Massive Operation Underway & State of Emergency for All Forces of the Light, January 6th, 2018

by Christine Preston,

Christine: My I Am Presence and André, my ascended twin flame, have informed me, yesterday, January 5, that a Massive Operation is Underway. Archangel Michael and Andre also have communicated to me that a world State of Emergency is in position for the forces of Heaven, or all working for, or with, the forces of the Light [it’s not a Galactic state of emergency but one to do with the earthly system].
The other day after I received a dictation from Saint Germain, I posted a message as he communicated with me again [I will copy repeat that message here at the end of this message]. In the evening, Archangel Michael told me that we are in a State of Emergency, and that my ascended twin flame, André, would not be communicating because he is involved with this, with Ashtar Command, the Andromedans’ activities etc. Then yesterday, he did communicate with me a little but just to confirm that there is a general State of Emergency for the whole world.
Also I am booked with the ascended Lady Master Clare de Lys who was Elizabeth Clare Prophet, on Sunday, for a dictation. David C. Lewis, who channels her, has given the correct spelling for her name and I shall check later on the HeartsCentre website. It’s either LIS or LYS. It was January 5, yesterday, and the night before I heard a voice asking me if I could be given dictation on Sunday. I asked who it was and if it was Elizabeth C Prophet because I had felt the information that it was her, and only asked to get it confirmed. She said ‘Not exactly as I now go by the name of Clare de Lys’. I was stunned with the fact it was her, and was not answering, so she asked if I could answer the question. So I did say ‘Yes, of course.’ Then she confirmed my identity and said she knew who I was during her living. I once stood right in front of her to take part in a consecration when she placed one of her rings on the forehead of the Keepers of the Flame who were attending, and it was when she came to Britain for a lecture tour, I think in 1985. David C. Lewis has been running a program with some of her teachings, as well as the ascended master Lanello who was Mark Prophet and ascended in 1973, I think those teachings go under the name of Meru University, see the HeartsCenter Website. We had a conversation about the method of transmission and she said she used to go into a trance. I have read, some time ago, that Lanello and Clare de Lys have taken over the etheric retreat of the God and Goddess Meru, at Lake Titicaca, as these beings have moved on to the Sun. She asked me to say how I understand Ascension and said she could give me some teachings about it, as well as instructions about the method of communication.
In my notes yesterday I also noted that André communicated with me again, and as usual gave me confirmation of his identity in the usual format, with love, and said he is busy with a massive operation that my I Am Presence also mentioned, informing me that there is a massive operation being undertaken or underway. He is in an Andromedan body as you will know from my previous videos, see the playlist on Matt Muckleroy’s website. He is saying right now, as I am typing this message:
André: The information of this message and in the title is absolutely correct. We are engaged in a massive operation, and the forces of the Light are on stand-by under a Red Alert and State of Emergency which is applicable to the whole world. You will hear more about this later. Any prayers or decrees at this time would be a great help! Thank you.
Christine: What I posted on Facebook after I received a dictation from Saint Germain, which is now available on video and entitled ‘New Political and Cosmological Revelations’, is the following:
Quote: I have received a telepathic message from Saint Germain just 5 minutes ago. He said thank you and said something new: he said:
Saint Germain: ‘there will be total disclosure in February.’
Christine: I asked what ‘total’ really means and he said:
Saint Germain: ‘It will all come out in the news,’
Christine: and I asked ‘is it at the beginning or end of February?’ He said:
Saint Germain: ‘towards the end.’
Christine: He also said:
Saint Germain: ‘this total disclosure is the final Act!’
Christine: This should be the closing of the curtains on this terrible scenario. Perhaps the closing of the curtains on the Piscean Age too, and low dimension! We are emerging into a new World! All according to the Divine Plan! We are however one month away from the date given for the end of the period of Transition, and it may be that the Emergency is to do with the forces of Darkness are attempting a last clash. Love, christine

Massive Operation Underway & State of Emergency for All Forces of the Light, January 6th, 2018

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