Lord Michael, De-cloak and Risk Demonization, December 1, 2017

by Christine Preston,

Christine: Hi Lightworkers! I have received a message from Archangel Michael on the very important matter of the identification of the Sons of God of Genesis 6, after asking for his opinion on this, and after doing the Call for the Tube of Light 27 times, as well as a call to him 9 times. I first heard him saying ‘I heard Christine, I will give you a dictation’, but his message was given after I received a collective one from the Ascended Masters, which was in response to a Prayer that Jennifer posted on my Facebook page, in relation to Ashtar’s fleet to decloack. It seems that they have used it to go into what they call ‘a great operation’. At the end of the message you will see that Archangel Michael confirms this, saying that some operations to open minds are being considered. His message is in relation to an obstacle to the de-cloaking of Ashtar’s Fleets. It is to do with the spreading of ideas in some videos that are the result of misinterpretations and represent a demonization of the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings.
Fleets to Decloack!

The Masters: We are the Ascended Masters. We are speaking now because you did these decrees today. We are about to go into a great operation. You are wondering why we speak as a collective. It is because you made some comments about us on your Facebook page. The operation we are about to commence concerns that which you are all concerned about, namely the transformation of the psyche of a lot of souls, or people, who are under the spell of an indoctrination, indeed. You say ‘how wonderful! Thank you’. Was it planned? Yes and No. Not at this time yet, but you are all impatient to hear that some sort of contact is taking place. So we have triggered an event and will go from there, see what can develop. We will now pass this dictation to your elder brother Archangel Michael, to take over:

Christine: My introduction to the subject of the identification of the Sons of God of Genesis 6, as well as to Archangel Michael’s message, is long and motivated because of the existence on YouTube of videos that are disseminating theories on the basis of some misinterpretations that need to be rectified, if possible, because a certain demonization is being carried out about the source from which telepathic messages are being received.

For new friends and listeners who are not familiar with the playlists of the Video Publishers who go by the names of Matt Muckleroy [for the Galactic Federation of Light] and Chua [for the Secret Garden], I am one of many, probably hundreds, or even thousands, of messengers and channelers who receive messages from a range of Beings who are of the Light and dwell upon what we call the realms of higher dimensions. These are what the followers of the various Christian denominations call Heaven. I have a video entitled ‘Introduction to Ascension’ in which it is explained that it is a phenomenon of great significance for this age and end of time ‘when only evil will end’, but it is being ignored in academic circles. It is also said that it is not a new phenomenon because such contacts have taken place in the past and resulted with teachings from which the world’s religions have derived. Religions have stemmed from a record of the lives of the great incarnations of the beings who transmitted the information, or knowledge, they acquired from their contact with their Higher Self, or with the Spirit of God, or the Archangels. Jesus Christ for instance was in communication with the one he called ‘His Father’. This Being was the Father aspect of God in the I Am Presence who was revealed to Moses as ‘I Am that I Am’. Some Christians claim today to be prophesying and to be the recipient of some communication from the Spirit of God. They use a different terminology but it is the same thing. The religions of the world have suffered deteriorations as a result of misinterpretations, and on the surface their teachings appear different, but in essence there is the same message at the core, and they seem to differ, but language, culture, and history, play a part in the creation of their external façade. With regard to the phenomenon of telepathic communication, it is not new and you will notice that there is an ever-increasing amount of messages being generated on videos on YouTube. The reason has been explained in the 17th on my list of the videos published by Matt Muckleroy in 2016. The link is as follows:

I have addressed the fact that the Heavens of the world’s Scriptures and Religions in antiquity were the equivalent of the scientific concept of Dimensions today. This is in the video entitled ‘Ascension in the Past’ published on January 29, 2016. In my book ‘From the Words of Angels’ [2012], I say in Chapter 3 that Christianity does not conceive more than one heaven despite the concept of purgatory and hell, but that in the Book of Enoch, however, there are references to many heavens, or celestial spheres that are clearly described as dimensions below, or above, the physical plane of existence. In the Book of Enoch translated by Dr. R. Laurence, a Hebrew Professor at Oxford, and reproduced by E. C. Prophet in ‘Forbidden Mysteries of Enoch’, the physical Eden is in the East on the Fourth Heaven, and Paradise of Eden is situated upon the Third Heaven ‘between corruptibility and incorruptibility’. I give a footnote for that statement. It states that the angels and ascended beings reside on the Tenth Heaven. It is where Enoch is taken and where he receives an Initiation, while out of his body, as it is stated in 1 Enoch 1, page 89 of the Messenger’s book published in 1989:

Quote: Enoch […] who was with God, answered and spoke while his eyes were open and while he saw a holy vision in the heavens.

Enoch’s travels to the Heavens correspond to the tradition of the hermetic initiatory journeys, those of the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus who was known to the Greeks by this name and to the Egyptians as Thoth. They were the result of an altered state of consciousness, the same that we experience today in the spiritual and religious movements. Enoch states he was taken by angels to the third heaven a ‘Paradise of Eden’ that was ‘in the midst of the trees of Life’ and ‘between corruptibility and incorruptibility’. This shows that the heavens or dimensions are determined by states of consciousness, or that you have access to higher dimensions depending on your own state of consciousness. You can be risen up the ladder of these dimensions by raising your vibrations, and an Archangel can help you to accomplish this if you meditate and focus in what seems to then become a sacred ritual of communion. Ascension involves a transformation of consciousness and the integration of what we call Christ consciousness, but basically it is higher consciousness, and relates to the psyche. This psyche is a forcefield of human energies that need to be transformed into the positive polarity of the higher, or Great God Self. It is what the Call ‘for the Tube of Light’, that was published by the Summit Lighthouse, states. It actually originated from Saint Germain. The Ascension is not just for liberation from mortality. Basically, its objective is the raising up of physical matter to a higher dimension for the recovery of the state of paradise. The awakening leads to the creation of the fifth kingdom, the one that develops from the human kingdom, and this concept has been referred to in previous videos. There are two kinds of ascension. One can be taken after one’s transition upon the etheric realm after death, the other is by a virtual resurrection of the body and even a transformation of the environment. We are working on this at the moment. We are about to enter a phase of reconstruction of civilization when we turn the page of the Transition period at the date of February 18, 2018, a date given to me by Archeia Faith. Please note the video entitled ‘How to Prepare for Telepathic Contact’ because it is happening and will be increasing as Mentors from the Higher Dimensions, some of whom are descending and lowering their vibration in order to come half way and meet us, are going to enter into communication with the many souls who are destined to be involved in this first contact.

The ancient Egyptian writings known as ‘The Hermetica’ discuss the reintegration of man to a higher celestial sphere under the term of ‘the Ogdoad’. These texts convey the message that immortality can be won by a transformation of the soul through right thought and deed. It is what permits the weaving of a solar body for the soul, or lower self, during one’s lifetime, for an ascension and resurrection. The dimensions are also called ‘celestial spheres’ in the sense of realm, or levels. Hermetic teachings teach the principle of the recovery of the Perfect Nature that Adam possessed, and that Seth, his 3rd son lost. The perfect nature is the form and image of the divine Self, or Higher Self., that has to be integrated, just as Jesus Christ demonstrated it. That Perfect Nature is also called the Heavenly Man, a celestial counterpart that is said to have remained in heaven after the fall of mankind into the human body. It was represented as an immortal Light Body. It is equivalent to the Diamond Body of Tibetan Buddhism! It is interesting that the Hebrew patriarchs are said in Genesis to have suffered a gradual shortening of their lifespan by comparison to Adam’s life of 900 years, or that of Noah of 800. It was due to a separation from that celestial counterpart in incarnation. According to Corpus Hermeticum mankind’s destiny is to manifest a physical golden age. All of these concepts are very much in line with the contemporary messages received from the Archangels and Ascended Masters. Liberation from the wheel of Life involves the opposite from a neglect of the material environment, and in fact the Earth as a multi-dimensional platform of life, is awaiting great transformations which will be possible because of mankind’s achieving higher consciousness, because the progress of each soul has an effect upon other people as well as the world. Paradise also is the lost golden age of Lemuria, due to the fact that some dark forces called Nephilim, in Genesis, plotted to enslave mankind and sabotaged the project of Ascension. The term Nephilim appears in the Masoretic text of Genesis 6:1-4, where it is said:

Quote: When man began to multiply on the land, and when daughters were born to them, the sons of God [……] took wives for themselves from any they chose. [……] The Nephilim were in the earth in those days, and also afterwards.

Then Genesis 6 states that the ‘Sons of God’ bore children from the wives they took for themselves. Scholars have said that there are many possible interpretations for the ‘Sons of God’ as they were god-like, divine rulers, superior men, initiators, or had all of these characteristics at the same time. The question of the identity of the Sons of God has been the subject of unsolved debates in the circles of theologians, Church fathers, scholars, and even scientists, during the last 2000 years. It is regarded as the most problematic of all times in Theology. The task of recovering the original sense, they say, ‘is monumental’.

