Saint Germain, New Political & Cosmological Revelations, January 1, 2018

by Christine Preston,

Christine: Hi Lightworkers, Yesterday, January 1, 2018, at the end of my session of decrees in which I used some of the prayers in the Decree Book of the Summit Lighthouse, as usual, I looked at the representation, or portrait, of the Ascended Master Saint Germain for a few seconds, and this was enough for him to be aware that I was doing so, as I then heard a voice saying ‘this is Saint Germain’ and knew he was going to communicate with me and give me a dictation. For those who are not familiar with the process or the publishing of messages delivered by telepathic communication also called ‘tele-thought transmission’ please browse websites with playlists of videos such as those published by the Secret Garden or Matt Muckleroy, as well as the latter’s Galactic Federation of Light Archives. This is not an entirely new phenomenon as most ancient teachings, whether esoteric, occult, or mainstream, have their bases on the reception of ideas and notions by this method, and it was the case for the prophets of the Old Testament. In the video entitled ‘The Realm of Telepathic Communication’ it is mentioned that in the future, which is near for the lightworkers, contact will be established with you by this method and you will be able to contribute the information you receive to the universal body of knowledge as a form of teaching for mankind before the great shift to the 5th dimension in actual physicality which is also called a shift in density. As a result, there will be much less doubts and skepticism about the spiritual realm and process of Ascension upon a path of Initiations. All of these problems which are in existence because Science originates from the mind, the mental belt, or an intellectual process, will gradually vanish because the source of information will be celestial, heavenly, and relate to personal experience of a supernatural nature. But enough information as to the method of communication! The following message is from Saint Germain, and was intended to give me some answers to questions he knew I had in my mind for a few days. Saint Germain is the Hierarch of the Aquarian Age, as well as the Chohan of the 7th Ray. He is the Master who dispenses the wonderful and miraculous Violet Flame, that has the qualities of forgiveness and transmutation of anything that is less than Christ consciousness, and that has the power to manifest solutions to every problem, and to consume all manifestations resulting from a misuse of the Light of God upon every line of the Cosmic Clock. For information about the latter, it is a teaching from Mother Mary that you may find by consulting, the Summit Ligthouse website. I do not work for them but received instructions from Archangel Michael in 2015 to pass on the teachings of the Ascended Masters, which I was familiar with, to the existing lightworkers who were following the information that various channelers were publishing on YouTube. The main theme of the messages I have received by telepathic communication corresponds to the theology and notions imparted through the messengers such as Mark and Elizabeth C. Prophet, who have passed away some years ago. The teachings provided in my videos are all within and part of the I Am Movement. The Masters and Archangels, as well as my ascended twin flame, André, who functions as a guardian angel over me, have stressed how essential it is that we lead a spiritual life with some form of prayers or decrees so that they can provide intervention for us. But here is the ‘Word for Word’ message I have received from Saint Germain, and you will see that he talks about the Age of Aquarius, as well as confirms he is working through President Donald Trump. I wrote down the message he gave me as a dictation. I focus on the thoughtforms and words I receive, and it was as follows:

Saint Germain: Christine, this is Saint Germain. I know that you would like some answers to a lot of questions. You will be given these in a short while when there is more time. You have been too tired lately to take dictation and carry out the necessary typing. It is not acceptable to permit any individual to take advantage of your time, as it has been the case lately.

Christine: I will summarise because what followed was of a personal nature. Saint Germain gave me his opinion about a certain situation in my life and said that the scheme I am planning will provide relief from the duties that have taken a certain time which I need to devote to receiving messages and passing on the information. Then he disclosed that something has been done help me with another situation and project of relocation because I am in service for the Divine Plan. He said ‘he would come in a few days for more.’ He continued and gave me answers with regard to a few questions I had asked myself, or even some comments I had made on Facebook, as follows:

Saint Germain: All is well with regard to Donald Trump who is myself in action and he doesn’t know who I am, or who he is, but will one day. In the meantime, he follows the instructions available from his Christian friends who are rather advanced spiritually and know what is Right. I did, indeed, disappear round a corner in those days when I gave an elixir of youth to Madame de Pompadour.

