Disclosure: Falsities on Colonialism

April 30, 2016 by Christine Preston

Christine: Archangel Michael has asked me to include this article as a work of disclosure because it will provide information and will have repercussions on cover-ups and beliefs relating to the dark forces’ conspiracies to create a false history, as well as to introduce erroneous views leading to racism, condemnations, destabilization of countries and political conficts, to eventually create chaos and destruction in the world, which could have sabotaged the Ascension process. This disclosure is about the true face of Belgian colonialism, and it unveils the role of Katanga in bringing civilization to the Congo. I have edited it and shortened it from the article I wrote and posted with the title Katanga: Beyond the Myth on Munication.com on October 13, 2013.  

The true face of Belgian colonialism and Cover-up that the Belgians eradicated slavery

I was born of Belgian colonial parents in Katanga. In 1945, my father signed a 25 year contract to work for the UMHK, the powerful Mining Union of Katanga that did a good job of protecting its employees’ safety, and was even criticized for being too paternalistic, or overprotective. I lived on that high plateau of Katanga for the first 17 years of my life. This company built homes for its employees as well as for the indigenous population, and provided the natives with career training, free education and health services. The employees had free housing and were not charge electricity bills, and electricity was produced from hydro-electric stations. Due to having first-hand life experience in that province, I have felt compelled to have my say about the historical fallacies that seem to have created a myth about Belgian colonialism.

I have traced the circumstances in which various countries attempted to acquire territories for mining exploitations at the end of the 19th century, as well as those in which wealth and economic stability was created on that high altitude plateau, originally called the ancient African Garenganze. This region, that early explorers found extremely difficult to penetrate, is situated above the region that used to be Rhodesia, in the southern part of Africa. Garenganze was destined to become the economic pillar of the Congo after it was renamed Katanga, particularly after the Independent State of Leopold the Second became the Belgian Congo, as the exportation of its minerals sustained the entire economy of the Congolese nation for many decades. I was able to draw from documents published in French in Katanga in the 1950s and 60s, which don’t exist in Britain, as well as academic works. I have reconstructed what I believe is the role of Katanga in the creation of civilization in the Congo.

In the late 1950s, the wealth that Katanga generated caught world attention and some politicians became aware of its potential.  Katanga became a State within a State because the mineral exploitation carried out by the UMHK brought enormous wealth and power. There are many works on the Congo and colonialism, and they are critical of Leopold the Second who, as we shall see, founded the UMHK, but the role of Katanga in bringing civilization to the Congo seems to have been suppressed. Yet it is essential to take it into account in order to unveil the true face of colonialism in the Congo. It is a necessary task because the idea has been disseminated that it was one of the worst in modern African history. This political dissemination of falsities seriously misrepresented the historical facts.  This was achieved by the use of an outrageous scenario of slavery and genocide that never existed.

Political background

The Congo called the Congo Free State from 1908, and later, in 1960, the Belgian Congo, was declared independent from the Belgians, then, due to a disagreement with the way the new government of Leopoldville ruled the country, Katanga attempted to secede from the Congo. It was proclaimed to the world as an independent State separate from the Democratic Republic of the Congo on June 30, 1960, but its secession was not recognized and the United Nations troops were permitted to intervene. There is no mystery why Katanga was prevented from seceding: it generated the greatest source of the Congo’s income.

 The name Katanga was changed to Shaba under the rule of President Mobutu when the Congo was called Zaire (Za-er). Katanga was made the subject of policies of isolation under Mobutu’s tyrannical regime, to divert attention from the source of the country’s wealth. To create his own personality cult, in a fantasy world of his own, Mobutu siphoned about 200 million pounds every year from Zaire’s mineral resources, and lined up his pockets at his citizens’ expenses.

The creation of the UMHK

This company came into being as a result of the merging of a company created by the Belgian King Leopold the second with Cecil Rhodes’ Tanganyika Concessions Limited. This was after a certain Morel had made some accusations concerning Leopold’s regime. Few researchers seem to know that Leopold created the UMHK because of the opposition that the Belgian King had to endure in respect of his rubber tax. This was discussed in the media in Belgium in Leopold’s time, in the late 1890s. He understood that Cecil Rhodes’ Company, called The Chartered, had permitted the Queen of England to avoid being the target of similar accusations. Some scholars have assessed that the achievements of the UMHK were remarkable, and there is plenty of photographic evidence to support the evidence of a shared economic abundance between the Europeans and the native population in the colonial age, but later, the abundant way of life was lost in the homeland that had functioned as an economic pillar for the Belgian Congo for decades.

Outraged by a scenario of slavery and genocide

A book entitled King Leopold’s Ghost by Adam Hochschild, published in 1999, was a best-seller but created an outrage in Belgium when it was published in French, because of its allegations against the Belgian regime.  Hochschild claims that the Belgians enslaved the indigenous population in the Independent State, and that Leopold instituted a reign of terror that resulted with a loss of 10 million lives, a genocide that supposedly took place in the 1890s, in order to maximize profits on ivory and rubber production. Comparing Leopold to Hitler, he claimed that by cunning manipulations, the Belgian King obtained omnipotence in the Congo, and that after he signed over his ‘empire’ to the Belgian government, the Belgian administrators allowed the ‘forced labor’ to continue.  The Belgian readers were infuriated by Hochschild’s comparison of Leopold to Hitler. As a journalist Hochschild had published articles in The New Yorker, Harper’s Magazine, The New York Times Magazine, and The Nation. He also had presented lectures at Harvard’s venues in the USA. However, Hochschild was not an Historian! He kept silent the fact that Belgium went to war against the Arab traders to free the native population from slavery. Was it by ignorance or design?

It was the Arab slave hunters who were responsible for the brutal reality of slavery in the Congo, and the Belgians were engaged in a war against them for many years! Hochschild resurrected an antagonism that already existed towards the Belgian King Leopold in the late 1890s and early 1900s because of an interest in other countries in acquiring territories that were rich in minerals. These territories were claimed following some explorations, expeditions, and establishment of outposts, not by armies outrunning the indigenous population. Hochschild’s scenario of slavery on the basis of the infamous ‘rubber tax’ is a distortion of history! We shall see that the loss of lives in the indigenous population that he blamed on the colonial regime, actually was due to an outbreak of smallpox and famine in 1890. Historical fallacies exploiting the negative sensationalism of genocide and slavery seem to have been fabricated and disseminated for a political agenda.

A fantasy story of 10 million loss of lives in a holocaust of slavery in the late 1890s was also propagated by a supporter of Mobutu’s regime. But instead of being related to the rubber tax, this myth was associated with the construction of a railway line. However, it would not have been possible to know how populated Central Africa was before, or in the 1890s, because the first population census was only carried out by the Belgians in 1905.