They do not know that one is a ‘son’ or ‘daughter’ of God because of the threefold flame in the heart chakra that links us to the I Am Presence. Some 19th century scholars looked at the term ‘Bene Haelohim’ or ‘Bene Elohim’ which means ‘divine and angelic’ everywhere else in the biblical records, and decided the Sons of God were therefore good. It was a problem because Genesis 6 seems to be a parallel story to that of the Watchers in the Book of Enoch. In antiquity theologians asked ‘If they were good, why did they fall from heaven?’ And they asked ‘If they were bad, why were they called ‘Sons of God’? But despite the fact that they could not have been bad on the basis of what they were called, there are many interpretations today that cast the Sons of God in the wrong light, and derive various theories that are totally inaccurate and even dangerous at this time. The interpretation that the Sons of God were Nephilim is one of the false teachings of the age. I will explain why but first I must mention that in the three main categories of interpretation proposed by scholars for the identity and nature of the ‘Sons of God’ over the last 2000 years, are as follows:

Quote: 1. the view of the ‘Sons of God’ as godlike, angelic, or spiritual, but incorporeal;
2. The view of superior men such as Kings, or other rulers.
3. That of the Sethite interpretation of the Church, as righteous men, but material in the normal sense of the word, and the descendants of Seth, the 3rd son of Adam, as oppose to the sinful descendants of Cain.

It is very important to understand that the incorrect classification of the Sons of God as ‘incorporeal’ as it was in the days of Origen of Alexandria, in about 250 AD, is what led to the ‘fallen angel’ theory. It is actually later that the Roman Church caused the Book of Enoch to go out of circulation because of the embarrassing parallel with the Watchers, as the reasoning was that if the ‘Sons of God’ were the same beings as ‘The Watchers’ of the Book of Enoch, then they were bad because they had sinned, and God had not spared the Watchers, nor spared the Old World, but only saved Noah. The Old World is the antediluvian world, the world that precedes the catastrophes that ended the Atlantean age, of course. The Atlantean civilization was destroyed by water, so was the Old World of Genesis, by The Flood, or universal deluge. The corroboration for such a myth and legend has been provided by Graham Hancock, so I will not digress too much except to say that despite the dates provided for the biblical Flood, if it was more than a myth it was more ancient than has been suggested, and could correspond to a last serious change in 10,500 BC, or the submersion of the island that Plato called Atlantis after its parent continent, 11,600 years ago.

There is a reference to the Watchers in the Second Epistle of Peter 2, calling them the ‘angels’ who sinned in the antediluvian age. The writer must have been influenced by the early theologians who interpreted that Genesis 6 was telling a story of fall about the Nephilim and that the ‘Sons of God’ were Nephilim. This is an incorrect conclusion because it was the progeny of the Sons of God who were the Nephilim and their progenitors, or fathers, were angelic or divine, or had descended from a higher dimension into physical form. As I have mentioned it before in relation to there being many heavens, Hermetism tells us that Adam was divine. Adam is the personification of that race referred to as the Sons of God. The first rulers of the Egyptian Dynasty were also believed to have been divine in the first place and then to have become mortal. In Eastern legends the gods had become ‘no-gods’ and the ‘sura’ had become ‘a-sura’, indicating an absence of divinity. In the second and third century AD Clement and Origen of Alexandria believed in fallen angels but with the difference that they accepted the full materiality of the so-called angels who had cohabited with the daughters of man. The problem appeared later, when their opponents expounded that the fallen angels were incorporeal. However, because of this they wrecked their brain to explain how these fallen ones, who were incorporeal, managed to make the daughters of man pregnant! The matter was debated over a period of 3 centuries! Then eventually Augustine rejected the Book of Enoch. The fathers of the Church solved the dilemma by declaring an anathema on the fallen angel theory and replacing it by the Sethian one, in which the ‘Sons of God’ were the descendants of Seth, the first human who does not possess the perfect nature. The Hebrew word ‘Nephilim’ was also translated as ‘giants’ in the Greek Septuagint to eliminate a connotation with the notion of ‘fallen angels’ and ‘Watchers’ because the book of Enoch was actually banned and was taken out of circulation. A scholar by the name of Julian Morgenstern was of the opinion that the Nephilim and ‘Sons of God’ were two distinct groups of beings. He said that Nephilim in Hebrew is a term in the passive voice meaning ‘made to fall’ [souls cast on earth, into embodiment] to be associated with the Greek term ‘eblethesan’ for the Devil! Genesis 6 would therefore have made a reference to the embodiment of the dark powers represented as a Dragon, or Lucifer, as the Nephilim. The parallel is found in the sentence of the Book of Revelation 12:4, where Lucifer is called a Dragon, as follows:

Quote: and the Great Dragon was cast out, that old Serpent called the Devil and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world; he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

The Roman Church assessed that the fall of Lucifer in Isaiah 1:12-15 was a fall by pride. This metaphor links the Luciferian fall by pride to the Serpent Deity and Serpent-Dragon cult of the Atlanteans. One third of the stars were depicted as having fallen from heaven and this third was represented as the tail of this Dragon.

This is in line with the messages and teachings I have received from Archangel Michael and some Ascended Masters, including the ones from Mother Mary that addresses the matter of ‘Why Archangel Michael fashioned his sword of blue flame’, published by Matt Muckleroy on February 28, 2016, because the tail of this dragon were souls that were allowed to incarnate during the Lemurian era. They are the ones in connection with the Evil Pyramid of Control that are being opposed by the forces of the Light at this time! These forces of darkness were cast on earth as the book of Revelation also states.

It is very important to understand that the forces of darkness were incarnated in physical bodies. After they created the Atlantean civilization, its downfall and disasters, they were bound in chain and kept in the bottomless pits, which stand for the lower astral plane, so they were prevented from incarnating, as a phase of the Judgment decreed upon them by the Almighty God. According to Enoch a divine command was given to the Archangels to leave but one tenth of these dark souls in embodiment on earth and to bind the rest in the place of condemnation. The Flood appears to have been Phase One of the Judgment that was decreed upon the Nephilim because they had created chaos and corruption upon the Earth. The expression ‘under the earth’ was used for the place where they were retained for a while before being released again. In Nordic mythology or cosmology, there is an underworld of the Niflheim spelled ‘N I F L H E I M’ in which heim [H E I M] means home as in Old English. The term is rather similar to Nephilim. It is situated below Midgard [M I D G A R D] or Middle Garden or Middle Earth, and the term Earth comes from ARD or ERD. There also is a higher celestial Asgard, where reside the Asa Lords, or Angelic beings. The platform of life is a realm and is The Garden!

With regard to the question of the embodiment of the forces of darkness that were cast on earth, John the Evangelist stated that ‘when Satan fell his face became wholly like that of a man.’ Also, Jesus appears to have implied that the Pharisees were incarnations of fallen angels, and that they were from the underworld. He said to them:

Quote: Ye are from beneath; I am from above.

From Above means from the higher dimensions, as opposed to the lower astral plane, or bottomless pits, or Sheol, the Hebrew underworld. In Gnosticism it would have been a distinction between the Realm of Light and the Realm of Darkness.

In the Greek original, according to John 3:3, Jesus’ statement to Nicodemus is:

Quote: Except a man is born from above, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

This is a statement about the higher consciousness that we need to integrate to gain the perception of truth through the 3rd eye chakra.

According to the Messenger E. C. Prophet, the embodiment of fallen powers would explain the rule and control of psychopaths lie the Pilates, the Herods, blood thirsty emperors, high priests with a dark agenda demanding blood sacrifices, money changers, over common man. Those fallen ones, the laggards, are different from the children of the Light, and are embodied in all races. So she warned:

E. C. Prophet: No racism or religious separatism is permitted when dealing with the tares and the wheat [page 74 in ‘Forbidden Mysteries of Enoch’, 1977].

She also said, page 11, that the giants were prophesied to return after the sinking of the continent of Atlantis, and that they will continue incarnating till the Judgment is completed. They have, of course, done so, and we have recently seen their work of deception and accusation in the battle against President Donald Trump who was the only person in a position to be able to oppose them and their Establishment.

In the book of Enoch the Judgment has at least 3 phases, the first one of which was the Flood, as if the only way to start life again, following the corruption of the Old world, was to flush them away, annihilate them genetically, and prevent them to incarnate to give mankind time to recover some kind of civilization. So those souls were retained in chains symbolically for a period I have calculated to be 8,400 years from information provided in scriptures. During the Atlantean age, these souls misused powers they inherited from their fathers, in a genetic way, psychic powers, which I suspect permitted them to turn living things to stone! Alternative researchers have called them the illuminati.

I will now explain that there are serious errors in relation to the identification of the ‘Sons of God of Genesis 6’ that has led some researchers to demonize the Ascended Masters. There are some misinterpretations in which the conclusion given is that ‘if a first contact occurs with some extraterrestrial beings, they will be fallen angels or antichrist.’

We know that we are multi-dimensional and that we are to integrate higher consciousness. At the same time we expect a contact which will be, and already is taking place, by telepathic communication, with the beings of higher dimensions. So I would like to stress the difference between the concepts of an origin from a higher dimension as opposed to ‘extraterrestrial’. The contact is not going to take place because of the recent arrival of a galactic brigade, or Nibiru planet, or anything of this kind, but because we have risen to a higher place upon the ladder of consciousness and of the dimensions. What I am trying to say is that what is going to happen is much greater than a first contact with extraterrestrial life. Our Celestial Counterparts left in heaven are reaching to us and we are rising to meet them half way, and this is a Family reunion. They have not gone anywhere and are not sufficiently far from us to be called Extraterrestrial. Lord Sanat Kumara, for instance, has taken an etheric incarnation and been supervising spiritual evolution during the last 18 million years!