Christine: I had some vague memory of hearing such a story in the literature published by E. C. Prophet, and checked Wikipedia. Here is the information about the Count of Saint Germain which relates to what Saint Germain is saying, and which I have summarised:

From Wikipedia: Saint Germain apparently appeared in the French court in around 1748. In 1749 he was employed by Louis XV for diplomatic missions. An author by the name of Giacomo Casanova claimed in his memoirs to have met Saint Germain at a dinner in Paris in 1757, and that instead of eating talked from the beginning of the meal to the end, and stated: ‘and I followed his example in one respect as I did not eat, but listened to him with the greatest attention. It may safely be said that as a conversationalist he was unequalled.’
Saint Germain gave himself out for a marvel and always aimed at exciting amazement, which he often succeeded in doing. He was scholar, linguist, musician, and chemist. He also was good-looking, and a perfect ladies’ man. For a while he gave them paints and cosmetics. He flattered them, not that he would make them young again (which he modestly confessed was beyond him) but that their beauty would be preserved by means of a wash which, he said, cost him a lot of money, but which he gave away freely. He had contrived to gain the favour of Madame de Pompadour, who had spoken about him to the king, for whom he had made a laboratory, in which the monarch — a martyr to boredom — tried to find a little pleasure or distraction, at all events, by making dyes. The king had given him a suite of rooms at the Chateau of Chambord, and a hundred thousand francs for the construction of a laboratory, and according to Saint Germain the dyes discovered by the king would have a materially beneficial influence on the quality of French fabrics.
This extraordinary man, whom some people believed was ‘intended by nature to be the king of impostors and quacks’, would say in an easy, assured manner that he was three hundred years old, that he knew the secret of the Universal Medicine, that he possessed a mastery over nature, that he could melt diamonds, professing himself capable of forming, out of ten or twelve small diamonds, one large one of the finest water without any loss of weight. All this, he said, was a mere trifle to him.

