Saint Germain ~ Knighthood

Saint Germain, Knighthood,

January, 17th, 2016, by Christine Preston


Last night after I had done the routine of decrees and finished them with some for the Violet Flame, at the very end, I suddenly felt the electronic presence of a Master. I knew it was not Archangel Michael or André. It was a Master right in front of me in the room and he touched my left hand. I felt his touch and knew it was Saint Germain. He spoke in my mind. When he touched my hand I perceived his love and care for mankind. This energy was very delicate and perhaps it contained an element of sophistication. I remained focused on what he was saying. I had spent some time during the day thinking about King Arthur’s Round Table and his knights. He reminded me he is the Knight Commander of the Order of Knighthood on the higher realm. In King Arthur’s time he was Merlin and was not at his Court in physicality, but they conversed telepathically and he was behind the inspiration of the Round Table and a Mystery School, in connection with the Holy Grail and Knighthood. It was an Order incorporating a high idealism. Saint Germain told me to check for information on the Teutonic knights as well as the Templars. We chatted about what is happening in the world. Saint Germain is the Master whose plan of Abundance for Earth, with Prosperity Funds, will be implemented for a period of transition until we receive new technologies. He said to wait and see what happens in a few months in respect of the Revaluation and Financial Reset and that he has an extension of himself in incarnation. So that’s the method he has chosen to come among us. I asked him for his view on what is happening. He said we – the Solar System – are in a Stargate and there are many in the Galaxy. He reminded me that 2016 and 2017 are going to be significant years, and he asked me to remember what Adronis said would happen in these years and about an anomaly in space near Jupiter. It’s somehow in relation to the Stargate we are in, and may be a proof, as I asked him whether NASA would corroborate the claims in relation to that subject. He confirmed what has been said about the Master El Morya having chosen to incarnate in my family. He was the legendary King Arthur. In regard his Round Table Saint Germain said it would be resurrected. He also said we can look forward to a time of great changes and of prosperity. About Pope Saint Francis, Saint Germain said he is attempting to influence him but he is not telepathic so it’s not an easy task. He said that following the phases in the Waves of Ascension described in my channeling of January 15, there will be a time of transition in which we will create new Gaia, and further along would come that quantum leap up to the higher dimension, even though we will have obtained healing and some amount of transformations as a result of being able to manifest the reality we desire. That quantum leap will come last after we get to know our Star families and benefit from Saint Germain’s plan of Prosperity as well as new technology.

After he said he was going to go I sent my feelings of gratitude without words knowing he could read them, and André, my ascended twin flame, let me know when he had departed. However, Saint Germain came back on Sunday morning as soon as I woke up, and his words were coming into my mind in the particular way they do in a telepathic communication. I had felt his presence delightful in a slightly different way from what I sense with André and Archangel Michael, or even other Masters. Archangel Michael descends to me in a way that protects me from certain attacks from dark entities. I am amazed that we can develop an ability to notice differences in their electronic presences and can recognize them. It may be because we have moved up the heavenly ladder of the dimensions recently that these paranormal perceptions have increased for me. And it may be the case for many.

Saint Germain said that what I perceived about him was related to what he experienced when he moved about the Courts of some nations and when his life was filled with the feeling of wealth and abundance, the feeling that is yours when you can have all you need and there is no limitation. It was balanced by the desire to serve and only manifest the Divine Will. You can then live a life that is exquisite. He wants us to experience that feeling and all of mankind to live in prosperity. Saint Germain is of course the Hierarch of the Aquarian Age, and the Chohan of the 7th Ray. He gives us the Violet Flame that liberates us. He is the Master of Freedom and Transmutation. It was him who invented the American Dream. He said that the next big change for America and the world is the change over that will take place with President Obama’s replacement as the powers that still attempt to control the world, as well as the media, will think it’s an opportunity to use a different approach and provide some disclosure on the truths that have been suppressed without getting the blame for past policies of secrecy – as if something has changed because there is a new Leader for the Nation. Saint Germain said he would come back later to give me a dictation. He asked me to do some Violet Flame decrees before he would dictate. This is what he dictated:


My dear Christine, you have done those decrees very well. Just a few hesitations won’t matter. You could try more visualization of the Violet Flame at the same time. With regard to my previous visit this morning I forgot to mention that I will be visiting you quite often in the future, to give you some messages and you will have to recite the prayers as you have today beforehand, to raise your consciousness as there are some evil entities in the astral plane that are attempting to cause you harm and would love to give you false messages. This has not happened yet with Andrés Vigil and he is constantly at your side guarding you as the good extension of Archangel Michael that he is, although not in incarnation. It is something that can happen after Ascension. He was your Cousin some decades ago. I believe he died in 1972, not 1971, as at one time your memory faded concerning his departure to the other side of the River of Life as we call it.

We are presently awaiting the results of the nomination for a new President. You have not followed the American News, so are surprised but you know about Obama’s last speech to come soon. It will cause a reshuffle of great significance and this time the hopes of the people will not be followed by disappointment as it was the case four years ago following Obama coming to office. There was great hope for a change and the feeling is that the people have been betrayed. Everything on the political scene seems to have come apart: the foul interference of the policies abroad have allowed for chaos in Europe. The various uprisings in the world, the dissensions, are causing a turn around, a whirlpool of new events that will result with a new set of circumstances that I will use to bring about my Plan of Prosperity.