Archangel Michael’s Message, December 1, 2017

Lord Michael: This is Archangel Michael. I would like at this time to give you all, dear ones, an exhortation to call for the Tube of Light, my own blue flame, as well as the Violet Flame from the heart of Saint Germain, as this is extremely beneficial for your Ascension, and for us to obtain permission to intervene and carry out some operations such as raising your own vibrations, giving you healing, bringing about better situations and conditions, or supply in your lives, as well as causing some changes in the world, and causing new views to emerge. It is true that humanity has been indoctrinated by many means over a vast range of subjects, that much truth has been suppressed, and that this situation could cause many problems if we appear, as you would like us to. The reverse is true as well. We could appear and in this way create some shock to the system of these unbelievers, or those people who have been misled to believe that the Ascended Masters would be beings equivalent to the dark powers that have plagued the Earth for so many thousands of years. They have such a belief or theory because they are biased, or prejudiced, as a result of false loyalty, believing Jesus is unique and no Ascended Masters can therefore exist. I mean these people are victims of blind faith or loyalty to their Bible. Furthermore they are misled to believe that the Ascended Masters are antichrist on the basis of a misinterpretation of Genesis 6. They are convinced an antichrist will appear in the form of some sky gods decloaking in the sky, or appearing as extraterrestrials in spaceships. They are ignorant of the fact that souls of darkness were cast on earth, by myself, after a galactic battle, and have taken embodiment, and that evil has been around them for decades, and been the source of calamities for thousands of years. Their Antichrist will not appear in the sky except by the magic of some secret space program carried out by the forces of darkness that have been cast into embodiment. That Antichrist comes from below, from the lower astral plane, gets into human incarnation, and is a human being among you who have the thread to the I Am Presence that they do not have. The event of these souls having been cast on earth, originally, has been recorded in the Book of Revelation where you read about the symbolic Red Dragon being cast on earth. It has been explained before that I fashioned a sword of blue flame at the time and approached the priests in the Temples of the Lemurian Age to warn them about the arrival of these beings via the method of incarnation, and to prepare because of the effluvia that would emanate from them. It did cause the downfall of the civilization of Atlantis. These souls of darkness, who misused the Light and powers of their fathers, were hateful towards the Light and were black magicians who had a previous existence. They sabotaged the Plan of Ascension at the time as it had to be aborted. Having a greater capacity for the intellectual abilities than their parents, they took control, because these abilities resurfaced, and they recreated the technology they had in a former embodiment. Their parents had volunteered to provide bodies for them, to have them as their children, following the destruction of their world. The people who pre-existed those dark ones, who came by the means of incarnation, those parents were gentle, spiritual, and not yet affected by any notion of materialism, technology, or intellectualism. The dark ones took control, manipulated them and worked their way upon the echelons of the political leadership, the priest-kings, and infiltrated that leadership, then seceded from the Lemurian motherland. That is when all hell broke loose as recorded in the book of Genesis which classifies the antediluvian [before the Flood] period as the Old World. These souls who misused the powers they inherited from their fathers the ‘Sons of God’, were the progeny that were referred to as the fallen ones, or Nephilim, and there indeed were Nephilim in those days after the Sons of God entered into union with some daughters of man located on the last island of the Seven Sisters Islands of Atlantis, the one called Poseidonis. The Bene Haelohim, or Sons of God, were of a genetic superior class, or race, originating from the Himalayas, that was more ancient and that had survived some previous cataclysms. They still dwelled in the consciousness of the 5th dimension and had corresponding powers.

I must tell you that it is unfortunate that the scribes, who wrote as Enoch and attempted to record those Flood and postdiluvian events, lacked understanding, and in their confusion, treated different beings who appeared to have had a supernatural origin, as if they were the same. They did not distinguish between the Watchers, those Beings who entered into the inter-marriages and those other dark beings who corrupted the earth with a knowledge that was represented as the forbidden Tree of Knowledge in Genesis. Those extraordinary relationships were later remembered as marriages between heaven and earth, and, perhaps, a parallel exists with those about to take place today between twin flames, when one of them descends from a higher vibration. A sacred marriage is also alluded to in the reference to the Cosmic Christ receiving his bride, the mystical body of God, the manifestation of the Mother in the material world, the Souls that represent the true Church. There is the sacred communion of twin flames when one dwells upon the higher realm and the other in the manifestation of the body of the World Mother. There are Cosmic Beings separated in this way because their divine complement has been sent into embodiment for the purpose of holding a balance of Light in this world of form, upon which is taking place the Armageddon of the psyche. It is so because the opposites of the Light and Dark have battled to cause mankind to change. The powers of the Light are working to cause the Awakening, which in turn provides the perception and vision that is enlightened, whereas the Dark powers have struggled with various agendas to hold souls prisoners in a matrix of lies and false perceptions. The foundation of these false concepts can be traced back to the dividing of the Way in the Age of Atlantis. There was but one Way before those souls had to be introduced to this realm. The descendants of the Sons of God, or the progeny of the latter, were not all incarnations of those evil souls called Nephilim. The Fifth Root Race had been created from the Third one whereas the Atlanteans were of the Fourth Root Race.

Notes from Christine: A holy stock had been preserved and it was from the divine instructors who had attained mastery during the Third Race, and had survived cataclysms in the Lemurian Age in the Gobi region. The Hindus call this generic progenitor Vaivasvata Manu and he is the Himalayan counterpart of the Noah of Genesis. Seven sages, or Rishis, accompany Manu in his Ark, or Ship, and his progeny is called Aryas. But let’s return to Archangel Michael’s dictation:

Lord Michael: This 5th Root Race was Aryan in the sense of corresponding to the Manu Race of the Himalayas. The refugees of the Atlantean disasters were of this 5th Aryan Race with white skin and blue eyes, and this opinion is not popular, but it was recorded in scripture that this is how Noah looked. His skin was white and his hair was like wool. The Atlanteans were concerned about this and may have had mixed feelings about the ‘Sons of God’ as well as the fact that their daughters were giving birth to different children.

Some researchers make statements and associations which are the result of some misinterpretation and wild imagination. You, lightworkers, have changed enormously over the period of the last 5 years. You had little understanding with regard to the Ascension before the year 2012. You see what progress has been made and how much more spiritual is your orientation now! So you can imagine how little enlightened people were in the days the book of Enoch was recorded, and when H. P. Blavatsky, who is the recipient of so much criticism by these researchers, probed the occult, which means ‘hidden’. Some messages were channeled from the twelve hierarchies of spiritual beings who direct human evolution from the inner plane of existence. They are called Lords of the Flame. There are seven Beings called ‘Kumara’ who manifest as collective Intelligences, and the Archangels are such Spirits. They operate under higher dimensional authorities and include in their ranks the Chohans, Mahatmas, and Ascended Masters referred to globally as ‘the Great White Brotherhood’. So, you see, when it is time for you to experience a supernatural contact or telepathic communication, it is not from Extraterrestrials, but from the higher dimensions!

Note from Christine: Because of certain accusations against Blavatsky, please also note that the Aryan concept of the Nazis was different from that of Blavatsky’s Aryans. The Nazis researched Scandinavian mythology and the metaphysical lore of the Edda and then claimed a superior ancestry for the German people. It has been said that their philosophical digressions led to ethnic cleansing. Blavatsky, however, places the appearance of the Aryans in the antediluvian period. If it is true that the Nazis made Blavatsky’s doctrine the starting point of their mysticism, they must have sidelined 99% of her views in relation to the origin of the Aryan race. It can be argued that if Noah’s sons were Aryan, and the Jews descended from the Hebrews, they should also have been Aryan. It may be that Blavatsky was wrongly represented as the geneticist of the Nazis’ frenzy because the Jews of recent history are not the same as those of the Biblical records.

Lord Michael: You know the Masters do not like to cause a confrontation about truths before it is time to do so, or even before a messenger is ready to receive them, or even to consider them. They are tolerant in the extreme and operate in ways that you would regard as very unconventional. Blavatsky’s writing was a mixture of studies of her own, with a focus on controversial records, even the Book of Dzyan which she claimed to be of Tibetan origin. Some researchers associate her with Nazi beliefs and you can see how wrong this is! That particular group of researchers who expect some extraterrestrials to appear in the sky, seem intend to spread the idea that the Ascended Masters are antichrist. Yet there is nothing in the teachings of the Ascended Masters that is not good or that is against Christ, well to the contrary! We recognize the fact that there is a Universal Christ consciousness, and that the path of Ascension consists in integrating this consciousness. It leads to a freedom and resurrection from immortality which is what Jesus Christ taught as well. These researchers do not perceive the fact that it is the Cosmic Christ that is unique, or that could be called ‘the Only Son of God’. One of their reasoning is that the ‘Sons of God’ of Genesis 6 are Nephilim, or fallen angels, and they do not understand that it was the progeny of those Sons of God, that caused the corruption of the Old World. They genetically inherited from their fathers a psychic power that they misused.

