ATF André, Antiquity of the Matrix of Lies, April 20, 2017

by Christine Preston

Christine: Today I have had a long dictation by telepathic communication from my Ascended Twin Flame André. In order to start a conversation I asked: ‘What is happening André?’ I already had been listening to him for some time and when I tune in and listen for his thought transmissions, I feel a joy to hear him and he usually says: ‘I am here’. He answered:
André: My love, we are one and you know this!
Christine: I probed him further by saying: ‘I am getting some energies, or something, and don’t know what to call it – and although I have been experiencing this for more than a year, I ought to ask. It’s like nothing I ever felt before, as in something sent to me, not in the sense of an emotion or feeling of mine, but something you project to me, or Archangel Michael does, or our I Am Presence does. I know it’s love and your light, but is it a taste of the way we will be feeling when we have reached a higher place upon the ladder of the dimensions?’ He answered:
André: You said it yourself, the answer to your question is that it is a prelude to a state of being that you, as well as other souls, that make their frequency of vibration rise, will be experiencing, or will be reaching, and there will be no stopping to this, but always something more to discover, and to achieve. And to progress it is important that twin souls be reunited. As to the general situation, we have reached a state in which there is no turning back, for the world and the dark forces! They have capitulated and know they have been defeated but there are pockets of forces that are still trying to defend their position for personal gain, or out of delusion. They take it upon themselves to create psychic attacks, including attempts to unsettle the lightworkers with some insertion of dreams using a technology related to synthetic telepathy, with scenarios of nightmarish situations. Be reassured that you were not there and these are similar to an implant of false memories. These dark ones are not so organized under one leadership now and we, of the higher dimensions, are targeting the ones at the top of the pyramid of control first. The job is more difficult with those and gets easier in the lower segments of this system of compartmentalisation of the pyramid of control. The subdivisions of the pyramid are kept ignorant of the prime Agenda, which those at the top have as a goal.
Christine: To what extent have they been deceiving mankind?
André: That is a big subject and when it is eventually disclosed in the mainstream media, in a not too distant future, the revelation will, of course, cause some arguments and bewilderment. I mean it will blow minds or cause a further arduous awakening. It is difficult to ascertain the depth of the indoctrination the dark ones have achieved, and it is essential that disclosure takes place for, as it has been said, the ‘Truth will make you free.’
And as to dating this Conspiracy, it started during the decline from the Lemurian Age in what we have referred to as ‘the Atlantean Age’. This is correct. The downfall is apparent in Genesis and is represented by Cain (spelled C A I N) and his murdering his brother Abel. The brothers are symbolic of two different psyches, or spirits, in incarnation. Abel is portrayed as good and Cain as jealous. In reality the latter represents a group of souls with a cunning, and even machiavelic character. Genesis indicates that murder was inconceivable before Cain took his brother’s life. The concept of Paradise which was lost to Adam and Eve was the Golden Age of Lemuria, not of Atlantis! And you will see why in a minute.
It was during the Lemurian Age that the souls of the Archdeceivers, and of the evil bloodline, were allowed to come into incarnation. You know the story from the previous messages, especially the one from Mother Mary on why Archangel Michael fashioned his Sword of Blue Flame and approached the high Priest of Lemuria. It was to warn them and for the foundation of the Mystery Schools that were to teach the Path of Ascension, as well as to provide teachings to keep the people safe from the propaganda of those dark ones, those magicians of the Black Art, or Black Magic. These magicians were represented with the Serpent symbol in the Garden of Eden. In the Greek tradition, the struggle between Zeus and Typhon relates to the war between good and evil of the Atlantean days. The Spiritual Hierarchy of the higher realms was represented by the gods of Olympus, and Typhon was depicted with serpent limbs. The archonic souls of a primordial time were allowed to incarnate during the Lemurian Age and, in fact, they had been defeated in battle with Archangel Michael and his heavenly legions. Then, as the text of the book of Revelation claims, they were ‘cast on earth’. They had been expelled from the higher realms. Then they were allowed to embody in the hope they would reform themselves. But instead of that they worked their way up in the Lemurian society, and having had more experience in physicality, though of a higher dimensional nature, in a previous age, they were more intellectual, and had a greater capacity for dominion. They infiltrated the higher echelons of the Lemurian system, already possessing a hate that led them to misuse the light and walk the path of darkness. They broke away from the Lemurian Motherland and created the Atlantean civilization. They caused all hell to break lose, and it was them who were the progeny of the Sons of God as the latter offered to parent them during the Lemurian age. However, note that the Sons of God of Genesis 6 have not been correctly identified by many researchers. The Masoretic text calls them ‘Bene Haelohim’ and this means ‘Sons of God’. The term Haelohim is used throughout the Old Testament in the sense of angelic and divine. The Sons of God were not ‘fallen angels’ but divine Initiators. The Sons of God descended from a higher realm into incarnation and they took on undefiled bodies of the third Root Race. People have been misled by the fact that verse one of Genesis 6 states that there were Nephilim in those days, and continues explaining that this was when the Sons of God intermarried with the daughters of man. These daughters were Atlanteans of the fourth Root Race. It was only the progeny which was Nephilim or ‘fallen,’ not the Sons of God, their fathers. Early theologians who probed into the obscure meaning of Genesis 6, such as Origen of Alexandria, were the ones who invented the notion of ‘fallen angels’ with their speculation concerning the beings who were angelic and divine. They deducted it was a fall by lust and could not understand how angels could have become physical! Well, you know there are many ways for the Sons of God to have been able to become physical, and one of them is by incarnation, and the other is by creating a body of light by Will, using the technology of the higher realms and your own Mind, as an Ascended Master. The Book of Enoch places an emphasis upon the gravest sin of the Watchers who are equivalent to those forces that caused chaos in the Old World of Genesis. But Enoch seems to make no distinction between two types of scenarios, as if he was ignorant of this difference. Of course, knowledge could have been lost in the process of the recopying of this document and translations. One type of Watchers reveal secrets which seem to correspond to the evil philosophy of the dark magicians of Atlantis. They led the world astray by an evil agenda. Enoch blames these Watchers for the corruption of the Earth. One of them is named Azazyel, and to him is ascribed the whole crime because the whole earth was corrupted by the effects of his teachings.
