Lord Michael, Nesara, September, Deactivation of Stargate, July 20, 2017

by Christine Preston,

Christine: With regard to the Revaluation of currencies and what’s going on with Nesara, I haven’t counted on it for a long time, and still have listened to Sheldan Nidle’s video as published by Matt Muckleroy. The strange thing is this morning I had a communication from Archangel Michael. It was the second time he mentioned that I would not have to repay the debt I have on credit cards. He said:

Lord Michael: It is likely that you won’t have to repay this money, ever.

Christine: So I asked ‘But is it because of what Sheldan talks about?’ He said:

Lord Michael: Yes, the Nesara is on its way, and this time more strongly than ever.

Christine: He also said:

Lord Michael: I look after you every second of your life. I am descending and at one stage I will manifest as André in your life physically as this is the time of reunion, and of first contact. This is coming close now. Late September is, as you know, the time when the Stargate is deactivated, as the experiment is over. There was a 2 year period when it was decided to accelerate the rise of consciousness to its limits, and we didn’t know for sure whether it was going to be productive or destructive. The results have been very good but this acceleration has been painful. It really is a time of tribulation and apocalypse in the sense that what was hidden has been exposed, no stone will be left unturned. There will be a lot of repercussions that will continue as a result of these two years in the cosmic Merkaba of activation of the Stargate. You have transited very quickly to a new height, the whole planetoid has. It is a flat realm, or platform, but it is globular when you look at it with the 3rd eye, at its higher dimensional levels and all of its lower realms, or lower planes, or underworld. From far away, in what you might call the Galaxy, you would see a Star and it is because of the light of the Sun that circulates above it, this platform. And the Sun is not just a physical object, it is a higher dimensional Being composed of many entities and those are Solar Angels. It is manifesting light from the source that is higher Light, the light of the Monadic Presence, your Father-Mother God. The Sun is a globular Emissary of the Light, and is the Adam of Light of the Nag Hammadi text.

This is Archangel Michael and I have come to reassure you that you may now expect a development with your projects very soon.
Christine: this last sentence was for me, and this was a personal message which I thought could be adapted and passed on, and André is saying:
André: and you have done this very well.
Christine: but the lightworkers are receiving the same astrological influences and are all to expect to obtain some success in something that has been a project, or a solution to a problem. Situations are being changed in preparation for greater things to come, as this is only the beginning and Saint Germain, as well as the Master Jesus, have recently informed us in some telepathic communication I have had with them, or dictations, that there will be miracles taking place, and that miracles will be signs of the prophesied time when we begin the new Age. We are all coming to a time when we will be turning the page. And by the way Matt has published a few of my messages on the subject of the Stargate which we entered into on September 28, 2015. It is not something that takes us from one place to another, but it is a Merkaba, that lifts the world to a higher place upon the ladder of the dimensions. It is esoteric too.
Love to All, christine