The debates of a theological nature on this subject, and that of the Sons of God, date back to 2000 year old controversies when people were much less awakened and dwelled at a lower level of consciousness upon the ladder of the dimensions. Yet these researchers only attribute importance to the old letters, despite the fact they have suffered so much loss in translation, or misleading alterations. They reject the idea that telepathic exchanges can occur today as they did thousands of years ago. Why do they believe that only the Prophets of Israel had the ability for telepathic communication with the higher realms? Now they imagine that a threat will come from the sky, whether this platform of life, or realm, is enclosed, or not, by a dome, or forcefield, that is a final frontier to man. But, my friends, evil came from below, where it was bound in chains. Do not believe in the creation of an enemy that would allow that ‘Evil Pyramid of Control’ to somehow play their cards and use the misinterpretations for the scenarios they have already rehearsed in their science fiction movies. Remember Christ said ‘I am from Above’ and that meant from Heaven, the higher dimensions, which your physical eyes cannot perceive. There is no antichrist figure in the sky, it has been among you for a long time!

And to the Dear ones who believe in antichrist, as well as its appearance in the future, I say: You have been blind, believing that the evil of the world was a normal state. You have not recognized it as this antichrist! It has been around you for a long time, preventing peace and keeping you in a matrix of bondage from which I have been liberating you. I would like to say that we are considering a number of operations to open the minds of the people, and that it is inevitable that they will cause a divergence in opinion. It is part of that birth process in consciousness that will bring change, as well as what the timelines will bring in this new year when the time has come for the serious work to begin. Looking forward to it, as I said before, we are working together for a Project of Resurrection! And I Am with you Always, Archangel Michael.

Lord Michael, De-cloak and Risk Demonization, December 1, 2017

Lord Michael, Update on the Grand Plan

November 21, 2017

by Christine Preston,

Christine: Yesterday, I wrote in my note book:
‘I feel the electronic presence of Archangel Michael upon me. It is a vibration of love, as usual, and the lightworkers would practice the Call to the I Am Presence for the Tube of Light, if they just knew how pleasant this is.’
It is normally necessary to make calls and recite prayers before receiving a dictation. Then he started giving me a dictation by telepathic communication, because I had asked
‘We are in November, and soon in December. What should we be looking forward to?’
The dictation Archangel Michael gave me on November 20, is as follows:
Lord Michael: Dear Ones, I wish to make the statement that you are in the process of an integration of higher consciousness, the like of which you have not experienced ever. We, the Beings of Higher dimensions, are helping this world to integrate it by some means never used before! We are manipulating a lot of events that get reported on your News Channels. By this I mean we are causing human beings to perceive truths by a mixture of happenings orchestrated in a certain way, in order to produce certain results. Perceptions are changing, so do views and theories, those resulting from the analyses carried out following these procedures. We are intervening in world affairs to make them develop according to Divine Law. And we, the Beings of Higher dimensions, are able to do this because the lightworkers have called upon us, requested intercessions, as well as prayed for the annihilation of evil at this time, and because you all desire a better world to live in. All of this, as well as the granting of certain Dispensations, is only made possible because of your prayers. One of your dreams is one in which evil has not corrupted the good in all beings attending the classrooms of life of this Mother Nature, who is your Teacher as well. Some of you know that it has been decided some million years ago that evil would have to be made to end in these end days of ancient prophecies for a golden age to appear. This is in relation to the great Plan that Saint Germain holds dear in his heart. It is a plan to rebuild civilization in a proper way. The ex-Establishment, that force that we have called ‘The Evil Pyramid of Control’, had to be opposed at first and it is but a minority power with an accumulation of wealth, operating in evil, occult, hidden ways. They control the systems of this world, principally the financial system, and the military one, not just in the US, but Europe and other Nations as well. That is what they are. They had ramifications in time and history. They had continued from a centre of power that formed long ago, and even during the Atlantean era. They have been operating in secret ways. Mankind has continued existing under the spiritual laws of the world that have always been beyond the reach of this dark power. But understand the separation as the Dark has operated from the Astral and Lower Astral realms, and people’s souls belong to the higher realms. Sometimes the workings of the ego caused these souls to be in bondage to the Dark and after Death to be retained upon the Astral Plane as prisoners. Mankind has been in bondage because of karma, materialism, and evil manipulations by those dark powers. The conditions of life have declined drastically and their aim was to achieve a total imprisonment of souls, the lightbearers, or mankind, within the mechanisms of the systems, and even by the means of trans-humanist robotic conditions in an attempt to sabotage the goal of Ascension, which frees you by causing you to awake, to regain the truths that have been suppressed, not only during the last decades, but for centuries. Your diminishment in every way has been prevented, and forbidden by the Divine decrees, and the divine Interventions of the Mighty Elohim and Archangels, as well as the Ascended Masters, who all form part of the Spiritual Hierachy, or Divine Orders, that are Macro-Cosmic. You have had, and have sustained, the effects of the Macro-Cosmic Merkaba, or Stargate, that released Light and Power to such an extent that the world of souls has literally been traumatised into a shock that was beneficial. Your world has been shaken from a lethargy that was settling in, an indoctrination from mainstream, a putting you to sleep by the reiterations, and sluggish ways that were almost hypnotic, the lies, the boredom, that made some people just accept a wide range of evils, corruption, immoralities, terrible conditions of life, a decline in the standards of living, war industries and their atrocities. Many were shaken when their predilections did not come true, and as they continue to be placed in a spotlight that exposes them as so totally wrong, many others are in total disbelief, but they are forced to face Reality. The Truth that is only perceived with the third eye chakra is now slowly appearing on those screens upon which you only used to see the mainstream versions that were devised to control the minds of the people. They were not versions originating from investigative journalism as they should have been, but what that Elite in power wanted the people to believe. After we told them what they could not do, these dark ones searched dishonest ways to manifest the end results they desired, by other ways. They became experts in false flag events, meaning they made you believe some events were taking place when they had not happened. They were staged and actors were used, or mercenaries. You also thought there were Acts of God, some natural catastrophes, taking place. Some theories, or paradigms, were offered such as a scenario with a Planet X, or Nibiru, in the vicinity of the Solar System, which is not really either in the shape of what you have been taught during the last 500 years. The dark ones have used a technology to create these cataclysms that are supported by that scenario, which they planned to continue using, together with their Blue Beam technology, till you believe worldwide that you are living that ‘War of the World’ of the Science Fiction Movie, a false scenario that would have permitted them to weaponize your so-called space with the false story of a threat, having to play that last card, indeed. And why go to such an extent? They want dominion in the third dimension, but we are removing it from them because this realm was created, then lost, then recreated, and it had its purpose. The purpose was spiritual and for the expression of the Love that is characteristic of the Higher Dimensions. It is not for suffering, diseases, and death. The beings, those that have been entangled by the doings of this ancient Evil, are now being freed. The whole world is being lifted up out of their reach. And the evil ones are experiencing the Harvest of Scripture. They are being taken, one at a time, and those who can create a better world are left. It is in connection with Saint Germain’s Plan, the work of the 144,000 indeed, these who have been joined by a multitude of Star seeds, Star souls, Cosmic Beings in incarnation, in order to change timelines, as explained in previous messages through this messenger. We came from the future back into the past to work on this, and thereby save the world of form of what was the third dimensional experience. This work is also in connection with the Chohan and Ascended Master El Morya, to create a civilization with a system that will correspond to the legendary Round Table. Not much is known of it today but it will reflect the workings of that greater Order and Councils of the Higher Dimensions, which you have heard about through various messengers, as well as channelers. So do look forward, dear ones, to a continuous development of situations till your world crosses that line that marks the end of the Transition period. It has been revealed as February 18, 2018! These last months, since the Election of President Trump, have been a very difficult time for all of you, and a very hard labour just as when a baby is born. As you know this is a comparison that has arisen from an interpretation of some verses in the Book of Revelation. The birth is that of higher consciousness. People’s eyes have been opened. The cotton wool, or figurative veil, has dropped. That is the Awakening! Now, we the Beings of Higher Dimensions, have begun a work of healing upon you, upon your physical bodies, and this will continue in the presence of the beings of higher dimensions who are descending and have descended into a lower vibration, but without losing their higher faculties, their knowledge, or their love, as well as their care. In the past a decline was due to mankind’s perceptions being affected, as a result of having incarnated within bodies that had inherited a DNA that had been genetically manipulated by dark overlords. The aim of this genetic engineering had been to remove from mankind certain abilities, including the one for telepathic communication, and the one that gives you an awareness of your higher Self. So far, the Beings of Higher Dimensions have almost descended to your level, or that which you have now reached, but their DNA has not been affected in the same detrimental way yours was. They are coming to you and will be contacting you in various ways. Then they will operate in certain ways to teach you for the final shift, and for the restoration of the bodies you are using. You are projecting consciousness into these bodies, so do not associate yourselves too much with them, my friends! So, dear ones, I have given you a summary of the situations and before I say Farewell, though I am staying at your side, I would like to remind you that you are making good progress. The Plan is unfolding! We are all in the same cosmic consciousness. You are of us, you are family. You have our Quantum DNA and we are working together for a Project of Resurrection! For that reason I Am with you Always, Archangel Michael.