Furthermore, the very first census was done in 1905 but it was not intended to count the natives. It only revealed a population of 1,500 Belgians in the immense territories of the Independent State, and only a few dozens in Katanga. However, it is a historical fact recorded in the early explorers’ diaries, that the impoverished society of pre-colonial Africa was scattered, affected by malaria, and little in number. The claim that there was a loss of 10 million lives is completely unsubstantiated, a myth. Belgian scholars have also pointed out that this is a whimsical figure. The figure is also twice as much as the assessed death toll calculated due to more recent armed conflicts in the Congo for a period of twenty years.

How the myth was created

There is evidence that a conspiracy theory emerged in respect of Leopold the second due to a man by the name of Roger Casement, who was a British Consul, in the early 1900s. Hochschild seems to have built up his conspiracy theory upon this report.

Opinion began to tilt against King Leopold’s colonial regime in 1904, when it was the target of criticism as a result of this Consul’s allegations that various atrocities were being committed in the Congo. Leopold’s Secretary stated in a famous letter held in the Royal Museum of the Belgian Congo that the matter was given consideration because the King’s colonial regime was antagonized abroad. Almost a century after Casement’s report, due to Hochschild’s work, the view that Belgian colonials exploited the natives during the entirety of their presence in the Congo, or that their colonial regime was the worst of all, has been promulgated once again. However, we shall see that this is in contradiction with academic views on that subject. It has indeed been established that, under the Belgian system of colonial administration in the Congo, the natives shared in the economic and social progress.

Hochschild criticizes Leopold for having used mercenaries and having bribed local chieftains ‘to sign over their lands and trading rights in perpetuity.’ However, this is not an accurate representation of historical facts. There was a police force but no mercenaries in those days. Explorers and not mercenaries were sent to make deals with the African chieftains. A scholar, by the name of Thomas Pakenham, has, in fact, drawn our attention to an historical scramble because many countries were interested to acquire territories in the Independent State which became the Belgian Congo, and the method of making deals, recorded by the explorers, was common and widely accepted in the 1890s.  Cecil Rhodes also sent expeditions to Msiri, the king of Garenganze, the ancient name for Katanga, in the hope he would sign a treaty that would give rights of exploitation to his Company, The Chartered, but unfortunately for Rhodes, the Belgian team was more successful in its mission to make a deal with this chieftain.

According to Belgian opinion in the 1900sthere existed a faction that was only interested in causing the ruin of the Independent State. The group in question was a certain E. D. Morel who was associated with The Congo Reform Association. Morel was writing freelance articles on African trade issues for the Shipping Telegraph and Liverpool Journal of Commerce, and had criticized Leopold’s regime and certain abuses in the Free State blowing them out of proportion.

The British Queen praised Leopold’s enterprise but after her death the British House of Commons commissioned a British consul, by the name of Roger Casement, to investigate Morel’s allegations. It seems that the report submitted in 1903 was misinterpreted as a confirmation of Morel’s allegations although Casement did not state that Leopold’s regime was responsible for a holocaust.

I have analysed this report and found that on the contrary, Casement assigns the sleeping sickness a prominent place to a loss of human life in the Congo.  Other epidemics also decimated entire villages and could have been responsible for a significant decrease in the indigenous population. 

Furthermore, Casement does not indicate anywhere that Leopold’s regime was guilty of slavery. Casement was questionably associated with Morel before his report was published, as it was together that they had founded a political organization called The Congo Reform Association that claimed to have humanitarian objectives but generated animosity towards the Independent State. They had founded branches, including one in the United States. The Belgian king was of the opinion that the goal of the Congo Reform Association was to put an end to his control.  It was from this source that the antagonism abroad, mentioned by the King’s secretary, originated.  It seems that this organization was a façade to cover-up a political conspiracy against the colonials and destabilize the Congo. According to a scholar by the name of David Gibbs, the role played by the CIA in the Congo due to the potential mineral wealth of the country should not be underestimated because this kind of political manipulations are on a list of interventions that he has drawn.

Casement carried out an investigation in the Congo at the time a fleet of steamers already navigated the Congo River.  At that time there had been some changes in that region which he knew, as steamers provided transport to the most inaccessible parts of Central Africa, and a Railway line connected the ocean ports with Stanley Pool.  It is with praise that he acknowledges in his report that many difficulties were encountered during its construction.  Formerly there was but a tract with many obstacles to overcome. This region was the birthplace of the sleeping sickness, a disease that was still incurable and one that Leopold’s regime had not had time to eradicate.  Laying emphasis on the fact that it was the cause of a great loss of lives, Casement insists that a prominent place must be attributed to this malady for the fact that flourishing centers of population had vanished.

Casement’s Report contains some details that permit us to guess how Hochschild constructed his scenario of slavery. Casement had observed that some natives were forced to work in the rubber trade. This was at the time that Leopold tried to provide a solution to the situation of famine and disease in the Independent State.  One solution was to impose a tax on the population, but as employment was inexistent, a system was devised by the Administration.  It demanded the natives spared a few hours collecting rubber for the State. They were paid a salary, and a tax was then deducted from this salary paid for this work.  What Hochschild corrupts as slavery was Casement’s observation that the natives did not welcome the task, and the fact that an official in charge exercised continuous pressure on the local population because the natives were reluctant to change their way of life. What Hochschild also omits is the fact that it was the only way that money could be found to embark upon a program that would bring to the troubled population the benefits of civilization as well as an eradication of diseases.

There were enormous difficulties in the early days and Leopold was not able to create reasonable conditions overnight as this required time and money, and the territories were extremely vast. In his report Casement observes that an establishment appearing to be a native hospital was dilapidated. This probably was a hospital started in the earliest days by missionaries. As soon as money was available, hospitals were built everywhere.  Casement’s description of changed conditions as a result of the construction of a Railway line has also given Hochschild an opportunity to blame Leopold’s regime. However Morel, Casement, as well as Hochschild, have kept silent about the Belgian expeditions to abolish slavery in the Independent State.  

Morel’s mistake

At the port of Antwerp, in Belgium, Morel had apparently observed armies boarding ships for the Congo. According to Hochschild, Morel had noticed that some passengers in military uniform were holding guns slung across their shoulders. They were bound for the Congo on a steamer that had brought a cargo of rubber to Antwerp in 1890. Hochschild actually reproduced Morel’s text in the hope of providing substantiation for his own allegations. But it back fires!

