tradition and philosophy. In the West the problem is materialism. Suddenly the people who have lost someone realize they are not eternal and cannot cope with the reality. Sometime they are even suicidal due to the loss of a loved one and forget that other members of the family, or animals, depend on them, and that they have a duty to perform in life. We should realize that there are limits to divine interventions and conditions, and that is the reason that we are asked for prayers so that celestial forces can go into action. A certain validation was provided over the course of the gradual awakening from coma between June 2016 and February 2017. It seems to have broaden my friend’s spiritual horizon and caused her own awakening as well on the matter of a number of subjects which may be regarded by some people as controversial. She had stated that before this experience her life was in a rut. She had learned how to remain in the surrender mode, accepting God’s Will instead of wanting the human view of an unfoldment of events which are due to attachment, and illusions, as well as the materialist indoctrination about death meaning the end of life. It all relates to the fact that people tend to identify with their body when they should realize they are a spiritual being, or force, using this body. People who have had a Near Death Experience come back with an enlightened view about this. There are some positive thoughts deriving from this experience:

1. The family has obtained victory in Court and the Case will have the effect of changing the Law.

2. The family has opposed the hospital to prevent it from using euthanasia by back the back door, as an MP has stated it. This would have involved the use of morphine.

3. The patient has passed away in a natural way and therefore has been saved from the suffering that this euthanasia involves.

4. It is true that souls desire to experience the Ascension in physicality, but they can be sent to mystery schools and be accelerated upon the path of Ascension on the higher realms. They can sometime be more helpful to their twin flames by pulling them up, so to speak.

5. Communication will become possible with the departed ones and mentors to a larger extent than before from June this year of 2017 as the green light will be given for this. The phenomenon of channeling and prophesying has increased due to the action of the photon light and changes taking place in the DNA which cause certain psychic abilities to manifest.
6. A time of Reunion has been prophesied as when we have been lifted up to a higher place upon the ladder of the dimensions, those who dwell upon the higher dimensions will be able to manifest themselves to us, in some cases with the help of technology.

7. The prophecy of Scripture concerning Christ’s Second Coming in the end times is not just about the Master Jesus’ return but also other ascended masters, the Archangels, and Galactic beings of higher dimensions. The Second coming is also taking place as a birth in Christ consciousness in mankind in an esoteric way.

8. The Verdict represents a victory to change the system.

A last bit of news is that there may be an Inquest as the lawyers agree that the patient could have been saved if the hospital had different policies and had given him more care. My friend’s father struggled in a way that could have been avoided, and suddenly, in a way that even Archangel Michael viewed as improbable on the timeline, he passed away. Perhaps the moral of this story is to remember we don’t resurrect from a physical body, but from the human consciousness of mortality of the third dimension. We need to heal our psychology and acquire higher consciousness in order to be transfigured in our physicality and overcome disease, and even death. We expect this to be possible when we shift into 5th density. We are presently penetrating the 4th density. Most of all we need to realize the illusion of death and believe in the afterlife. Love is a link between us all that brings us back together. We are privileged to be receiving communication from the higher realms and if we don’t have the full picture of what is happening, and what the forces of the Light are trying to achieve though these communications, we will later, so let’s have Faith and pass all the tests upon the path of initiations leading to actual Ascension, as well as a golden age, the one that Saint Germain, as well as the spiritual hierarchy, are presently working hard to manifest for new Gaia.

Keep safe and secure in the light of the Ascended Masters and the Archangels, Christine

Lord Michael, Lazarus 8, February 12, 2017

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