Christine: It is after the Atlantean cataclysms, estimated to have taken place about 12,000 years ago, that the Watcher is bound in chains and cast into a bottomless pit, so he will not be able to deceive mankind for a given period of time. Christianity calls him Satan. This main scenario corresponds to the Nephilim, Lucifer and the Dragon of Revelation. To them is ascribed the whole crime because they also conspired to ruin the spiritual evolution of mankind. They have succeeded to a great extent because the plan of Ascension had to be aborted during the Atlantean era. This was because the Atlanteans misused their psychic abilities, and it is the reason that the spectrum of consciousness of mankind had to be reduced in the following period or ‘New World’ since the antediluvian is referred to in Genesis as the ‘Old World’. To come back to the matter of the Sons of God of Genesis 6, the Bene Haelohim, who were angelic and divine: in the parallel story of Enoch they are represented in a less visible scenario. My Ascended Twin Flame has asked me to include here some information which is published in my book ‘From the Words of Angels’ (2012):
Quote: In the scenario which only an analytic eye can detect, this group of Watchers is blamed for having ‘acted below their spiritual class in order to enter into a relationship with the daughters of man’. Their sin is to have ‘deserted the lofty sky’ and have done ‘as the sons of man do by taking to themselves wives’. The distinction is clear from Enoch and is as follows:
Whereas the Watchers of the main scenario have corrupted the earth, those of the hidden scenario have been corrupted on earth.
Quote: The Silent Watchers who intermarried with the daughters of man were not able to return to the higher realms. They came as Messiahs, or Initiators, and ruled as Divine Kings, until the dark ones also infiltrated their ranks or governments. They once counted among the Holy Kumaras who were Silent Watchers too, as well as World Teachers. Archangel Gabriel once revealed through the Messenger E. C. Prophet that the Nephilim network corresponds to a false hierarchy that interpenetrates the astral and the physical planes of our system. They have attempted to mass mechanize people, as well as to manipulate the energies of the Sun and of the soul. They have abused the Light of the Mother and destroyed worlds by the projection of psychic and physical energies, and by polluting the emotional and physical bodies of their civilizations. Once incarnated among the late Lemurians, and later as the Atlanteans, the progeny of the ‘Sons of God’ misused the abilities they inherited from their fathers, the Initiators. This progeny also incited other evolutions to misuse psychic powers and to view genocide as acceptable. They invented war as a vengeful act because they were ousted out of the planes of God’s power. The Watchers, Archons, or Archdeceivers, the counterfeit hierarchy of this world, sabotaged man’s evolution, and set in motion a chain of karmic reactions culminating with conflicts, cataclysms, and the end of the Atlantean age.
Christine: On March 13, 2017, my I Am Presence gave me a personal message, then passed on to the subject of the Moon as He always answers the questions I have, when it is the right time for me to know. He said that the Moon has got some holographic technology inside it that makes it look the way it does. This may represent a clue to the observation by some researchers that it sometimes appears transparent. It also contains some psychotronic technology that was designed to bend minds as part of an enormous conspiracy of control during the Atlantean era. Now I return to the dictation I received from André this afternoon:
André: In the chapter of Genesis in which it is said that there was no righteous man left in the world, except a man called ‘Noah’, the Flood Story is shown as a consequence of the general unrighteousness. This universal catastrophe is on a par with the Atlantean cataclysms that resulted from the designs that the Atlantean forces of darkness had for global conquest and control. You will find evidence of nuclear warfare in archaeological finds, as well as ancient records such as those of the Mahabharata. The project of Ascension was aborted in those days and the perpetrators were bound in chains in the underworld to prevent them from causing interference upon the surface of the platform of life, at least to give mankind a chance to multiply. The Plan also was to give the dark souls another chance and they were lost sheep to the Godhead. As the scriptures prophesy it, those souls were held back for a time and then allowed to reappear. The Master Jesus, as well as many souls of Light, incarnated in order to hold the balance against these dark ones who have continuously plotted to get back on track with their original Atlantean Agenda. The Celestial beings, as you know, have been limited as to the extent they can provide assistance because of the Law of non-interference. It is for a similar reason that certain luminaries were put in place, or allowed to be put in place, thousands of years ago. There was no Light upon this world until the Adam of Light, the Monadic Presence, visited it. It may seem as if the Archons trapped this Being of Light in order to harness His power, but unknown to them was the Divine Plan to bring light to this world, and it is unfolding even as you breathe. The forces of the Light operate in a different way than humans do. They don’t eliminate the enemy but attempt to convert it, until it is decided that they have been given enough chances for conversion, and then they are taken to go through their final judgment. They can’t be allowed to forever cause destruction and suffering. We are in the time of Prophecy when evil is being removed. This process is taking place and we will emerge in the Golden Age of the Ascended Master Saint Germain when the work of this Transition period is done.
Now before parting I would like to once more, wish you, dear lightworkers, to be kept safe and secure in the eternal love and protection of the Archangels, as well as the Ascended Masters, André.

ATF André, Antiquity of the Matrix of Lies, April 20, 2017

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