In an administrator’s office, in Brussels, Morel had apparently found it suspicious that a list of items shipped on board the steamer included cartridges, rifles, and boxes of percussion-cap guns. He wondered why so large a quantity of military material was required. Morel then speculated that it was in relation to slavery despite the fact that the Secretary of State told him that the steamer’s cargo was not a secret and that the Press had been informed.  And this, according to Hochschild, was the episode ‘that awakened Morel’s suspicions.’ This also is the story that Hochschild offers to justify his theory that the Belgians invaded the Congo with armies for the purpose of slavery. He claims that territories were occupied by outrunning native tribes. But this is not true as colonisation was carried out by expeditions, establishing outposts, not by armies. The majority of the outposts were at first situated in the lower Congo around Leopoldville and Stanley Falls. A network of mission stations, stores, schools, and sub-stations were established with a corresponding network of administrative military outposts.

The truth was that the Belgians went to war to eradicate slavery

Morel assumed that the armament that was being shipped was used to enslave the population. However, he appears to have been totally unaware that the Belgians were about to declare war on the Arabs to eradicate slavery in the Independent State in 1890! As to Hochschild, he circumvents the matter of the Belgians’ crusade against slavery, or is completely ignorant of this historical episode. The campaigns were actually launched in 1892, and what explains the fact that the Belgian government was sending troops to Africa in 1890 in preparation for the attacks, is that the journeys by sea, and then inland, could take many months. In certain regions the military campaigns continued till 1894, but it was only by 1907 that the Belgian army finally expulsed the slave hunters from Katanga. Shame on Hochschild for assuming Leopold’s regime enslaved the natives, and for being ignorant of the fact that an army was necessary to oust out the slave hunters present on the territories that had been raided by Rumaliza, an Arab leader whose name meant ‘the one who destroys all.’ In Belgium school children learn about the anti-slavery military campaigns as part of their curriculum, and remember the names attached to them: i.e. Dhanis, Gillain, Ponthier, Henry, Lothaire, Chaltin, and Jacques de Dixmude. This war was so intense that these soldiers are held as heroes.

The Count de Wiart contends in his letter that Leopold genuinely believed that civilization would bring benefits to the natives who had been discovered in appalling conditions. But besides getting some medical teams to start working on a possible treatment for diseases, building hospitals, and finding a way to feed the starving population, the first task that the State actually decided to undertake was to free them from the threat of Arab slavery.

Rumaliza, as well as another slave trader by the name of Tippo-Tip, indeed regularly raided the indigenous population, and massacred those who resisted.  Following various difficult military operations, the Belgian troops, led by Dhanis, Chaltin, Ponthier, and de Dixmude, were successful in 1893, but the war officially declared against the Arab dealers in 1892, continued till 1894, and in Katanga up to 1907.  Dixmude was also a soldier in the 1914-18 ‘Great War’ and is remembered as a pioneer of the African railway and for expeditions he led from 1903.  It seems that the humanitarian organization calling itself the ‘Congo Reform Association’ withheld the facts concerning these military operations from public knowledge to disseminate propaganda against Leopold. Europe, if not the whole world became convinced that slavery was practiced in Leopold’s State though Belgian armies eradicated it!

Furthermore, was Morel ignorant of the fact that the equatorial forest and the South-west area (in Kasai) of the Congo were inhabited by cannibals? It would have been unwise to travel in these regions without military escort. Some tribes were avoided for the most part, not outrun by armies, as outposts were established in unoccupied regions. Expeditions had to be accompanied by military escorts for safety as they were attacked by the natives. Odon Jadot’s expedition to Pangu in Kasai, in 1913, was comprised of three Europeans, including a military chief, one hundred porters, and twenty five soldiers. The soldiers were for protection, not for army invasion as per Hochschild’s gross distortion of history.

122 blown to 10 million

As to the issue of the pressure that had to be applied upon the local population because the natives were reluctant to pay a tax in the form of labour, there was an incident that Hochschild exploited. On July 25, 1903, Casement had reached Lukolela where he witnessed that the population, that had counted 5,000 in 1887, had declined to less than 600. The main reasons for this loss of lives that he provided were the sleeping-sickness, general ill-health, and a shortage of food. However some villagers had complained that they had been flogged and showed their scars.  It was his opinion that punitive measures had been inflicted on them. This particular allegation was investigated by the Belgian government, because, as a result of Casement’s Report, an independent commission of enquiry was set up by the Belgian Parliament and it was discovered that one Belgian national in charge of operations in relation to the collection of the rubber tax had been responsible for ordering the shooting of some natives. A number of officials were arrested and condemned. Some officers were found to be guilty of abuses and the loss of life was 122. Casement had witnessed a local problem equivalent to cowboys taking the law into their own hands during the American pioneers’ western expansion beyond the frontier of civilization, but Hochschild blew it out of proportion from 122 to 10 million! Influenced by the American history of slavery, he presented a vision of terror accusing the colonials to be a society of murderers.

The photograph of a scene of slavery from Amistad, a film by Spielberg, was used to illustrate the Hudson’s review of Hochschild’s book. The content of this work amounts to a transplantation of American history onto the Congo. Whereas Casement’s report is misleading in places, it is possible that Hochschild was driven by the agenda of exploiting the sensational character of genocide.

Slave hunters, not Leopold, taught a mutilation custom

Casement’s report that the indigenous police intimidated their own communities, if they did not deliver rubber, and that soldiers mutilated dead bodies as proof that they had done their duty was distorted by Hochschild with the statement that they attacked their own communities and were under colonials’ orders to cut off the right hand of those they shot, as proof that they had not been wasting valuable bullets.  However, it was during the military campaigns against the Arabs, from 1892 to 1907, that the native soldiers enrolled at the service of the colonial State took the initiative of using a method they had learned from the Arabs themselves. There were but a few European supervisors by comparison to the number of natives enrolled in the State-run army, and they were up against deeply rooted ancient traditions the natives had inherited. The explorers reported that Msiri, the King of Katanga, used to inflict mutilations of this kind upon his own people as a punishment. The scholar Thomas Pakenham also mentions the fact that Msiri was cruel with his own subjects and was in the habit of cutting off a hand, a foot, or an ear for trivial reasons.

The native custom referred to as the cut off hand was not a Belgian punishment but a tradition of ancient Arab and Egyptian origin. It also appears to have been a military ritual to claim a bounty. Such gruesome details have emerged from hieroglyph records recently deciphered. According to these, the Pharaohs’ soldiers had to produce the hand of a slain victim. The Arabs also apparently use the method of hacking off a hand to enforce the law.  This custom became established in the Congo because of Arabic influence in the past. The Congolese officers may have taken the initiative of bringing back hacked off hands from the enemy for the purpose of proving to their Belgian superiors they had made good use of cartridges issued to them, and kept on doing this despite being told it was not necessary.   