Lord Michael, Update on the Grand Plan

Lord Michael, Nesara, September, Deactivation of Stargate, July 20, 2017

by Christine Preston,

Christine: With regard to the Revaluation of currencies and what’s going on with Nesara, I haven’t counted on it for a long time, and still have listened to Sheldan Nidle’s video as published by Matt Muckleroy. The strange thing is this morning I had a communication from Archangel Michael. It was the second time he mentioned that I would not have to repay the debt I have on credit cards. He said:

Lord Michael: It is likely that you won’t have to repay this money, ever.

Christine: So I asked ‘But is it because of what Sheldan talks about?’ He said:

Lord Michael: Yes, the Nesara is on its way, and this time more strongly than ever.

Christine: He also said:

Lord Michael: I look after you every second of your life. I am descending and at one stage I will manifest as André in your life physically as this is the time of reunion, and of first contact. This is coming close now. Late September is, as you know, the time when the Stargate is deactivated, as the experiment is over. There was a 2 year period when it was decided to accelerate the rise of consciousness to its limits, and we didn’t know for sure whether it was going to be productive or destructive. The results have been very good but this acceleration has been painful. It really is a time of tribulation and apocalypse in the sense that what was hidden has been exposed, no stone will be left unturned. There will be a lot of repercussions that will continue as a result of these two years in the cosmic Merkaba of activation of the Stargate. You have transited very quickly to a new height, the whole planetoid has. It is a flat realm, or platform, but it is globular when you look at it with the 3rd eye, at its higher dimensional levels and all of its lower realms, or lower planes, or underworld. From far away, in what you might call the Galaxy, you would see a Star and it is because of the light of the Sun that circulates above it, this platform. And the Sun is not just a physical object, it is a higher dimensional Being composed of many entities and those are Solar Angels. It is manifesting light from the source that is higher Light, the light of the Monadic Presence, your Father-Mother God. The Sun is a globular Emissary of the Light, and is the Adam of Light of the Nag Hammadi text.

This is Archangel Michael and I have come to reassure you that you may now expect a development with your projects very soon.
Christine: this last sentence was for me, and this was a personal message which I thought could be adapted and passed on, and André is saying:
André: and you have done this very well.
Christine: but the lightworkers are receiving the same astrological influences and are all to expect to obtain some success in something that has been a project, or a solution to a problem. Situations are being changed in preparation for greater things to come, as this is only the beginning and Saint Germain, as well as the Master Jesus, have recently informed us in some telepathic communication I have had with them, or dictations, that there will be miracles taking place, and that miracles will be signs of the prophesied time when we begin the new Age. We are all coming to a time when we will be turning the page. And by the way Matt has published a few of my messages on the subject of the Stargate which we entered into on September 28, 2015. It is not something that takes us from one place to another, but it is a Merkaba, that lifts the world to a higher place upon the ladder of the dimensions. It is esoteric too.
Love to All, christine

Lord Michael, Nesara, September, Deactivation of Stargate, July 20, 2017

Archangel Raphael on healing & perfection, July 17, 2017

by Christine Preston,

Christine: Archangel Raphael said to the previous decades of light workers that he comes to us to minister to our own souls. He makes our aura ‘quiver’ with the healing light of God, and with the radiances of the blue, green, and white fire core radiances of his Light in a globular triad manifestation, or thought form, for our healing. In the middle of this manifestation he places a white fire core that has a globular shape. It is a globe. Around it he creates a blue sheath or globular layer that is imbued with the qualities of the Will of God present in the Blue Ray. This Blue Ray creates a perfection that our soul will mirror, and so we will manifest perfection in all of our creations, as well as in our own being. Around these sheaths, Archangel Raphael places a layer vibrating with divine qualities of his green an emerald healing light, and it vibrates and quivers. It has the potential of manifesting healing for the earth and its evolutions through us too.
When you need healing you can compel this to happen, as well as a solution to your lack of ease, or disease, from the higher dimensions, by making a call, or prayer, for yourself. It attracts healing from the angelic kingdom and the masters of the Great White Brotherhood, who serve the Light, as it permits them to intervene. The substances of our material bodies may contain some distortions as a result of the wrong use of the Light of God in this, or previous incarnations, and this is karma, but if this is not the case, we inherit bodies with genetic components from our parents, as well as our ancestors. Some conditions are particular to our nation or genetic origin. My mentors, Archangel Michael and my Ascended Twin flame Andre, have recently brought to my attention that some alterations of a genetic nature will need DNA treatment, or replacement, as part of the process of shifting to a better reality corresponding to the recovery of the conditions of the golden age. They say that there is a possibility to restore wrong patterns by treatment with the technology of higher dimension. However, before this becomes available you can put a stop to the creation of wrong patterns. If there is no energy to sustain these patterns, the conditions cannot endure. As the being that you are, and that exists in your higher mental body, you need to make a decision and make a command to your physical form to stop moulding itself according to these wrong patterns. You need to make the decision that you will follow the righteous and perfect path, and say no to any wrong pattern. These may be the result of certain views, perceptions and indoctrination, so you may need to make an effort to research the matter, and be of good will. Then you can’t go wrong. Archangel Raphael wants us to command a dissolving action of these wrong patterns, to achieve a restoration of the original, immaculate, perfection which souls were created with and to manifest externally. It is what He calls the Original Divine Design. This perfection, he said, exists within the higher Mental Body and the Mighty I Am Presence who will call you ‘my Son’ or ‘my Daughter’ if you pray to this monadic presence within you, as this I Am is both your Father-Mother God, and the divine connection that provides you with an identity and consciousness.
We have been given dominion in our world to call to our Divine Presence and our DNA is a quantum projection that originates from our higher dimensional family. It has been distorted in history by national karma, as well as personal one. But this genetic instruction that is but a part of this greater quantum family DNA, can be restored by regular spiritual exercises, those tools which the Ascended Masters have given us decades ago, the decrees and visualizations for instance. You may ask:
Call: My beloved I Am Presence, take command of my whole being and force field. Help me to out picture your original immaculate design. Give me your divine Vision. Establish for me and my twin flame, as well as for all the souls of this platform of life, an immaculate divine design and a perfect pattern. Remove all distortions in my form, my views and my vision. I spell an end to the wrong patterns of creation in which give power to disease and mortality. I am resurrecting myself from the consciousness of mortality, materialism, all imperfections, as well as anything less than righteousness that the evil pyramid of control has imposed upon mankind. I Am in the fullness of my immortal perfection, in the solar garment weaved for me to experience the path of Ascension. I am clothed upon with the sun of righteousness like the symbolic Woman in heaven who is being defended by Archangel Michael. I am the Bride of the Cosmic Christ as a soul that is giving birth to higher consciousness. I am already living in that realm of a golden era and in higher vibration.
Christine: The discordant voices of the evil pyramid of indoctrination, now attempting to influence mankind through the media, will have no power and divine dominion will create perfect conditions for this physical plane of existence. In a recent communication, my Ascended twin flame, Andre, called it a ‘planetoid’ instead of ‘planet’. We will create perfect conditions for the animals and creatures that are upon it. We have come to change the original timeline that ended in disaster. Our duty is here upon this planetoid and we are uplifting it. This timeline has been replaced during the last centuries and this continues to be so due to our presence, our holding a balance of the Light against the forces of darkness, as well as their agenda. They will be no more. What could have resulted as parallel timelines as in science fictions scenarios, has been dismembered, dismantled, or disintegrated into nothing, as when a person makes a choice, it is what creates a timeline. You use the Light of God every moment of your life by making choices. You create good or bad with this choice. There are no multiple worlds, or parallel worlds, in existence as a result of the possibility of having made other choices. The concept of such a possibility is science fiction or fantasy by people who do not know the Law. Archangel Michael has told me this on July 14, during the night.
In order to send healing to someone else, or an animal, you may visualize Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary, bringing the globular sheaths of white, blue and emerald light as a ball of light to these ones, and see the affected one as if embraced within that thought form.
May this immaculate design also be yours to mirror it in yourselves and the world, Christine.

