Mother Mary, André, Lazarus 7, January 30, 2017

by Christine Preston,

Christine: We are continuing with the story where we left off in Lazarus 6 but with a flash back:
At the time of Lazarus 6 published on video in December 2016, [], my ascended twin flame, André, gave me a dictation for my friend whose father was in hospital in coma and has been waking up slowly. He stated that he had visited her father as he showed signs of consciousness and that the forces of the Light were helping him to enter his body to fulfil the prophecy, but he said he needed extra time in coma for the repair of his ribs. André stated:
André: We are delighted that you have continued to believe in this prophecy and we will make its fulfilment take place. Do not be worried, or frightened, that something will happen as a result of the tracheotomy operation as it is advisable to have it sooner than later. We are getting in difficulties the longer we wait. It is a simple operation that has been given to patients in much worse states than your father and they have recovered. The problem is that the tube can cause inflammation but so far we have kept your father clear from that. It is getting more difficult now because the tube has been there for some time. The longer it stays, the greater the risk of some microbes inserting themselves there. We would like to reassure you that a prophecy of this kind cannot fail but to fulfill itself. That is because it has been decreed by the heavenly legions and forces of the Light for a reason which will be clear later. These doctors have no right not to give the care a patient needs and they know their job is at risk, whatever you have heard. I have not told Christine before now that a great transformation will occur on earth from today as this is the day when we are beginning (all of Earth) to feel the effects of the 4th density which means a great many changes will take place. Because of this, a force of darkness is being removed because it is not able to withstand the new energies. And it so happens that a negative presence in that hospital will be disempowered and will not be able to influence the consultant. We were waiting for this time. As Christine said, there is no need to worry about a situation based on an IF. Are you able to trust us and take control of the situation, as well as allow the operation to take place as planned last week? Your statements to the lawyers should be enough protection. I am André, at your service and in the service of the Great White Brotherhood composed of Ascended Masters and Archangels.