The movement that antagonized Leopold’s regime worked very hard to make this cutting off of a hand mutilation a symbol of his regime! In reality it was the Arab slave hunters who were responsible for the devastation of villages, not the recruits. Belgian officers actually fought long and hard in the North of Katanga, as well as in Maniema, against the Arabs with the support of indigenous recruits. They did not attack local tribes but Arab slave traders, some of whom traded human flesh. Hundreds of their men perished in the struggle for freedom of the indigenous population from slavery.

Before Leopold’s State became the Belgian Congo

The year 1906 was full of worries for the Belgian king, the Sovereign of the Independent State of the Congo. In twenty years he had created an empire and an organization, the facets of which were administrative, economic, and military, and this had given him no end of difficulties. Leopold had consolidated the Independent State’s internal situation and the country was becoming prosperous.

Then the antagonism generated by the organization that had recruited support from a group of ill-informed humanitarians, started to give Leopold a serious problem. The movement was referred to by the Belgians as the anti-Congo campaign. The attacks had influenced politicians in other countries and some nations demanded a revision of Berlin’s decision. This was after a quarter of a century of heroic efforts and transformations in central and if Belgian nationals appeared to be privileged it was because they had been first to settle on the virgin territories, had gained experience in colonization, and already had established contacts with the indigenous world.

After the eradication of slavery

Soon after the wars had successfully ousted the Arab slavery raiders out of the Congo, Catholic and Protestant missionaries arrived, settled down, and schools were built for the education of the native population. A medical workforce was brought in to deal with the serious tropical diseases that affected it, such as the sleeping sickness due to the tse-tse fly, and the typhoid fever. Their objective also was to reduce the high infantile mortality rate present in the native population. Leopold also opened the country to commercial enterprises for the exploitation of rubber and ivory, industries, and the construction of a very first Railway line was undertaken in 1890 in the North West of the country. This was before prospection was completed in the South.

King Leopold expected other countries to participate in the enterprise and there was enough potential for all countries to take part in this, even if the Belgians had been the first to settle there.  Hochschild claims in his book that the free trade that Leopold had promised to the French and Americans did not materialize, but this is untrue as associations with American and British companies were made and many subsidiaries were formed.

The creation of sister companies and railway lines

King Leopold’s personal Secretary explains that the antagonism that Casement’s report generated compelled him to create Sister companies including the UMHK. Leopold realized that The Chartered Company of Cecil Rhodes acted as a political screen for the British government. The Chartered had also enforced a tax on the natives below the Plateau of Katanga, in Rhodesia, in the form of labor because of the difficulty to get a labor force, and the natives were therefore forced to work for the British government. However, Britain was not accused of slavery due to the tax system, as Leopold was, because The Chartered was held legally responsible.

Learning from this, the Belgian King also created a Chartered Company in 1891 called Katanga’s Company and the Independent State ceased to be politically active. The company was a political substitute and, from a commercial point of view, had to explore the region, study the possibility of mining exploitation, and of establishing means of transport and communication, including the construction of a Railway network. Then, a subsidiary, the Special Committee of Katanga, or CSK, was created in 1900, and a series of joint prospection contracts were made with Robert Williams, the General Manager of the Tanganyika Concessions Ltd, which was a subsidiary company of The Chartered of Cecil Rhodes.

In 1906, the Belgian King created three Companies in response to the antagonism generated by the Morel and Casement alliance. Furthermore, they were the result of associations with American, French, and British groups. It is normally not understood that from the moment of the inception of these three Sister Companies, the King did not even continue as head of his enterprise despite the fortune he had invested in his colonisation. The King retired from the project and only the investors remained.

It was expected that the criticism due to the mythology created by the anti-Congo movement was going to dissipate. Shortly after this, in 1908, Belgium acquired the colony and it was called the Belgian Congo. The fact that the Congo became Belgian may have caused grievances abroad because various foreign fortunes had been invested in the enterprise and suddenly, the State had become formerly Belgian! The UMHK, or Mining Union of Katanga, which derived from the Special Committee, acquired great importance and the power of a State within a State, and the economy of the Congo depended upon the company’s administration and decisions.

Academic Opinion

But what do scholars say about the situation in the late 19th century or early days? First of all, they recognise that explorers, not armies, took possession of unoccupied land, and that products such as rubber were declared the State’s domain. According to J. Stengers, the explorers had to deal with some objections when a tax was demanded in the form of labor, but they could not have taxed them on an income as none existed yet. There originally were some abuses and coercive methods were used, but from 1906 the State increasingly eliminated them, and the workers depended on what the European officials were like as individuals. According to T. Pakenham, there was a conspiracy to make the world believe that concession companies were corrupt after a commission was set up to investigate alleged abuses in the Congo in Casement’s report and the origin of the conspiracy in question was Morel, who told the horrors of Leopold’s regime as consisting of villages in ruin, mutilated corpses, and severed hands. It is because of these allegations that colonialism was represented as one of the worst in African history.  Pakenham’s position about the allegations is clear as he comments almost sarcastically about Morel that he was a man who believed he had stumbled upon a secret society of murderers. In Pakenham’s opinion, the American Congo Reformation Association which had been founded by the Morel and Casement alliance continued to oppose the concession Companies.

 The construction of a Railway line in 1890

The Mobutu regime was responsible for spreading the rumor that 10 million Zaireans died of overwork, bad food, and poor living conditions, between 1880 and 1910, and that this enormous loss of lives was mostly due to the construction of a Railway line in the 1890s between Matadi and Kinshasa, which used to be called Leopoldville. These lies were to generate hostility towards the Europeans in order to ensure support for Mobutu’s policies of isolation and safeguard his dominion.

This Zairean myth seems to be the source for the claim in a documentary entitled White King, Red Rubber, Black Death that a loss of 10 million lives occurred due to the building of a railway line. This myth may have been inspired by the propaganda disseminated by the political Congo Reform Association founded by Morel and Casement.

In a book with cartoons for the children market, published in English in Britain, I came across the statement that it was between 1880 and 1910, and particularly in the 1890s, that the deaths of 10 million natives occurred due to overwork. In August 1922, Odon Jadot stated in a letter that there was but one European supervising seventy workers when they were building a Railway line in the tropical forest, and that they worked nine hours a day.  On a photograph of people who worked on the construction of the Matadi-Leopoldville Railway line taken in 1894 there are but 31 persons, among whom four whites. It is shown in my article published on Munication.com. The line was completed within a certain amount of years, and a work force receiving wages was used to construct it. A work force of 10 million people would not have been needed to build it.  Furthermore, the Europeans posed very closely to the indigenous labour force. This indicates that they worked in an amicable atmosphere and the latter certainly does not correspond to the imagery of slavery given by Hochschild. It is obvious that he transplanted to the Congo his vision of the historical enslavement of the black people of America, and whether the latter  has also been falsified is another matter. 