Archangel Raphael on healing & perfection, July 17, 2017

Lord Michael, the Higher Self is a Solar Angel, April 28, 2017

by Christine Preston,

Christine: Hi Lightworkers! Do you know that the Buddhist and Tibetan mantra ‘Om Mane Padme Hum’ [spelled M A N I] is a call for a transformation of one’s existence? However, the words mean ‘Sound of Silence, Diamond in the Lotus’. It’s often recited without the understanding of this meaning. ‘Mane’ means Jewel or Diamond, and Padme, lotus flower. Well, the Lotus is usually represented as a chalice for this diamond, just as the Holy Grail of the Arthurian legends was a symbol of a cup containing the light of Christ consciousness, though it has been misinterpreted as the blood of Christ. According to Eastern teachings the Diamond represents a Solar Angel and is sometimes called Vajrasattva. It is the Master within, the Higher Self, as well as your perfect protector, and it is indestructible. According to tradition this Lotus flower has 12 petals. It is my opinion that these petals represent what we have come to know as the soul extensions, or incarnations of the Higher Self, not successive ones, but the facets of this Diamond. As we have seen in previous messages and videos, the Monadic Presence, called Spirit, or I Am Presence, endows us with identity and consciousness, and this is in the degree that we accept it, or seek it. According to a teaching channelled by the Master Djwhal Khul through Alice Bailey, the Monads created twelve Souls [with a capital S as it is in the sense of a Higher Self and a superconscious mind]. God created an infinite number of monads but the figure of sixty thousand million was mentioned. Apparently, the objective of this creation was to experience the world of physicality, not the conditions we descended into, but one of a higher dimension. Then these Higher Selves, who were celestial and angelic, created 12 extensions of themselves. For each Monad the total of soul extensions was therefore 144. This is the Soul Family. However, not all extensions remain in incarnation at any given time. Some are able to incarnate upon a higher dimension while their twin flame still is in the lower dimension. Some has passed away and work from the afterlife. It may be from this concept and that figure of 144 that originated the notion of the 144,000 saints in the Book of Revelation. As the Godhead is Father and Mother, the very ancient Souls that the Higher Selves are, reflect and have consolidated the polarity of either Father or Mother, and this is why you hear that a particular Archangel has a divine complement, an Archeia, and they have consolidated in that relationship. Twin flames sparked off from Solar Angels to manifest themselves into the dimension which was originally etheric. It was corrupted into a lower vibration because of an interference, but we are now in a period of re-activation of the connection with our Solar Angel, or Higher Self, who is an Emissary of the Monadic Presence. The souls, that we are, were created by our angelic parents with the gift of individuality provided directly by the I Am Presence. We are being transformed by mirroring the blueprint of higher consciousness upon the Path of Ascension. I have received two dictations from Archangel Michael on the subject of the Higher Selves being Solar Angels. In the first one received on April 27, I asked: ‘So, Archangel Michael, the Solar Angel, or Archangel, is the Higher Self? You are Solar?’ He answered:
Lord Michael: All Angels or Archangels are of the Sun, are Solar, yes. We are emissaries of the I Am Presence and distributing consciousness, love, light, warmth and life to the world. It is a platform of life and of evolution, Christine. The Angelics do the work of service, and of guardianship to the evolutions of souls. There are souls that are young and are in the process of evolution. There are old souls in the sense of laggards and they are defiant of the Law. There are more ancient souls that are of the Light and there are Angelic Souls in incarnation in the process of re-awakening. There has been interferences but we have intervened and placed ourselves in between you, as well as others, and the attackers. The latter had to pass through us, the Archangels and Ascended ones, and they could not pass because of the decrees for their Judgment. We protect our own and prevent harm to come to them. The Celestial forces of higher dimensions always tell the truth and operate in a trustful manner. They are consistent in their approach. They never are critical and always show tolerance and understanding.
Christine: This morning, April 28, Archangel Michael gave me a dictation which was word for word, in order to confirm and expand upon the teachings according to which a relationship is necessary with your Higher Selves and I Am Presence, by prayer, visualizations and meditation, as it activates the manifestation of the personal Merkaba for the Ascension. It is a chariot or vehicle of Light, like a stargate, but tetrahedonic, with rotating fields like wheels, that can transport us to a higher dimension. It raises vibrations. It is at the 6th initiation that one becomes an ascended master. The 5th initiation follows quickly after the 4th and is related to detachment except for the care due to our loved ones. The archangels are preparing us with irradiations, as previously stated, and we are being initiated in the process of awareness of the I Am consciousness. I have been informed that we have to ascend higher before we can be reunited with beings, such as the Andromedans of higher dimension, so we can function at the same level. Archangel Michael had said yesterday that I might be able to take a message today. This morning I did the routine of some decrees and when I had finished, he introduced himself saying ‘I am with you Always’ so I was sure it was him. This is the dictation received today:
Lord Michael: First of all, I Am Archangel Michael and I would like to convey my greetings to the Lightworkers who are listening to this message that I will be dictating to Christine. The Solar Angel is indeed an alternative term for the Higher Self of the Lightworker, and most among them are alive today to carry out a mission of Light and Peace. They are soul extensions, or incarnations of Angelic or Archangelic Beings, who have a Solar nature, as well as other Holy and Cosmic Beings. These souls have incarnated to play a part in the grand scheme of Ascension, and this is not what the average human soul is embodied for. The Solar Angels seek to provide assistance to human evolution and come to provide a balance of Light against the darkness of the world, as well as to guide and enlighten the lightbearers, and even those souls that do not have the thread to the I Am Presence. A Solar Angel can mitigate the problems a human being encounters in life by occult intervention. By this I mean some action undertaken in the invisible realms in connection with the vehicles the soul uses, and they are the physical, astral, intellectual and etheric vehicles – those four lower bodies. When souls emerged from the bosom of the Higher Self and the latter’s Twin Complement, they did so as flames polarised to each other, which you call twin flames. The Twin flames became separated in the age of Lemuria when a decline occurred and plunged life into the lower dimension gradually. Divided they were in incarnation, but still connected upon the highest realm, the one of these twin flames’ birthplace. In incarnation, the son in the image of his Father, his Higher Self, consolidated in the male gender, and his other half, the daughter reflecting her mother, her Higher Self, consolidated in the female gender. We use these terms, sons and daughters, as well as Father and Mother in a figurative way. We also call the Higher Selves ‘parents’ of the six sets of twin flames, but the brothers and sisters are not necessarily in incarnation at the same time, and may have been recalled. Often twin flames live their lives in separation because the awakening of the angels in human form is a relatively new occurrence, since they have had a number of lives, as well as accumulated karma that needed to be balanced before they could be reunited. Sometimes they ascended and pulled up their partner upon the Path of Ascension. Sometimes they helped them to carry out their mission upon the physical plane, after having become an ascended Master or Lady Master. Angelic beings were very involved with life from the beginning, and then there was interference, and as a result of this, chaos. But the Divine Plan is now unfolding as it should. All is in place and working well for the reversing of the tide of evil and its agendas of deceit. A great spirituality is in the air today. And I want you to know the human race is progressing well despite some appearances. The human Angels whose higher selves are Solar Angels, or other types of Celestial, Cosmic, or whom you might call ‘ultra-terrestrials’ as they dwell upon higher dimensions, these human angels with the thread to the I Am Presence, have reached a very sacred stage upon the Path of the ascension. They are awakening to their inner reality, as well as to their connection with their spiritual parents. There is a complex process involving changes in your DNA as part of the activation you have experienced, particularly during this last decade, and of what I might term as the ‘descent’ or ‘coming closer’ of not only your spiritual parents, but the entire brotherhood and sisterhood that the Spiritual Hierarchy is composed of. We call this ‘the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood’. This traditional term is in reference to their holiness as the Saints clothed in white robes. They are pure in consciousness. Speaking of garments, you have been told a few times that the angels are weaving a wedding garment for the soul as it absorbs light. It is for the integration of higher consciousness. It is a solar garment for the Ascension, and for many, the ascension corresponding to the 6th initiation is drawing close. That Solar suit has also been compared to a rainbow bridge, and you have been building this bridge between yourselves and your I Am Presence by your works of consciousness, your awakening. You are doing this by becoming better persons as the soul, that you are, mirrors the virtues and qualities that are held in your Higher Self, that Solar diamond in the Lotus flower of the Eastern tradition. That garment, the Solar body for the soul that you are, is the light body descending, and the Higher Self too, working through you, irradiating you. It is the Antakharana, and paradoxically, also the Solar Higher Self. Now, when the Merkaba comes into form, upon your I Am Presence’s command, to raise your vibration, as a stargate, it also makes you appear as if dressed in a luminous wedding garment of revolving light, you then look like a star upon the etheric realm. The allusion to a wedding has been made a few times because the Ascension is about love and a relationship, the most perfect one, and one that is eternal. In this work of consciousness you discover your identity and reality. What is happening is in the nature of a unique alchemy. We are at a great moment witnessing the manifestation of the Cosmic Christ, though there is turmoil in the outside world. But within, and due to the personal and macrocosmic Stargates, there is the drawing nearer of the higher realm taking place, and there is the joy in the heart of your guardians and mentors, as we are preparing for reunion. We are family. We are one in the interconnectedness of your higher identity. I am with you Always, Archangel Michael.