Christine: The tracheotomy was performed while my friend and her brother were in London the previous time and it went well. Furthermore, the Master Hilarion, who works on the same healing ray as Archangel Raphael, gave me a short message before Lazarus 5 was published with regard to the situation of my friend’s father who was not exactly in coma any more, technically, but still sleepy.
Lazarus 5, Master Hilarion’s Intervention, November 21, 2016,
The consultant who wanted to terminate his life had informed my friend that her father had a trace infection in the urine, and he was already talking about giving him morphine to end his life. Archangel Michael then said to me in the middle of the night that the Master Hilarion visited my friend’s father, and found that he didn’t have an infection, then André told me the same thing in the morning, and I was quite puzzled and surprised to learn that a consultant could have been making a false statement, so I had informed my friend to try and find out more about this. The Master Hilarion also spoke to me and said there was no infection, not even in the chest, and that he needed more time in near coma as his ribs were seriously damaged. My friend investigated the matter and discovered that there was no infection, and nothing was stated to that matter on the hospital notes. The consultant had made a false statement in a private meeting between him and my friend. She had believed him and the lie would not have been discovered without the information communicated by telepathy! I was stunned to have been getting such messages or ‘intel’ from the higher realms, and even more so when it was confirmed! At a later stage, I was informed that the Master Jesus kept his presence in the room with the patient.
On January 28 my friend reported that while the family was attending Court in London, just last week, it was reported that her father continued to improve as he didn’t need so much suctioning for what the hospital said was some chest congestion. However in Court, the hospital consultant told falsehoods about the state of this patient’s health. My friend texted me:
Friend: The doctors told the Judge that he has muscle wasting, skin problems, bed sores, and is in pain and discomfort, and that he has a maximum 6 months to live and therefore should be given morphine to make the remaining time comfortable to him. But there is but a small bed sore on one of his feet, and the Consultant sent by our Lawyers has provided a different testimony.
Christine: My friend’s brother has reported today, January 30, 2017, that when he arrived at the hospital today his father was asleep and soon woke up when he heard his voice. He stayed awake for more than an hour moving his head and eyes and clutching his hand. He started making vocal noises, not associated with congestion and appeared to be trying to talk. He looked well and had a lot of strength in his right hand. My friend was excited and said she was so pleased. I had a prophecy from Mother Mary on Friday about her father regaining more consciousness! Last week, my friend had to stay in London longer than expected to attend the Court sessions from the Monday to the Friday. The case has been reported in the Daily Mail but in a biased way because the statements that were made to inform the public were one sided. For instance they reported that the patient in question had massive brain damage, and that is but what the opposition is claiming to free beds in the hospital. What is happening is that the hospital wants to basically provide euthanasia by the back door, as a Parliament MP has expressed it, and the family claims that the hospital consultant is not taking into account the fact that their father is displaying signs of recovery and consciousness. The hospital seems to be ignoring them.
The Judge was unable to pronounce his verdict on Friday and he will do it next Friday, February 3, 2017, but my friend was able to come back home. Mother Mary talked to me during the night of Friday to Saturday January 28th. She said:
Mother Mary: there is no reason why he should not be able to live and regain consciousness. There is no brain damage and it may be that he will have to wake up in a way that will be astounding to everybody, including the hospital, before the deadline if the Judge makes a pronouncement for the hospital to go ahead with the euthanasia..
Christine: Mother Mary also told me that I was not informed about everything. It was the following day that I learned the actual cost of the fees to employ the Lawyers in question. It was four times as much as what I knew and this is because so much has been happening that it was not possible to communicate properly by the method of texting each other, and furthermore my friend has been living on adrenaline and very stressed. Mother Mary has told me that she was in shock while in London and sure enough after her return when she started relaxing, she became ill.
An expert consultant sent by the Lawyer who is providing the defense, has stated that her father is actually continuing to recover consciousness and that it is not as if he has reached a plateau and stopped recovering. An MP by the name of Robert Flello, has commented about another case:
The MP: I would be horrified and extremely concerned if I found that the Court of Protection was ignoring the Will of Parliament by bringing in euthanasia by the back door.
Christine: Judge Justice Hayden has brought into this an argument about the sanctity of life and asked for evidence of what my friend’s father would have wanted. Would he have wanted to live? Through the channeling we know millions of souls are desperate to be alive at this time because of the opportunity to experience the ascension, to learn, to take part in it, to contribute something to it, to balance karma, to awaken, and to hold the balance against the forces of darkness by being who they are. But these notions have no meaning to the Court as they are dwelling in the materialist mentality of Mainstream perceptions. The Archangels and Masters have given the prophecy [see Lazarus 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 on Matt’s playlist]. With regard to this subject, Mother Mary has also said to me on Friday:
Mother Mary: They say Prophecy is not set in stone and this is a different case, as it is a positive one, but if the Masters have given a prophecy it is for a reason.
Christine: She has also said my friend’s father may have to wake up even more in a way that is going to be astounding if the Judge orders that he has to be allowed to die. At this stage the process of euthanasia will be painful as they stop feeding the patient and give him morphine to do this. The report in the Daily Mail, that he is in pain and had massive brain damage, is false. There is a scan that could have been done and was recommended by a Consultant from Cardiff, but it was never done!
My friend has texted me today that the family has up to next Friday to provide more evidence. She says:
Friend: I am racking my brain to think who else my father could have spoken to regarding such issues. I will contact my relatives to see if they can help.
Christine: My friend meant that her lawyer has asked her if anyone might remember her father mentioning the fact that in a situation like the one he is in, he would have wanted to survive, or be helped to die. I received the feeling that this is not the right way to go about the defense because everyone is influenced by a natural instinct to survive, whatever we may have stated during our life. The Judge decided to use the argument of the sanctity of life but questioned my friend’s commitment to the concept because she was tricked into the statement that she was not going to church regularly. She wrote to me:
Friend: He was told that our family including our dad are devout Christians. That was the argument for respecting the sanctity of life. This was used against us! There were two issues in today’s hearing. The Judge addressed me and said that he wanted me to know that whatever the outcome of this trial, the fact that I had brought such a case to court has raised new issues within the Law and will be implementable in moving the Law forward. The other point is the fact he questioned my commitment to my faith as I didn’t attend church regularly.