The Railway Company of Katanga made the statement in its 1956 hardback volume that there was a difficulty to recruit a labor force for the building of the Matadi-Leopoldville line. This is further evidence against the later allegations of slavery as one does not ‘recruit’ slaves. A 380 kilometers long railway line was constructed between the Port of Matadi and Leopoldville in 1890 where the Congo River was not navigable due to rapids and falls. On the map it is at that level that the Congo River throws itself into the Atlantic.  Although the scheme was extremely hard from a technical point of view, the line was a short one by comparison to the vast distances involved for other networks in the Congo. It was Stanley who went back to Europe in 1884 with a project for this Railway. It was in fact an English consortium to undertake the project for the venture.  In March 1887 permission was obtained to carry out a study for a Railway line to be constructed on the left bank of the Congo River between Matadi and Leopoldville. A subsidiary company was created to undertake its construction on July 31, 1889. They started work on March 15, 1890, and the line was completed in March 1898. This actually was the very first line that was built in Central Africa and it was what quick-started the Congolese economy.

In Katanga the first Railway line was constructed four years after the creation of the UMHK for industrial purposes and was completed in October 1910. The Company recruited workers in Northern Rhodesia because of the difficulty to obtain a labor force in this region. This, as is known from the first explorers’ diaries, was because the Southern region population had been drastically decimated in indigenous villages after an epidemic of smallpox and starvation in the 1890s.

Rhodes had the ambition to build a Railway to link the Cape to Cairo. In 1897 this had become a reality up to Bulawayo. Rhodes and the Belgian King arrived at a perfect agreement. The objective of this amalgamation was the building of a Railway network for commercial export, and Katanga became a cross road and gateway towards Rhodesia.

Scholars praise Belgian colonialism

Viewing the Belgians’ economy as enlightened, two academics by the name of Gann and Duignan said that the colonials played a progressive role rather than a repressive one, and that they transformed the previously impoverished society of pre-colonial Africa.  Unfortunately as the public at large does not read academic works, this opinion has had little influence, and colonialism in the Congo has come to be regarded as one of the worst in modern African history due to the political propaganda. Gann and Duignan trace the criticism directed at Belgian colonialism to the sphere of international politics and say that the Belgians were already suspicious of humanitarianism in the early 1900s and regarded Morel as an agent of a group interested in the ruin of the Independent State of Leopold.

In Political Economy of Third World Intervention, David Gibbs concludes that Morel and his Congo Reform Association agitated public opinion and that as a result the Belgians were tainted by criticism. It is his opinion that the pressure of the conspiracy may have played a part in making what he calls the ‘Belgian management’ more determined to work towards the realization of a society that enjoyed an interaction between the European and native cultures.

Belgians scholars respond to allegations in 2005

Two Belgian scholars at Belgian Universities, Vellut, and Vanthemsche, have responded to Hochschild’s allegations in an article published in 2005. This was following a public reaction after the publication of the French version of King Leopold’s Ghost and the viewing of the documentary entitled White King, Red Rubber, Black Death that was broadcasted by the main TV broadcasting stations in Belgium in 2004. 

Those Belgian scholars have argued that Leopold was driven by humanitarian objectives and that the exportation of tropical products would not have taken place without the construction of a Railway network. As to the accusation that the King sought personal wealth, his goal was to bring abundance to the whole of the Belgian Nation.  In addition he also had a calling as a maker of civilization. He spent to the last penny of his own fortune, then was forced to tighten-up his own expenses, and by 1890 had to borrow money.

The Article also addresses the allegation of an estimated 10 million loss of lives and the idea that Africans perished due to the Belgian colonial age. Vellut objects saying it was a speculation, not a known fact. He says that as early as in 1920 some rumors circulated about a large loss of lives in the period of 1890 to 1920, but it is ascribed to the sleeping sickness, or malaria, and the difficulty is that there were no statistics at the time. The explorers indeed recorded in their log books the fact that some terrible epidemics of smallpox devastated and decimated the population of entire villages. For bibliography and footnotes, see my Article on Munication.com

Disclosure: Falsities on Colonialism

Lords Michael/Sanat Kumara: Leap & Woes,

April 24, 2016 by Christine Preston


Christine: This morning, after waking-up, my experience could be described as ‘being held in the power’. I sensed something like a ‘click’ that was a little electric discharge from Archangel Michael and all of a sudden I was feeling higher. He had lifted me up to a higher place than where I was. Archangel Michael wanted to show me what people are going to experience as Adronis has announced that a shift to 4th density would take place at the end of this year. I am not saying that I experienced a physical shift in which one apparently remains in physical density but a comparable sensation.


We have heard about the Wave of photon light the solar system has encountered on September 28, 2015, as well as the second one on March 20, 2016, and we are expecting a third encounter of this kind with a high concentration of Light between the Fall and Winter of this year, 2016. The process of Disclosure will reach a critical stage before this.


I have asked a question to Archangel Michael about this leap which is said to be to the 4th density, as it appears to be in contradiction with the idea conveyed through different channelers, that the portions of mankind that were part of Wave 1 and Wave 2 have been lifted up upon the 5th dimension.


Also to be noted is the fact that Lord Sanat Kumara has given me a statement containing a warning for the Dark forces on Sunday April 24, which will be reproduced at the end of this message.


Lord Sanat Kumara has also told me before this statement that He will bring Earth and humanity to the 5th dimension earlier, or in a shorter time than it was previously planned, and I cannot stress enough that there must be a very interesting story in relation to the reasons for such a change.


With regard to the announcement concerning the shift to the 4th density, he explained that in soul, or spirituality, we already are in the 5th Dimension and above, as far as the first two waves are concerned, and that in consciousness or mind, we rise up and down above the 5th dimension and upto the 12th. But in body we are in the 3rd Dimension. The higher dimensions are super-imposed upon the physical, or material, 3rd dimension, and, as we are multi-dimensional beings, when leaving the body at night until a few years ago, most souls used to find themselves upon the astral plane which is part of the 4th dimension, but now they rise higher up onto the etheric plane which corresponds to the 5th dimension if they have magnetized light and vibrate in unison with that level.


I did ask Archangel Michael the following question: Is Adronis’ announcement about a shift to 4th density Earth a different concept from the idea of an ascension to the 5th dimension? Some people are even of the opinion that we already are on our way to the 6th dimension. He answered:


Archangel Michael: There is a problem in the fact that there are different approaches and views to this phenomenon. It has been explained that you are in a 3 D world with a super-imposition of higher dimensions over it and that you physically vibrate as if you were on 5 D. At the same time you are able to experience the feelings of higher states of consciousness when being lifted up, by the effect of these moments of meditation, love attunements, prayers or communication. It’s been described as going up the ladder of the dimensions up to the 12th dimension.