Christine: ‘This is what Casanova reported believing he was telling lies: Notwithstanding his boastings, his bare-faced lies, and his manifold eccentricities, I cannot say I thought him offensive. In spite of my knowledge of what he was and in spite of my own feelings, I thought him an astonishing man as he was always astonishing me.’
According to Wikipedia: In 1760, at the height of the Seven Years’ War, Saint Germain travelled to Holland where he tried to open peace negotiations between Britain and France. British diplomats concluded that Saint Germain had the backing of the Duc de Belle-Isle and possibly of Madame de Pompadour, who were trying to outmanoeuvre the French Foreign Minister, the pro-Austrian Duc de Choiseul. However Britain would not make a deal with Saint Germain unless his credentials came directly from the French king. The Duc de Choiseul convinced Louis XV to disavow Saint Germain and demand his arrest. Count Bentinck de Rhoon, a Dutch diplomat, regarded the arrest warrant as internal French politicking which Holland should not involve itself in. However, a direct refusal to extradite Saint Germain was also considered impolitic. De Rhoon therefore facilitated the departure of Saint Germain to England with a passport issued by the British Ambassador, General Joseph Yorke. This passport was made out “in blank”, allowing Saint Germain to travel under an assumed name, showing that this practice was officially accepted at the time. Peace between Britain and France was later concluded at the Treaty of Paris in 1763.
Christine: I don’t know about you, but I see in these descriptions a man quite similar to Donald Trump, in character and in his political activities or involvement. Saint Germain has given me a comment with regard to this matter. On Matt Muckleroy’s Playlist you will find 2 or 3 of my messages or videos relating to Donald Trump and the prophecies I received from February 2016, concerning the fact he would be elected President. He was later in November 2016, as most of you know. Archangel Michael told me at the time that he was the only person who was in a position to be able to oppose the Establishment, and with my ascended twin flame, André, both of them were watching over me when I was looking at a video with Donald Trump and asking ‘Don’t you recognize him?’. If you don’t know why this was necessary, look for a video by a whistleblower who explains the Anatomy of the Shadow Government and the Deep State, and understand that the CIA founded in 1947 by President Truman had access to totalitarian power and carried out illegitimate activities to such an extent that John F. Kennedy spoke against secrecy and was assassinated before he could disclose what was taking place. Acting in secrecy with a dark agenda, these powers literally were the satanic agents of Death and Hell, and of the Evil Pyramid of Control. First let’s see what Wikipedia also said about Saint Germain, his political involvement which I perceive as being part of some sort of missions in preparation for the Divine Plan to be fulfilled in a future time, in our time, or End Time, when the only thing that will end is Evil!
From Wikipedia: In 1779 Saint Germain arrived in Altona in Schleswig. Here he made an acquaintance with Prince Charles of Hesse-Kassel, who also had an interest in mysticism and was a member of several secret societies. The Count showed the Prince several of his gems and he convinced the latter that he had invented a new method of colouring cloth. The Prince was impressed and installed the Count in an abandoned factory at Eckernförde he had acquired especially for the Count, and supplied him with the materials and cloths that Saint Germain needed to proceed with the project. The two met frequently in the following years, and the Prince outfitted a laboratory for alchemical experiments in his nearby summer residence Louisenlund, where they, among other things, cooperated in creating gemstones and jewelry. The Prince later recounts in a letter that he was the only person in whom the Count truly confided. He told the Prince that he was the son of the Transylvanian Prince Francis II Rákóczi, and that he had been 88 years of age when he arrived in Schleswig.
The Count died in his residence in the factory on 27 February 1784, while the Prince was staying in Kassel, and the death was recorded in the register of the St. Nicolai Church in Eckernförde. He was buried on 2 March and the cost of the burial was listed in the accounting books of the church the following day.
Saint Germain is the main character of the historical mystery novel entitled The Man Who Would Not Die, written by Paul Andrews in which he is presented as the son of Prince Rákóczi. Some members of the French aristocracy who knew Saint Germain in the 18t century, wrote biographies for him. One of those is The History of Magic by Eliphas Levi, published in 1913. One book attributed to the Count of Saint Germain is La Très Sainte Trinosophie (The Most Holy Trinosophia). There are also two triangular books in the Manly Palmer Hall Collection of Alchemical Manuscripts at the Getty Research Library which are attributed to Saint Germain. Myths, legends about Saint Germain began to be widespread in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They include beliefs that he is immortal, that he was an alchemist with the “Elixir of Life”, a Rosicrucian, and that he prophesied the French Revolution. He is said to have met the forger Giuseppe Balsamo (alias Cagliostro) in London and the composer Rameau in Venice. Some groups honor Saint Germain as a supernatural being called an Ascended Master.