Lord Michael, Nesara, September, Deactivation of Stargate, July 20, 2017

Archangel Raphael on healing & perfection, July 17, 2017

by Christine Preston,

Christine: Archangel Raphael said to the previous decades of light workers that he comes to us to minister to our own souls. He makes our aura ‘quiver’ with the healing light of God, and with the radiances of the blue, green, and white fire core radiances of his Light in a globular triad manifestation, or thought form, for our healing. In the middle of this manifestation he places a white fire core that has a globular shape. It is a globe. Around it he creates a blue sheath or globular layer that is imbued with the qualities of the Will of God present in the Blue Ray. This Blue Ray creates a perfection that our soul will mirror, and so we will manifest perfection in all of our creations, as well as in our own being. Around these sheaths, Archangel Raphael places a layer vibrating with divine qualities of his green an emerald healing light, and it vibrates and quivers. It has the potential of manifesting healing for the earth and its evolutions through us too.
When you need healing you can compel this to happen, as well as a solution to your lack of ease, or disease, from the higher dimensions, by making a call, or prayer, for yourself. It attracts healing from the angelic kingdom and the masters of the Great White Brotherhood, who serve the Light, as it permits them to intervene. The substances of our material bodies may contain some distortions as a result of the wrong use of the Light of God in this, or previous incarnations, and this is karma, but if this is not the case, we inherit bodies with genetic components from our parents, as well as our ancestors. Some conditions are particular to our nation or genetic origin. My mentors, Archangel Michael and my Ascended Twin flame Andre, have recently brought to my attention that some alterations of a genetic nature will need DNA treatment, or replacement, as part of the process of shifting to a better reality corresponding to the recovery of the conditions of the golden age. They say that there is a possibility to restore wrong patterns by treatment with the technology of higher dimension. However, before this becomes available you can put a stop to the creation of wrong patterns. If there is no energy to sustain these patterns, the conditions cannot endure. As the being that you are, and that exists in your higher mental body, you need to make a decision and make a command to your physical form to stop moulding itself according to these wrong patterns. You need to make the decision that you will follow the righteous and perfect path, and say no to any wrong pattern. These may be the result of certain views, perceptions and indoctrination, so you may need to make an effort to research the matter, and be of good will. Then you can’t go wrong. Archangel Raphael wants us to command a dissolving action of these wrong patterns, to achieve a restoration of the original, immaculate, perfection which souls were created with and to manifest externally. It is what He calls the Original Divine Design. This perfection, he said, exists within the higher Mental Body and the Mighty I Am Presence who will call you ‘my Son’ or ‘my Daughter’ if you pray to this monadic presence within you, as this I Am is both your Father-Mother God, and the divine connection that provides you with an identity and consciousness.
We have been given dominion in our world to call to our Divine Presence and our DNA is a quantum projection that originates from our higher dimensional family. It has been distorted in history by national karma, as well as personal one. But this genetic instruction that is but a part of this greater quantum family DNA, can be restored by regular spiritual exercises, those tools which the Ascended Masters have given us decades ago, the decrees and visualizations for instance. You may ask:
Call: My beloved I Am Presence, take command of my whole being and force field. Help me to out picture your original immaculate design. Give me your divine Vision. Establish for me and my twin flame, as well as for all the souls of this platform of life, an immaculate divine design and a perfect pattern. Remove all distortions in my form, my views and my vision. I spell an end to the wrong patterns of creation in which give power to disease and mortality. I am resurrecting myself from the consciousness of mortality, materialism, all imperfections, as well as anything less than righteousness that the evil pyramid of control has imposed upon mankind. I Am in the fullness of my immortal perfection, in the solar garment weaved for me to experience the path of Ascension. I am clothed upon with the sun of righteousness like the symbolic Woman in heaven who is being defended by Archangel Michael. I am the Bride of the Cosmic Christ as a soul that is giving birth to higher consciousness. I am already living in that realm of a golden era and in higher vibration.
Christine: The discordant voices of the evil pyramid of indoctrination, now attempting to influence mankind through the media, will have no power and divine dominion will create perfect conditions for this physical plane of existence. In a recent communication, my Ascended twin flame, Andre, called it a ‘planetoid’ instead of ‘planet’. We will create perfect conditions for the animals and creatures that are upon it. We have come to change the original timeline that ended in disaster. Our duty is here upon this planetoid and we are uplifting it. This timeline has been replaced during the last centuries and this continues to be so due to our presence, our holding a balance of the Light against the forces of darkness, as well as their agenda. They will be no more. What could have resulted as parallel timelines as in science fictions scenarios, has been dismembered, dismantled, or disintegrated into nothing, as when a person makes a choice, it is what creates a timeline. You use the Light of God every moment of your life by making choices. You create good or bad with this choice. There are no multiple worlds, or parallel worlds, in existence as a result of the possibility of having made other choices. The concept of such a possibility is science fiction or fantasy by people who do not know the Law. Archangel Michael has told me this on July 14, during the night.
In order to send healing to someone else, or an animal, you may visualize Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary, bringing the globular sheaths of white, blue and emerald light as a ball of light to these ones, and see the affected one as if embraced within that thought form.
May this immaculate design also be yours to mirror it in yourselves and the world, Christine.

Archangel Raphael on healing & perfection, July 17, 2017