I also accelerate your vibrations and you feel as if you are going up and you experience a higher state of being and the same as if you existed upon a higher dimension. You have even experienced states of beingness that you could not normally experience without such help in physicality. The souls that have crossed over to the 5th dimension at the peak of irradiation and that continue to absorb it, as well as integrate the Lightbody, are in an insulated capsule that separate them from the effects of karma and negativities generated by the other ones who are still in the 3rd or 4th dimensions. They are in their own world. In a way you have your feet on the 3rd dimension and the rest of you is on the 5th. You are still anchored, so to speak in 3 D.


I have stated before that with the occurrence of a quantum leap you would not suddenly find yourselves in a totally different world as if, for instance, you would wake up and find that all the concrete in the world had disappeared and you were in a paradise-like environment. No, changes will still have to be carried out by mankind, but you will benefit from being in a world with different laws, and will find that you are able to manifest, or precipitate, what you want faster, even a better health, as well as your own physical regeneration, and later you will be getting help when you are in that time of transition with new technologies and light chambers.


You will be creating New Gaia in following years and will be bringing about positive changes, especially after the Election of a President in the US who will have opposed the Establishment. At the same time as this struggle takes place, behind the curtains of the astral plane, a dissolution of the powers of darkness is, and will be, taking place. We are still saying that the one we see winning this battle on the timelines, is Donald Trump and that is mainly because we have been forming a plan for decades and set things in place so that a liberation of mankind from the captivity to the Dark forces can take place at this time. He has got this far because the Dark ones did not believe in the beginning that he was more than a joke. So do not be deluded by appearanes and the attempts of a controlled media to carry out personality assassination.


The changes coming up at the end of this year can be compared to a dissolution that will entail having your feet upon the 4th density. And yet there will still be some people in 3 D, and it will be as if there was a window of separation between the two. This will happen at the same time as a Third Wave of souls joins the first and second ones. You will all have your feet on the 4th density level and will continue experiencing changes in following years. There should eventually be a separation of realities. That has been said before. Your world is being raised to the level at which you will be able to experience communication and contact with your family of the Stars. They have been dwelling upon superior dimensions relative to your own. You are coming up and they have been descending to some extent, especially for contacts and communication. Contact will be made easier when you are higher.


The shift announced by Adronis of Sirius is but a beginning of separation of realities relating to your actual physicality. The dark is being taken away. Mankind is being disentangled from it in the process of what appears to be an end of world to those who don’t understand. The Masters and a myriad of Star Seeds, as well as higher beings, have already taken up embodiment during the last few years. They will be helping with the transition to a higher existence on beautiful Gaia.


The 4th Density is the Astral world but it has been cleared and purged and the lower astral world has been prepared to be separated. You will experience freedom from the interference of the Dark as predicted by SaLuSa.


Christine: On April 24, I received a communication from Lord Sanat Kumara in the Sun, that is a warning to the Dark ones, when I called to my I Am Presence to establish my Tube of Light upon the platform of the Solar Ring using the name I Am that I Am. I almost immediately heard his say:


Sanat Kumara: I can hear you my daughter!

Christine: Do not be surprised if he calls you his Son or Daughter if your hear him. Lord Sanat Kumara called himself I Am that I Am Sanat Kumara in the Sun of this Solar System. I think he has taken his position there due to the energies of Ascension, Photon light, etc, which come through the sun as a portal, though they are diffused by what might be called ultra-terrestrial technology. He came to Earth 18 million years ago to direct the evolution of mankind and has been in the office of Logos but it has been known for a few years, even decades, that Lord Buddha has taken his position. However, Sanat Kumara has not left the Solar System. About this dilemma of 4th Density and 5th dimension, he said:

Sanat Kumara:  In soul or spirituality your are in 5D, in body you are in 3 D and in consciousness, you are above as you rise up and down above the 5th dimension and up to the 12th dimension.

Christine: Sanat Kumara asked me to channel a statement to the dark forces as they are still carrying out some attacks, although not as seriously as before. I had to speak his warning in the spoken word, so I channeled. He did this because of an interference during the time we were in conversation. André, my ascended twin flame, who is constantly connected and on stand-by, said:

André: Wait, there is an interference!

Christine: then Sanat Kumara asked me to repeat with him or channel a statement to whoever they were. He declared to them that they will be taken to another world to continue their evolution and are not allowed to interfere with the children of the Sun, ‘from this day on’ and that ‘from this day on’ if they attempt to do so they will be sent to Saturn, for judgment, and will be made to lose their very existence in the sacred fires, and will be no more. He also said he will bring mankind, and the Earth, to the 5th dimension in a shorter time than previously stated!

Sanat Kumara’s tone is very warm, friendly and paternel, but really authoritative. I noted he used expressions such as ‘from this day on’ and ‘Sanat Kumara of the Great White Brotherhood of the Star’ but I could not remember the whole content. André has, however, dictated to me the message I was asked to channel so the dark forces would  hear it on the spot, and it is as follows:

Sanat Kumara: This is Sanat Kumara. I Am that I Am and I now declare through this messenger that you will be no more if you continue in your belligerent ways. I Am that I Am Sanat Kumara, who is stating that from this day on, you will obey, you will not be interferring with the forces of the Light embodied in these, my children, doing my work upon the Earth. From this day on I will prevent interferences from you, forces of darkness that have polluted the Earth and the consciousness of my children of Light born of the Great Central Sun. I will not allow it for they have awakened and turned the world around. They are pure in hearts. They have transmuted karma. By the Law of the One that they are invoking, I declare that this day there will occur an instant wrath to descend upon the head of you, dark ones, if you dare lifting a finger to attack my children of the Light. You will be taken to another world to continue your existence and your evolution now very soon, but if you continue attempting to interfere with them and the affairs of their world, there will be an instant reaction, you will be no more as you will be taken and your life, your very existence, if you can call it a soul, will be thrown in the sacred fires that are on the Planet Saturn, the sacred fires, not to endure eternal hell, because you will be no more, you will lose your very existence. The life of your soul will be taken if you lift a finger against these, my children. You will be no more and you will not pass! I Am Sanat Kumara of the Sun with Helios and Vesta in the Sun of this Solar System. We continue moving in space on our way towards the God Star Sirius where we shall take our place as the 8th system orbiting the Sun systems of this Constellation and we shall take our position planned many millions of years ago.

Christine: So these are the conversations I have had with Archangel Michael and Sanat Kumara, in the presence of my ascended twin flame. I am grateful I can pass their content on to you, thanks to Matt publishing them as videos. Blessings and Namaste to all! Christine.