Christine: What Wikipedia is not mentioning, at least on the page that I was reading, is that such groups are the I Am Movement of Guy Ballard as well as the Summit Lighthouse. Saint Germain is the Hierarch of the Aquarian Age and Chohan of the Seventh Ray, and he communicates by telepathic communication with many messengers and channelers. However Wikipedia do note that David Christopher Lewis, spiritual director of The Hearts Center, claimed that Saint Germain first came to him in person on June 10, 2004 in his home in Paradise Valley, Montana, and continued to come many times thereafter, dictating what is now in the book: Saint Germain on Advanced Alchemy: HeartStreaming in the Aquarian Age. However, this was not a statement about Saint Germain coming to David Lewis in a physical body. He also came to me to dictate the message entitled ‘On Knighthood’ and it was as if he was sitting next to me, but I know this was a perception with my mind’s eyes, an image he was projecting. Archangel Michael actually descends into me and believe me, such supernatural occurrences, for the purpose of healing or raising vibrations, can be felt physically, and are most paranormal. Madame Blavatsky and her pupil Annie Besant, also claimed to have met the Count, according to Wikipedia, and this appears to have been an encounter in physicality as they said he was travelling under a different name. I heard stories when I was at the Inner Retreat, Montana, attending an international Conference organized by the Summit Lighthouse in the 1990s, to the effect that Saint Germain was incarnated and E. C. Prophet had found out who he was. Saint Germain continued as follows, and please note this is ‘huge’, an amazing revelation:
Saint Germain: What is happening, dear ones, is that the Executive Order of December 21, 2017, will indeed permit the next stage in the scenario of deliverance for the Nation, and it will affect all of mankind, indeed! It will be to seize and lock all of the monies and assets the Dark forces have accumulated over the centuries in a place that Donald Trump knows about! Whenhe was young his father revealed it to him! There will be enough to sort out the world, even without creating prosperity in the USA! That Executive Order of December 21 is a document prepared legally to arrest the dark ones who are engaged in illicit actions, or activities, and thereby cause a defilement and decline in mankind. They have robbed the people of their Tax monies which should have been used for a vast amount of things which would have benefitted the Nation. There are videos that go in great details to expose the Traitors who have even attempted to nullify the Constitution of 1776.
Christine: Saint Germain said ‘I think you have enough information for the moment’, but I had the Age of Aquarius in my mind because I had come across some videos claiming that 2018 is the only year when all of the prophecies concerning the alignments mentioned in the famous Song, will come to pass at the same time. So he continued:
Saint Germain: Your next text cold indeed be on the Age of Aquarius. You have watched a very interesting video in which it is stated that the words or lyrics, of the famous song came from someone who was in the know as to when the Age of Aquarius would really start. You have been in that cusp position between the Age of Pisces and of Aquarius for some decades and now is the moment when the alignments are all coming together for the planetary bodies in question.
Christine: Those planetary bodies are the planets mentioned in the song, and Saint Germain did not use the term ‘planet’. He was referring to the Flat Earth cosmological argument about which a lot of debates are taking place, and he added:
Saint Germain: As to what they really are is this: The stars in the sky are the communication systems introduced for the dimension of physicality. No, not all stars are like the Sun. You only see the effect of something that exists behind that manifestation. Its cause is a massive body made up of supernatural Beings, such as the archangels and solar angels, but they produce the Light you see from their higher abode in a collective Sun that is auric, or etheric, and higher dimensional. The Moon, by the way, is a technological apparatus of extreme advancement by the dark forces but is all good now, as we altered it long ago to function in service to the mankind that had been brought down to a low dimension from which it was raised by the process of Ascension. The Moon is like an instrument that performs certain tasks for life on Earth, this flat body which we have called a ‘Planetoid’, but is a plane and it is the only physical plane, or realm in existence, hence its importance, and the significance of this fact has led the rulers of this world the Archons, or Arch deceivers, to implement a plan of indoctrination with the notion of a globe body that reduces Earth’s importance. It was to prevent mankind from reaching a higher state of consciousness that they invented the ‘lost in space’ idea of a little planet orbiting a sun at the edge of a nebulous galaxy, and of life appearing by chance, or evolution! The planets are of a higher density and not as Nasa [NASA] has told mankind. What they have accomplished in America is despicable but it will be turned around! We have more knowledge to pass on about this Science of Cosmology. Do listen to the videos that explain that the Earth is an electro-magnetic generator as in Nikola Tesla’s science. There are clues in it in relation to the interior of the world, but this again is not upon your vibratory level. The Vortex at the North Pole is very powerful indeed and indicates the coming together of forces which are to do with the higher dimensional macro-cosmic Stargate to Heaven. We will continue later. This was Saint Germain with the singing Violet Flame!
Christine: So, that’s all for now, friends! Be blessed and protected in the Light of the Archangels and Ascended Masters in this new year, and forever! Love, Christine.

Saint Germain, New Political & Cosmological Revelations, January 1, 2018

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