Lord Michael, Update on the Grand Plan

November 21, 2017

by Christine Preston,

Christine: Yesterday, I wrote in my note book:
‘I feel the electronic presence of Archangel Michael upon me. It is a vibration of love, as usual, and the lightworkers would practice the Call to the I Am Presence for the Tube of Light, if they just knew how pleasant this is.’
It is normally necessary to make calls and recite prayers before receiving a dictation. Then he started giving me a dictation by telepathic communication, because I had asked
‘We are in November, and soon in December. What should we be looking forward to?’
The dictation Archangel Michael gave me on November 20, is as follows:
Lord Michael: Dear Ones, I wish to make the statement that you are in the process of an integration of higher consciousness, the like of which you have not experienced ever. We, the Beings of Higher dimensions, are helping this world to integrate it by some means never used before! We are manipulating a lot of events that get reported on your News Channels. By this I mean we are causing human beings to perceive truths by a mixture of happenings orchestrated in a certain way, in order to produce certain results. Perceptions are changing, so do views and theories, those resulting from the analyses carried out following these procedures. We are intervening in world affairs to make them develop according to Divine Law. And we, the Beings of Higher dimensions, are able to do this because the lightworkers have called upon us, requested intercessions, as well as prayed for the annihilation of evil at this time, and because you all desire a better world to live in. All of this, as well as the granting of certain Dispensations, is only made possible because of your prayers. One of your dreams is one in which evil has not corrupted the good in all beings attending the classrooms of life of this Mother Nature, who is your Teacher as well. Some of you know that it has been decided some million years ago that evil would have to be made to end in these end days of ancient prophecies for a golden age to appear. This is in relation to the great Plan that Saint Germain holds dear in his heart. It is a plan to rebuild civilization in a proper way. The ex-Establishment, that force that we have called ‘The Evil Pyramid of Control’, had to be opposed at first and it is but a minority power with an accumulation of wealth, operating in evil, occult, hidden ways. They control the systems of this world, principally the financial system, and the military one, not just in the US, but Europe and other Nations as well. That is what they are. They had ramifications in time and history. They had continued from a centre of power that formed long ago, and even during the Atlantean era. They have been operating in secret ways. Mankind has continued existing under the spiritual laws of the world that have always been beyond the reach of this dark power. But understand the separation as the Dark has operated from the Astral and Lower Astral realms, and people’s souls belong to the higher realms. Sometimes the workings of the ego caused these souls to be in bondage to the Dark and after Death to be retained upon the Astral Plane as prisoners. Mankind has been in bondage because of karma, materialism, and evil manipulations by those dark powers. The conditions of life have declined drastically and their aim was to achieve a total imprisonment of souls, the lightbearers, or mankind, within the mechanisms of the systems, and even by the means of trans-humanist robotic conditions in an attempt to sabotage the goal of Ascension, which frees you by causing you to awake, to regain the truths that have been suppressed, not only during the last decades, but for centuries. Your diminishment in every way has been prevented, and forbidden by the Divine decrees, and the divine Interventions of the Mighty Elohim and Archangels, as well as the Ascended Masters, who all form part of the Spiritual Hierachy, or Divine Orders, that are Macro-Cosmic. You have had, and have sustained, the effects of the Macro-Cosmic Merkaba, or Stargate, that released Light and Power to such an extent that the world of souls has literally been traumatised into a shock that was beneficial. Your world has been shaken from a lethargy that was settling in, an indoctrination from mainstream, a putting you to sleep by the reiterations, and sluggish ways that were almost hypnotic, the lies, the boredom, that made some people just accept a wide range of evils, corruption, immoralities, terrible conditions of life, a decline in the standards of living, war industries and their atrocities. Many were shaken when their predilections did not come true, and as they continue to be placed in a spotlight that exposes them as so totally wrong, many others are in total disbelief, but they are forced to face Reality. The Truth that is only perceived with the third eye chakra is now slowly appearing on those screens upon which you only used to see the mainstream versions that were devised to control the minds of the people. They were not versions originating from investigative journalism as they should have been, but what that Elite in power wanted the people to believe. After we told them what they could not do, these dark ones searched dishonest ways to manifest the end results they desired, by other ways. They became experts in false flag events, meaning they made you believe some events were taking place when they had not happened. They were staged and actors were used, or mercenaries. You also thought there were Acts of God, some natural catastrophes, taking place. Some theories, or paradigms, were offered such as a scenario with a Planet X, or Nibiru, in the vicinity of the Solar System, which is not really either in the shape of what you have been taught during the last 500 years. The dark ones have used a technology to create these cataclysms that are supported by that scenario, which they planned to continue using, together with their Blue Beam technology, till you believe worldwide that you are living that ‘War of the World’ of the Science Fiction Movie, a false scenario that would have permitted them to weaponize your so-called space with the false story of a threat, having to play that last card, indeed. And why go to such an extent? They want dominion in the third dimension, but we are removing it from them because this realm was created, then lost, then recreated, and it had its purpose. The purpose was spiritual and for the expression of the Love that is characteristic of the Higher Dimensions. It is not for suffering, diseases, and death. The beings, those that have been entangled by the doings of this ancient Evil, are now being freed. The whole world is being lifted up out of their reach. And the evil ones are experiencing the Harvest of Scripture. They are being taken, one at a time, and those who can create a better world are left. It is in connection with Saint Germain’s Plan, the work of the 144,000 indeed, these who have been joined by a multitude of Star seeds, Star souls, Cosmic Beings in incarnation, in order to change timelines, as explained in previous messages through this messenger. We came from the future back into the past to work on this, and thereby save the world of form of what was the third dimensional experience. This work is also in connection with the Chohan and Ascended Master El Morya, to create a civilization with a system that will correspond to the legendary Round Table. Not much is known of it today but it will reflect the workings of that greater Order and Councils of the Higher Dimensions, which you have heard about through various messengers, as well as channelers. So do look forward, dear ones, to a continuous development of situations till your world crosses that line that marks the end of the Transition period. It has been revealed as February 18, 2018! These last months, since the Election of President Trump, have been a very difficult time for all of you, and a very hard labour just as when a baby is born. As you know this is a comparison that has arisen from an interpretation of some verses in the Book of Revelation. The birth is that of higher consciousness. People’s eyes have been opened. The cotton wool, or figurative veil, has dropped. That is the Awakening! Now, we the Beings of Higher Dimensions, have begun a work of healing upon you, upon your physical bodies, and this will continue in the presence of the beings of higher dimensions who are descending and have descended into a lower vibration, but without losing their higher faculties, their knowledge, or their love, as well as their care. In the past a decline was due to mankind’s perceptions being affected, as a result of having incarnated within bodies that had inherited a DNA that had been genetically manipulated by dark overlords. The aim of this genetic engineering had been to remove from mankind certain abilities, including the one for telepathic communication, and the one that gives you an awareness of your higher Self. So far, the Beings of Higher Dimensions have almost descended to your level, or that which you have now reached, but their DNA has not been affected in the same detrimental way yours was. They are coming to you and will be contacting you in various ways. Then they will operate in certain ways to teach you for the final shift, and for the restoration of the bodies you are using. You are projecting consciousness into these bodies, so do not associate yourselves too much with them, my friends! So, dear ones, I have given you a summary of the situations and before I say Farewell, though I am staying at your side, I would like to remind you that you are making good progress. The Plan is unfolding! We are all in the same cosmic consciousness. You are of us, you are family. You have our Quantum DNA and we are working together for a Project of Resurrection! For that reason I Am with you Always, Archangel Michael.

Lord Michael, Update on the Grand Plan