Lords Michael/Sanat Kumara: Leap & Woes,

Ascended Twin Flame André, Ascension Update, Elections

Ascended Twin Flame André, Ascension Update, Elections,
April 23, 2016, by Christine Preston


I have recorded in my note book that I had a conversation with my Ascended Twin Flame André on April 16 after he stated:

‘it’s moving on’.

I asked: What do you mean?


The energies are high and are transporting you and the lightworkers to uncharted seas of experiences. We have not experienced the height of such wave, where they are taking us, even we on the higher realms are feeling the effects of the photonic Light that the solar system is traversing. It’s quite electrifying in a psychic way. The diplomats are thinking very hard, searching for solutions to the problems of the world, including issues such as how their decisions will affect the evolution of humanity. They are beginning to show a sense of responsibility, realizing how they can make destiny go one way or the other. Everything is in a state of flux. It always is and we observe what is taking place and we see energies that move and coagulate to form situations in a way that woud be difficult to describe. My view of your physical world is not the same as yours. I don’t mean we disagree on points of view intellectually, but we see from where I am how the energies come together to materialize and you only see the end result which also is holographic.


André has also said that he is above the Astral plane, in the Etheric world. Being ascended he is in Christ consciousness. He is working for the Great White Brotherhood and Ashtar Command, and has been assigned to my protection and instruction. We are family because we are twin flames, and I knew him until he passed away in 1972. He was my cousin. He is actually descending, now, preparing to reappear, but not as a baby. He will be coming down to physicality when we are properly in a higher place in the fifth dimension, by the method of creating a body by will, which was known in antiquity as being ‘self-begotten’ and which Saint Germain used in the 1700s to return after he had ascended. Andre has specified that when he returns it will not be by passing through the Astral plane. According to tradition the Solar System is made up of seven planes, or dimensions of reality, and the physical one is the densest. The Astral has been classified as the emotional plane, and there is a lower and a higher mental plane. The higher one forms part of the level of Christ consciousness. At the latter there is no change or karma, and there is no time. Above the mental plane is that of intuition, or Buddhic plane, which also is that of the Christ consciousness which represents a blueprint of what the soul is to become as we mirror it and express it. Above that is the spiritual plane, or Atma, and beyond the latter is the monadic plane upon which dwells the I Am Presence. ‘Monad’ is the old terminology for the divine presence, or Spirit Within. Our Higher Selves are anchored in the Buddhic plane, that of Intuition. The soul extension, or personality, which we are, is anchored in the four elements of matter, fire, air, water, and earth, which form our physical world. There also are subplanes and Cosmic planes. I have taken this information from Joshua David Stone who received teachings from the Master Djwhal Khul in past decades. André also says:
André :

The Ascended Masters are masters of the cosmic physical plane and they are integrating the Cosmic higher intelligences of which they are extensions of. In most cases this movement upward is due to having descended on a special mission in Lemurian time, such as that of the 144,000 to rescue Earth and create a timeline of Ascension. Even after re-ascending, these Masters have descended again on a mission and achieved their ascension again. For the Ascension after death, and therefore, out of the body, it is necessary to have attained a transmutation of karma at 51%. It was thanks to a dispensation obtained from the Karmic Board by Saint Germain that the requirement of 100% was reduced. Before this dispensation, souls had a difficulty to ascend and they were constantly sent back to physical incarnation, to attempt to balance that karma and gain freedom from the Wheel of reincarnation. It was even more difficult to ascend during one’s lifetime, which is what the Master Jesus did, and I believe, also his twin flame Lady Magdalena. Yes, she did ascend with her physical body in that life recorded in gnostic literature. This achievement counted to avoid a number of great disasters and provide an extension so that mankind could continue in their footsteps. And you have just heard the announcement that the global transmutation of karma has now reached 51% in the message published last week.
I am angelic in origin but after my last life I had to ascend. This was relatively easy without having to convert the physical body as Jesus Christ did. I had already ascended previously so the karma of other lives had been cleared. What is taking place today is called Ascension, but it is more exactly an upliftment in the vibrations or resonance of the soul in the physical structure, corresponding to righteousness and spirituality. The physical world is being transformed, and even the physical form that you inhabit is slowly being transfigured as a result of the divine plan that has been master-minded as part of what we call the Ascension. You build a kingdom and create New Gaia from a response to Light. There are initiations that you undergo on this path, and along it you first merge or integrate with Christ consciousness, and this also consists in merging with one’s higher self. Another way to express this is to say that the Higher Self descends and exercises a greater control, without impeding upon your freewill. It is so because your own freewill is aligned with the Divine Will, and later you merge with the Monad, the I Am Presence. After the Fifth Initiation, the ascended Masters can manifest a body if they have not preserved the one in which they took the fifth initiation.
In the past when the Monad merged with the person, the latter turned into light, and the physical body disappeared. The persona found itself in the lightbody. But in this present age the Lightbody has been descending with Christ consciousness and causing DNA changes, which even are the reason that certain psychic abilities such as that required for telepathic communication are appearing. This is due to the photonic light that the solar system is being irradiated with. Souls do not pass on to the spiritual world anymore, if they can survive or if it is their destiny to take part in this physical ascension to the end. They remain in physicality and at one stage they are freed of karma as they have individually balanced it to a full 100%, although in past decades it was difficult to even attain 51%. This gives you an insight of how much progress has been achieved during the last decade. You were instructed on March 30 that we had been celebrating because mankind has reached the 51% transmutation of karma. This figure represents an average balance between light and dark on Earth. There are dark minds in physicality, as you can observe from your News on TV, for instance, those who are causing chaos and wars, those manipulators of political strategies that destabilize countries, and large Corporations which seek to gain wealth and control, as well as to diminish the overall population of the world, by all sorts of means, one of which is the spraying of poisonous chemical trails. This average of 51% means that the lightworkers have a very high level of transmutation of karma, closing to 100% if this is not yet accomplished. They are holding a balance of Light against that of the dark, and among them are the 144,000 sent for this mission. There are millions of Galactic beings who had no karma when they incarnated as well, they are the Star seeds and were not part of the human evolution but have come for a reinforcement, to change the timelines and to bring about the manifestation of Divine Will for the victory of the Light in this Galaxy, as well as the fulfillment of Archangel Michael’s Prophecy, the one he made millions of years ago, concerning the special role the Earth would play in the great Plan of lifting up physicality up to a higher dimension.
However, the actual Ascension is the merging of the personality with the I Am Presence, and as the ascending souls that you are, remain in physicality on Earth, your physical bodies are slowly being transfigured into glorified spiritual bodies of crystalline-base molecular structure. The physical world in which you exist, though, also has to be transformed gradually. You ascend in waves and remain on Earth in service. A certain quotient of light is necessary for the actual Ascension and highest initiation, and the quotient is different for the lower initiations. The quotient relates to an absorbtion of Light in the soul. There are ways to increase this Light quotient, one of which is to improve one’s character and acquire the virtues of Christ consciousness. You can use the spiritual tools the masters have taught in past decades to call for the Rays, the flames, as well as the intervention of the Archangels and Elohim in order to transform you. There are various techniques.