Lord Michael, the Higher Self is a Solar Angel, April 28, 2017

ATF André, Antiquity of the Matrix of Lies, April 20, 2017

by Christine Preston

Christine: Today I have had a long dictation by telepathic communication from my Ascended Twin Flame André. In order to start a conversation I asked: ‘What is happening André?’ I already had been listening to him for some time and when I tune in and listen for his thought transmissions, I feel a joy to hear him and he usually says: ‘I am here’. He answered:
André: My love, we are one and you know this!
Christine: I probed him further by saying: ‘I am getting some energies, or something, and don’t know what to call it – and although I have been experiencing this for more than a year, I ought to ask. It’s like nothing I ever felt before, as in something sent to me, not in the sense of an emotion or feeling of mine, but something you project to me, or Archangel Michael does, or our I Am Presence does. I know it’s love and your light, but is it a taste of the way we will be feeling when we have reached a higher place upon the ladder of the dimensions?’ He answered:
André: You said it yourself, the answer to your question is that it is a prelude to a state of being that you, as well as other souls, that make their frequency of vibration rise, will be experiencing, or will be reaching, and there will be no stopping to this, but always something more to discover, and to achieve. And to progress it is important that twin souls be reunited. As to the general situation, we have reached a state in which there is no turning back, for the world and the dark forces! They have capitulated and know they have been defeated but there are pockets of forces that are still trying to defend their position for personal gain, or out of delusion. They take it upon themselves to create psychic attacks, including attempts to unsettle the lightworkers with some insertion of dreams using a technology related to synthetic telepathy, with scenarios of nightmarish situations. Be reassured that you were not there and these are similar to an implant of false memories. These dark ones are not so organized under one leadership now and we, of the higher dimensions, are targeting the ones at the top of the pyramid of control first. The job is more difficult with those and gets easier in the lower segments of this system of compartmentalisation of the pyramid of control. The subdivisions of the pyramid are kept ignorant of the prime Agenda, which those at the top have as a goal.
Christine: To what extent have they been deceiving mankind?
André: That is a big subject and when it is eventually disclosed in the mainstream media, in a not too distant future, the revelation will, of course, cause some arguments and bewilderment. I mean it will blow minds or cause a further arduous awakening. It is difficult to ascertain the depth of the indoctrination the dark ones have achieved, and it is essential that disclosure takes place for, as it has been said, the ‘Truth will make you free.’
And as to dating this Conspiracy, it started during the decline from the Lemurian Age in what we have referred to as ‘the Atlantean Age’. This is correct. The downfall is apparent in Genesis and is represented by Cain (spelled C A I N) and his murdering his brother Abel. The brothers are symbolic of two different psyches, or spirits, in incarnation. Abel is portrayed as good and Cain as jealous. In reality the latter represents a group of souls with a cunning, and even machiavelic character. Genesis indicates that murder was inconceivable before Cain took his brother’s life. The concept of Paradise which was lost to Adam and Eve was the Golden Age of Lemuria, not of Atlantis! And you will see why in a minute.
It was during the Lemurian Age that the souls of the Archdeceivers, and of the evil bloodline, were allowed to come into incarnation. You know the story from the previous messages, especially the one from Mother Mary on why Archangel Michael fashioned his Sword of Blue Flame and approached the high Priest of Lemuria. It was to warn them and for the foundation of the Mystery Schools that were to teach the Path of Ascension, as well as to provide teachings to keep the people safe from the propaganda of those dark ones, those magicians of the Black Art, or Black Magic. These magicians were represented with the Serpent symbol in the Garden of Eden. In the Greek tradition, the struggle between Zeus and Typhon relates to the war between good and evil of the Atlantean days. The Spiritual Hierarchy of the higher realms was represented by the gods of Olympus, and Typhon was depicted with serpent limbs. The archonic souls of a primordial time were allowed to incarnate during the Lemurian Age and, in fact, they had been defeated in battle with Archangel Michael and his heavenly legions. Then, as the text of the book of Revelation claims, they were ‘cast on earth’. They had been expelled from the higher realms. Then they were allowed to embody in the hope they would reform themselves. But instead of that they worked their way up in the Lemurian society, and having had more experience in physicality, though of a higher dimensional nature, in a previous age, they were more intellectual, and had a greater capacity for dominion. They infiltrated the higher echelons of the Lemurian system, already possessing a hate that led them to misuse the light and walk the path of darkness. They broke away from the Lemurian Motherland and created the Atlantean civilization. They caused all hell to break lose, and it was them who were the progeny of the Sons of God as the latter offered to parent them during the Lemurian age. However, note that the Sons of God of Genesis 6 have not been correctly identified by many researchers. The Masoretic text calls them ‘Bene Haelohim’ and this means ‘Sons of God’. The term Haelohim is used throughout the Old Testament in the sense of angelic and divine. The Sons of God were not ‘fallen angels’ but divine Initiators. The Sons of God descended from a higher realm into incarnation and they took on undefiled bodies of the third Root Race. People have been misled by the fact that verse one of Genesis 6 states that there were Nephilim in those days, and continues explaining that this was when the Sons of God intermarried with the daughters of man. These daughters were Atlanteans of the fourth Root Race. It was only the progeny which was Nephilim or ‘fallen,’ not the Sons of God, their fathers. Early theologians who probed into the obscure meaning of Genesis 6, such as Origen of Alexandria, were the ones who invented the notion of ‘fallen angels’ with their speculation concerning the beings who were angelic and divine. They deducted it was a fall by lust and could not understand how angels could have become physical! Well, you know there are many ways for the Sons of God to have been able to become physical, and one of them is by incarnation, and the other is by creating a body of light by Will, using the technology of the higher realms and your own Mind, as an Ascended Master. The Book of Enoch places an emphasis upon the gravest sin of the Watchers who are equivalent to those forces that caused chaos in the Old World of Genesis. But Enoch seems to make no distinction between two types of scenarios, as if he was ignorant of this difference. Of course, knowledge could have been lost in the process of the recopying of this document and translations. One type of Watchers reveal secrets which seem to correspond to the evil philosophy of the dark magicians of Atlantis. They led the world astray by an evil agenda. Enoch blames these Watchers for the corruption of the Earth. One of them is named Azazyel, and to him is ascribed the whole crime because the whole earth was corrupted by the effects of his teachings.
Christine: It is after the Atlantean cataclysms, estimated to have taken place about 12,000 years ago, that the Watcher is bound in chains and cast into a bottomless pit, so he will not be able to deceive mankind for a given period of time. Christianity calls him Satan. This main scenario corresponds to the Nephilim, Lucifer and the Dragon of Revelation. To them is ascribed the whole crime because they also conspired to ruin the spiritual evolution of mankind. They have succeeded to a great extent because the plan of Ascension had to be aborted during the Atlantean era. This was because the Atlanteans misused their psychic abilities, and it is the reason that the spectrum of consciousness of mankind had to be reduced in the following period or ‘New World’ since the antediluvian is referred to in Genesis as the ‘Old World’. To come back to the matter of the Sons of God of Genesis 6, the Bene Haelohim, who were angelic and divine: in the parallel story of Enoch they are represented in a less visible scenario. My Ascended Twin Flame has asked me to include here some information which is published in my book ‘From the Words of Angels’ (2012):
Quote: In the scenario which only an analytic eye can detect, this group of Watchers is blamed for having ‘acted below their spiritual class in order to enter into a relationship with the daughters of man’. Their sin is to have ‘deserted the lofty sky’ and have done ‘as the sons of man do by taking to themselves wives’. The distinction is clear from Enoch and is as follows:
Whereas the Watchers of the main scenario have corrupted the earth, those of the hidden scenario have been corrupted on earth.
Quote: The Silent Watchers who intermarried with the daughters of man were not able to return to the higher realms. They came as Messiahs, or Initiators, and ruled as Divine Kings, until the dark ones also infiltrated their ranks or governments. They once counted among the Holy Kumaras who were Silent Watchers too, as well as World Teachers. Archangel Gabriel once revealed through the Messenger E. C. Prophet that the Nephilim network corresponds to a false hierarchy that interpenetrates the astral and the physical planes of our system. They have attempted to mass mechanize people, as well as to manipulate the energies of the Sun and of the soul. They have abused the Light of the Mother and destroyed worlds by the projection of psychic and physical energies, and by polluting the emotional and physical bodies of their civilizations. Once incarnated among the late Lemurians, and later as the Atlanteans, the progeny of the ‘Sons of God’ misused the abilities they inherited from their fathers, the Initiators. This progeny also incited other evolutions to misuse psychic powers and to view genocide as acceptable. They invented war as a vengeful act because they were ousted out of the planes of God’s power. The Watchers, Archons, or Archdeceivers, the counterfeit hierarchy of this world, sabotaged man’s evolution, and set in motion a chain of karmic reactions culminating with conflicts, cataclysms, and the end of the Atlantean age.
Christine: On March 13, 2017, my I Am Presence gave me a personal message, then passed on to the subject of the Moon as He always answers the questions I have, when it is the right time for me to know. He said that the Moon has got some holographic technology inside it that makes it look the way it does. This may represent a clue to the observation by some researchers that it sometimes appears transparent. It also contains some psychotronic technology that was designed to bend minds as part of an enormous conspiracy of control during the Atlantean era. Now I return to the dictation I received from André this afternoon:
André: In the chapter of Genesis in which it is said that there was no righteous man left in the world, except a man called ‘Noah’, the Flood Story is shown as a consequence of the general unrighteousness. This universal catastrophe is on a par with the Atlantean cataclysms that resulted from the designs that the Atlantean forces of darkness had for global conquest and control. You will find evidence of nuclear warfare in archaeological finds, as well as ancient records such as those of the Mahabharata. The project of Ascension was aborted in those days and the perpetrators were bound in chains in the underworld to prevent them from causing interference upon the surface of the platform of life, at least to give mankind a chance to multiply. The Plan also was to give the dark souls another chance and they were lost sheep to the Godhead. As the scriptures prophesy it, those souls were held back for a time and then allowed to reappear. The Master Jesus, as well as many souls of Light, incarnated in order to hold the balance against these dark ones who have continuously plotted to get back on track with their original Atlantean Agenda. The Celestial beings, as you know, have been limited as to the extent they can provide assistance because of the Law of non-interference. It is for a similar reason that certain luminaries were put in place, or allowed to be put in place, thousands of years ago. There was no Light upon this world until the Adam of Light, the Monadic Presence, visited it. It may seem as if the Archons trapped this Being of Light in order to harness His power, but unknown to them was the Divine Plan to bring light to this world, and it is unfolding even as you breathe. The forces of the Light operate in a different way than humans do. They don’t eliminate the enemy but attempt to convert it, until it is decided that they have been given enough chances for conversion, and then they are taken to go through their final judgment. They can’t be allowed to forever cause destruction and suffering. We are in the time of Prophecy when evil is being removed. This process is taking place and we will emerge in the Golden Age of the Ascended Master Saint Germain when the work of this Transition period is done.
Now before parting I would like to once more, wish you, dear lightworkers, to be kept safe and secure in the eternal love and protection of the Archangels, as well as the Ascended Masters, André.