Christine: This is my opinion: the Lawyers decided to use the argument that the family is Christian and believes in the sanctity of life, which is true, depending on the definition of the term Christian. The Judge picked on a detail re going to church which, in my view, is irrelevant because there are various denominations in the Christian world which have all historically stemmed from the Roman Catholic Church during the last 2,000 years, and there are Christians who have an opinion from reading the Scripture and have a different interpretation than what is regarded as the official mainstream one, or what certain Churches profess. There are people who have beliefs closer to Gnostic ones which were the cause of hot debates in the 4th century. The official position as stated in academic theology is that Christianity is either Inclusive, Exclusive, or Pluralist. This relates to whether a Christian accepts or not the Revelation of the Scripture, particulary the New Testament. If they take the Exclusive position it means they only accept the revelation of the scripture and it is implied that it is the interpretation of the Church. If they take the Inclusive position it means they view the revelation of other religions as being preparatory to the ultimate revelation of the Christian scripture. This is to do with dogma and should be regarded as separate from what Jesus Christ might have taught during his life on Earth. The Dogma is something apart from the Scriptures which can be interpreted in an exoteric or esoteric way. The Churches have claimed that the Priests know better and they dictate to you what to believe. The third position, that of pluralism is one in which the individual believes all revelations have the same value, and there is but One God and many cultures and traditions. It leads to a better interfaith dialogue. It is strange that in a culture that wants itself culturally or politically correct a Judge argues that a Christian is committed to his faith only if he, or she, attends church! The argument here for a person who studies the Scripture is that Christ taught the crowds how to pray to their Father in Heaven. The evidence is in the Sermon on the Mount. There were no churches for the Jewish communities in Jesus’ time and these communities are referred to with the Greek term as Ekklesia. There was but a messianic movement led by Jesus’ brother James in those days, and the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls have called for a review of beliefs. Even in 325 AD when some bishops were invited to attend the Council of Nicaea by Constantine the First, those bishops were gnostic. This is recorded in the Ante Nicene historical Records available in certain academic libraries. The Roman Church that emerged altered Jesus’ doctrine with the doctrine of sacrifice and that creed is more in line with Saint Paul’s writings than Christ himself. The Canonic writings, or gospels, were probably based on some original records but were made available in an edited form by the Roman Flavian Emperors using the writing skills of Flavius Josephus. This is now the opinion in academic circles. The country is Christian by tradition and history, as well as culture, and education from childhood plays a part in this, but many people never think about religion, or what they believe, they are just Christian by tradition. The Judge’s suggestion that ‘if you don’t attend church you are not committed to the faith you claim you have’ seems a little bit inappropriate in the light of all this knowledge! There is a branch of Christianity that is immanent in its belief. Mainstream Christianity rejects that belief because they see it as conflicting with their claim about Christ’s uniqueness as the Only Son of God. But they don’t seem to understand what ‘Son of God’ means. There is an esoteric interpretation that can be read in the New Testament, for instance in Luke who said that ‘the kingdom of God is within’. Someone like the famous theologian Teilhard de Chardin could claim to be a Christian and yet he professed an immanent interpretation. There existed an immanentist branch of Christianity in the medieval age which professed we should follow Christ’s example. But it stopped short of accepting the same spiritual concepts that are contained in Buddhism, or even in Hinduism in the concept of the Atman for instance. Christ taught the masses to pray to their Father in heaven. He taught us to follow his example. Some people believe that it is a matter of integrating Christ consciousness. Some Christians speak in terms of being born again and have Christ in their heart. Some Christians disagree about the claim that it was a ‘sacrifice on the cross’ that saved mankind, and if your faith is esoteric, or immanentist, the Spirit Within is the potential for your so-called salvation, to use Christian terminology. Churches have never fully explained the Atonement principle of the sacrifice on the cross. Saved from a sin committed by Adam and Eve who were ousted from a lost paradise, is what they claim. Our modern scientific world seems to have outgrown these notions. It’s obvious that the concept of sacrifice was native to the Romans who believed they could obtain a favor by performing a sacrifice. This shows there can be variations in the faith of a Christian and you can have a belief in the value, or sanctity, of life without going to church. This value is probably more to do with your own level of humanity, philanthropy or altruism than any religious beliefs. The respect for life and rights of living beings that protect each one of us, irrespective of races or beliefs, are the highest concepts in democracy and government. It would be worthwhile to note, however, that here actually existed a trend in Christianity that disregarded the importance, or sanctity, of the material world, or life, because of the emphasis the doctrine placed upon the afterlife and heaven’. People thought ‘we don’t have to care about what we do in the material world because we are going to the next world’. This reasoning could lead to the pollution of the planet. Then some decades ago, some Christian ecologists attempted to rectify these notions, and it is only relatively recently that they have introduced new notions in Christianity. It is something which is taught in Theology in academic circles. So the claim that you have to attend church in order to believe in the sanctity of life, or to regard life as sacred, does not stand and shows ignorance on the subject. Shouldn’t a Judge deciding on matters of life and death be aware of these arguments? The criteria for deciding whether a fetus should be aborted, or not, used to be whether it feels pain, or is conscious, or can be called a person to have rights. There is the argument that all living beings have a Right to Life. Here we have a person who has regained sufficient consciousness to be able to respond with gestures, and even attempts to speak when he recognizes his children, and he could feel pain but is comfortable. He just needs more time and care, and would benefit from rehabilitation. Furthermore, doubts should be cast upon a hospital that are acting along the lines of certain policies and are short of beds. The process of euthanasia brought to this patient ‘by the back door’ as an MP has worded it, could be more painful than one realizes, just as has been disclosed about abortions. Is there some kind of Prejudice or Discrimination at work? Such as because this person is 80 years old? He was like a 50 years old when he collapsed, and this did not take place because of a stroke, or heart attack, and he does not suffer from a massive brain damage as claimed since he is able to recognize his children. His medication for diabetes was discontinued abruptly and that was why he collapsed. His readings, such as for his blood pressure, have been reported to be good and that is what was said in hospital and on the hospital notes, and what has been said in Court to the Judge seems to have digressed from those facts. He is not in pain and is progressing in his recovery, so why has the hospital taken such antagonistic views to providing further treatment? He has been offered a place for rehabilitation in Leamington Spa and the hospital has refused to release him. Is there insanity in the system is my question!
I think there will be a continuation to this story with Lazarus 8! I wish you to be kept safe and secure in the Light of the Ascended Masters and Archangels, and to part I would like to repeat what Mighty Arcturus stated on January 31 as follows:
Mighty Arcturus: The Universal Consciousness is upon you in all its glory!

Mother Mary, André, Lazarus 7, January 30, 2017

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