Now about the song ‘C’est Moi’ by Franco in the movie ‘Camelot’: it represents the general idea about knighthood, not only in the past Order of Chivalry in connection with the Arthurian legends and the Round Table, but today, and I am the Knight Commander on the spiritual plane, for the souls that have reached the level of desiring to be part of the Order that champions the cause of soul perfection, of the embodiment of Christ consciousness. You know how the song goes: ‘the soul of a knight is something remarkable. A knight should be invincible, his soul should be pure, etc. You can find this song as a YouTube, and you have posted it on your Facebook page, Christine, have you not?

Yes, indeed, I have, search ‘Christine Preston, Swansea University’.

Saint Germain:
So the song summarizes pretty well what this is about. In the film, Lancelot is represented as being very excited about joining King Arthur’s Order to serve at his Court and as a Knight of the Round Table. In the song is asked who is the knight that has all the virtues that are listed, and he answers ‘C’est Moi’ which means ‘It’s me’. It was Mark Prophet, the founder of the Summit Lighthouse, who incarnated as Lancelot. He is now the Ascended Master Llanelo and imparts spiritual teachings through the Messenger David Christopher Lewis of the HeartsCenter in Montana. Yes, there was a problem in the Summit Lighthouse. It was legally bound by certain laws that prevented the Messenger E. C. Prophet to be replaced. Yes, I, Saint Germain, is communicating this fact to Christine as it has remained a question in her mind. She has studied the teachings of the Ascended Masters for decades, since about 1980 and it was the practice of the decrees that literally saved her life and has permitted her to be where she is at this moment, in service of the Great White Brotherhood. For there are dark powers in the astral plane that sought at various times, and particularly after the year 2012, to throw the lightbearers and lightworkers off their path. I was going to say ‘track.’ They use technology that is holographic and psychotronic. In answer to the question whether these weapons are physical or on another dimension, the answer is that there is a holographic technology in your world of physicality in the hands of the cabal. The project in relation to this is called ‘Blue Beam.’ But when a device is used to interfere with the spirituality of a Lightworker, to cause a deception, to make him, or her, go off the path, to disrupt this lightworker with negative feelings, sensations, or carry out an imposture of a Master in order to attempt to introduce a false concept – when the lightworker is telepathic or able to channel – this is planned and put in action from a particular centre on the lower Astral plane.

The Astral plane is one upon which you also function in your multi-dimensional being. The Astral level corresponds to the emotional body or vehicle of the soul. It is not the 4th dimension although the highest part of the Astral is. When you leave your body as when you sleep, it is usually said that you leave the body in your finer body. You do so at the etheric level. Your emotional body is also part of the Etheric world. There still is an Astral level at which dwell discarnate entities. Some of them were part of the false hierarchy of beings that opposed the Light and they were taught or indoctrinated by them. An Armageddon of the Psyche has been going on for decades. The dark attacked the Light in the Lightworkers. What has been going on in the world of politics and wars was but a show, a distraction, from the real war going on at inner level in which the people of all nations have been the victims, and many have fought the battles like knights in shining armors with Archangel Michael and his legions of the First Ray at their side. Or shall we say ‘vice versa,’ as they accompany him in his raids to those bottomless pits to clear the Astral plane. You have received many tools from various organizations to clear your own psyche and raise yourselves to a state of purity in consciousness in which there is no place for the 3rd dimensional errings of the ego, or the dweller-on-the-threshold. The latter has been given its judgment when Archangel Faith released the second Vial of the Last Plagues. It was in relation to the enemy within. The Lightbody is descending. It is Christ consciousness. It also is that purity of the soul that was championed in the Mystery Schools of Atlantis. The very same one is now being reborn. It is a School of Ascension.

You may be wondering what is happening with it, the Ascension, in relation to the Astral World. A separation is occurring as the astral world will dissolve and its inhabitants, if recalcitrant, will be taken away. The physical world is being lifted up and being purified so it can merge with the upper world, the higher dimension. As the upper world is descending into it, the world below is being transformed in the image of the upper one which also is the blueprint for its transfiguration. Heaven is taking its grip upon earth in physicality but raising it up to the 5th dimension.

We are going to have a series of Events followed by Disclosure, and this chain of events will come to a peak in March and April, this year. After this, the sightings of UFOs will become more common all over the world. Each lightworker is fighting his, or her, own battle and overcoming the aspects of Self that are less than the desired higher consciousness. They will be a beacon in the night that the others are still dwelling in. The teachers are on their way. The world will be born a new with an upsurge of innovation both in technology as well as understanding and truths, and your brothers and sisters of far away worlds, galaxies and stars, are with you, all the way, coming closer everyday, as I am as well, as I AM your Saint Germain, Knight Commander, bidding you Farewell with all the love of my heart, – though not for long as I remain close at hand, – and I summon that Abundance to come to your world and life. Saint Germain.