ATF André, Antiquity of the Matrix of Lies, April 20, 2017

ATF André, AAMichael, Prayer Wheel to eradicate Antichrist,

by Christine Preston,

February 5, 2017
Christine: My Ascended Twin Flame has worked with me on some instructions inspired from calls dictated by Saint Germain in 1962, the god and goddess Meru in 1983, and the rosary to Archangel Michael for the Armageddon of the Psyche [see Summit Publications] and these spiritual calls and visualizations are central to some of the videos on the playlist provided by Matt Muckleroy. The ideas received as usual by telepathic communication were followed by a request from Archangel Michael to type the text as soon as possible so that people could play the video in a comparative manner as the Tibetans make their prayer wheels turn, as it will have an effect upon the ethers and be a healing for the Nations. Archangel Michael has reminded me that our prayers will be amplified from next week as explained previously in relation to our progression within the 4th dimension where the physical world is concerned, because the laws governing our use of energy will change, and matter will become more malleable. Please refer to the instructions with regard to the power of the spoken word. It means that it would be a good idea to print this text and then recite it as a call, or prayer, at the same time that you are listening to the video. The part of this video that is an instruction is also for your visualization. The text will be posted on my Facebook page [Christine Preston, Swansea University] and will be on WordPress.com. Try and google it as well with the title and date. For information on my Ascended Twin Flame, please consult Matt Muckleroy’s Playlists and the video:

Lord Michael, Saint Germain, André, Chrétien de Troyes & Arthurian Legends, August 12, https://youtu.be/zxadIqlCflE

André: Greetings dear ones! It has been decreed ‘Now is the Time when evil must end’ and the bulk of humanity is taking its first steps onto the spiritual kingdom but is having trouble leaving the duality of the 3rd Dimensional frame of mind, or mind set, while a large section of alternative thinkers, religious, or spiritual, souls, as well as lightworkers, can have graduated upon the ladder of the dimensions and be dwelling upon the 5th dimension in consciousness and higher. When there appears to be a great upheaval manifesting upon the political scenes of the nation, it reflects one in the psyche of the people and the incessant problem consisting in the fact that people start reacting with violence and negative feelings towards each other, instead of dealing with problems, objections, and arguments, at the intellectual level. In this period of Transition and of awakening there is a need to consume the momentums of Antichrist, and this term means the Dark ones, and Dark System of the world, and of this nation, the one that has been pulling the strings of the Establishment as a shadow government and from the astral plane. This ex-Establishment, or powers that are on the way out, has been opposed with the Elections and new Presidency, but it finds devious ways to exercise an influence. Time will be needed to eradicate this dark power as well as its effects. It is by a misinterpretation of Scripture that some Christians believe in the future appearance of antichrist as evil has been around for at least 2,000 years and it was to cast out this ‘Prince of the world’ [Satan and Lucifer] that Christ incarnated when he did. Of course, it was around during the Atlantean downfall but its representatives, the fallen ones or fallen angels, were bound in the bottomless pits and cast in chains, allegorically, by Archangel Michael, and you may verify this in the book of Enoch. This means that they were prevented from reincarnating for some thousands of years, but were allowed to make a re-appearance at the time that Christ could hold a balance of Light in the world together with many other souls of light or sar seeds. Their reappearance was to take place for a final testing and separation, or judgment, in the process of the Harvest.
Christ was able to manifest a unique alchemy for the manifestation of the Cosmic Christ through himself. Today you are following in Christ’s footsteps as you are integrating Christ consciousness and when there is great disharmony in the world the practice of the Solar Ring becomes a sacred tool for you to manifest a healing for souls, people, cities and nations. It will hold a balance against all turmoil and even calm people down at subconscious level. So you may call for the action of the Solar Ring and visualize it around yourselves as a ring of brilliant white fire. Then visualize the twin pillars, or shafts of Light, representing the Father an Mother polarities of Alpha and Omega descending upon you from the Great Central Sun, and into your dimension. It is something you can do as a spiritual service for mankind and to activate the appearance of the great golden age of Saint Germain. You may visualize the Solar Ring around you as a ring of fire and desire the sacred tie to Christ’s consciousness in your heart. So see it with your 3rd eye chakra. See it with the radiant vision of the 5th dimension that brings you knowledge, enlightenment, as well as the perception that you can only obtain through the purification of your soul. So visualize that Solar Ring being drawn around you and let the angels chose where it is needed to bring light to the nation. Twin shafts of Light will be descending next and will also be those of the dual image of the Presence of the Elohim, Archangels, and higher beings of Light, as well as the polarity of the Spirit of your Twin Flame. The Solar Ring will seal you and heal you at all levels including the psychological and subconscious ones. You are doing this in the name of I Am that I Am to seal yourself in the power of the light. And this is using the power of Seraphim to protect the communities and even the whole earth from the dark forces, from their agenda of turmoil, chaos and control. Also do this in the name of Jesus Christ to seal yourself in God’s Harmony, and with the protection of the legions of the First Ray. The Solar Ring will be a platform for the Tube of Light that you may call forth by reciting the following words:
Call: O my constant loving I Am Presence whose radiance forms a circle of fire that lights my way, I am faithfully calling to Thee to keep your great pillar of Light intact through every passing moment, and I do now draw the Solar Ring around my forcefield for the manifestation of the Cosmic Christ in the Earth. I see its twinned shafts of light descending as the twin pillars of Alpha and Omega, of the mighty Elohim and Archangels, and of my own celestial twin flame. Into the electric circle of divinely charged energy of my Tube of Light, direct a swift upsurge of the violet fire of Freedom’s forgiving transmuting flame. Do cause the ever expanding energy of this flame projected downward into the forcefield of my human energies to completely change every negative condition into the positive polarity of my own divine Self! Let its magic purify my world until all discord, cause, effect, record and memory is forever changed into the Victory of Light and the peace of the Ascended Jesus Christ. I am now accepting the full manifestation of my prayer and calling for a sacred release of assistance from your divine Heart to amplify it until all are God-free in the light that never fails. In the name of Jesus Christ I seal myself in the flame of God Harmony and I call for the protection of the legions of the First Ray around this Tube of Light and that Solar Ring, and in gratitude, I accept this done in full power.
André: As it is written in the Decree book, there are many legions and forces in the Great Central Sun, and they come down to the lower dimension as the armies of the Lord, together with Archangel Michael, the Defender in Battle, as well as other Archangels. They come down from every system and galaxy, and star, from the highest realms and descend to planet earth for the deliverance of souls, children, men and women, and nations. They do this when you call them. This is because of the law of non-interference. It is necessary to given them authority to go into action because in some case it might go against your own free will and the Forces of the Light never interfer with human freewill. The Woman clothed with the Sun of the book of Revelation is a symbol for mankind giving birth to a new consciousness as it is the time for the awakening upon the path of Ascension. Ask that Archangel Michael may be blessed with dispensations and that such armies may be sent from the higher realms so he may be able to continue cleaning out the astral plane, as well as free mankind from the indoctrination that has kept it in bondage to the dark forces. You may pray to the Elohim of God and the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, as well as the Cosmic Councils of the Sun, for an intercession so that Archangel Michael may fulfill his inner vow to defend the souls with the thread to the I Am Presence. Those souls are the Church and the symbolic bride that is the mystical body of God. In other words, one denomination called Church or spiritual group does not have more value than another, because the true Church is the mystical body of God and the Lightbearers in the whole world, whatever their religion or race.
Call: O Powers of Light we beseech you this day to give absolute protection to the new President, his teams and their families, for the deliverance of this nation under God according to thy Divine Plan and to manifest Saint Germain’s Great Golden Age. Cut us free Archangel Michael and your legions of Light, with your Mighty Sword of Blue flame, and clear the way for the quickening of hearts and the awakening. Let this be a rosary of light for the healing of the nations and for the ascended Masters’ activities on planet earth. So say we all in gratitude!
André: As I take my leave I am echoing Archangel Michael’s words ‘I am with you always’.

ATF André, AAMichael, Prayer Wheel to eradicate Antichrist,