Could you tell me about the situation with the Elections?

In the US the situation is an incredible fiasco. I mean there are dark forces at the bottom of the control and conspiracies, and some evil ‘goings on’ like Satanic rites. That part of it is all true. There is a group on the astral that is exercising control over minds, those of politicians and people in position of authority such as in Congress. There still are people in families that have a legacy of power and have had links with Reptilians some years ago. They believe in dark forces and practice black magic rituals. They seek guidance from their former masters who have abandoned them, and it is true that the latter sought to make deals with the Forces of the Light to save themselves out of this Solar system by selling, betraying, those pawns of theirs. They thought that the Ascension is only taking place on Earth, or may be even just in the Solar System, and wanted an Alternative 3 kind of escape to another Constellation. About the Presidential Elections we are still saying that Donald Trump is going to win them. Of course, it’s a very delicate matter to make such a prediction where you stand, but we have seen the certainties in the timelines. The Hierarchy is also backing him because his Corporation stands apart from the evil doings of the others. He has the genuine intention to change America for the better. There is a situation with who is pulling the strings in the political scenes of the world. The rich families are still pulling them and creating scenarios of destruction, and it’s not just for their own gain and wealth. They use the bankers as their servants but there is more than that. It’s a war. They simply oppose the Light and seek to prevent the Ascension, and they won’t accept that it is cosmic and that some forces beyond their control are causing it. They want to reverse the tide to their advantage. They are obstinate. And it could cost their existence. If they do not capitulate they could end up going through the second death which is that of the soul when it is recycled. This is what happened to Lucifer on the date given in the message entitled ‘Vials of Karma’. This is a difficult statement to pass on after the enormous amount of disinformation that has taken place concerning this matter. But we shall leave it to that for the time being.
So, with regard to Donald Trump, we see that there is a need for a candidate to possess great strength and stamina in present circumstances, and we see that the next President will have a fight with the Establishment and need to oppose it so that Disclosure can occur. If the dark ones, the Illuminati, or Cabal, attempt to control him by threats, black mails, or anything of the kind, we will be intervening with Ash-tar Command, the air division of the Great White Brotherhood. The Cabal is being given a chance to turn to the Light. There are individuals in connection with it who are being disentangled and this is a war of a psychic nature, the Armageddon of the Psyche, which is not something the Lightworkers have understood up to recently. We have given some teachings in past messages on that matter.
The root of the Evil of terrorism is on the Astral Plane in those forces which have exercised a control from there for thousands of years. It’s all to do with the Reptilian presence on the lower astral plane which is part of the 4th dimension, but a great clearing up has been done for decades by the angelic kingdom. The Reptilians are an ancient group of beings who have destroyed many worlds in this Galaxy. For this story, refer to The Prophecy. They interfered with the evolutions on the planet Maldek, which exploded as a result.


Have they been offered to be taken to that world that will remain in the third dimension?
That’s a question which is outside my jurisdiction. You know that I can’t probe into other people’s akashic records and have permission to search for details mostly to do with what relates to you and your family, or things that could affect you, or general knowledge relating to the Ascension. And I could tell you, for instance, if your daughter was still on her way, or had arrived in your town, or if something was done or not. I was able to inform you that the Master El Morya was going to incarnate in your family, and we had informed you some six months before the pregnancy was known to the parents. We, myself and Archangel Michael, gave you some details about family DNA and past incarnations. The objective was to bring back to your memory certain details ahead of your recovery of full consciousness. I have been assigned to looking after you like a guardian angel, and also to accomplish a mission of protection as you crossed a time of encounters and a level of dimension in which you could be at the mercy of some dark forces, as part of your path of initiation and ascension, and because in a physical way you and many lightbearers have moved through the 4th dimension, a part of which is the astral plane. You were conscious of being at the corresponding level of the astral plane as you physically crossed it, some two to three years ago. You wondered whether it was the reason that you were experiencing what used to be called ‘paranormal encounters’. It started before the experiences of 2014 when you perceived the dog that had died going upon your bed, or jumping off it.
After you developed the telepathic ability you experienced the scenarios of contacts with those forces that carried out impostures of the spiritual Hierarchy, then as time went by it seemed you were being elevated out of the reach of those forces, then there were but voices that were irritating, but you did not react in that way, and you continued, feeling strong in the protection. You knew you were receiving from Archangel Michael and his legions of the first Ray, as well as myself, as I am constantly there for you, you have but to reach, lifting your thoughts and attune your mind to my frequency.


In Reference to the scenarios in 2014, what were those forces? Did they have permission to do what they did. Was it controlled.

They were an attack but controlled and part of an initiation. All experiences can be said to be part of initiation and controlled, because your protection is continued at all times. But in this case there were real attacks, and interventions against them had to follow certain rules due to deals made between the Light and the Dark, and also strategies, so the Dark would learn and change without realizing it. As we have implied it many times, the Dark has been abusive and take any opportunity to use tricks and manipulations, so we had a real battle and were on stand-by and alert. If the situation had deteriorated drastically we would have intervened, using some technology and powers at our disposal, but we won in the end and a group of dark entities were apprehended and sent to trial on the Saturnian Courts. They were given a chance and broke rules. These forces were astral and interfering. They use technology that create holographic images in people’s minds and permit them to communicate telepathically. They create images with the result that they appear as paranormal encounters, or almost ghostly. You have learned in a fast and intensive way about the rules of the games they play, the laws relating to all of these interactions at that level of communication. So it was an initiation. You have been told that you have been trained to be of service to the Great White Brotherhood, and that you now are officially a messenger to the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Solar System. You are now part of it in physicality. Many lightworkers have gone through portals of ascension and have returned with a seed of healing in their soul, that will blossom and transfigure them in the physical world.
I think you can release this text, although it contains some personal details as they may cast light on some of the lightworkers own experiences, for the time being, until they can receive the teachings of their own inner Self, and develop the ability to receive Celestial communications.
So I shall say, In Light and Love, and Namma-stay everyone! Awn-dray

Thank you André, for this information,

Ascended Twin Flame André, Ascension Update, Elections

Invocation for the Solar Ring and Tube of Light

by Christine Preston

Invocation for the Solar Ring, and Tube of Light.
by Archangel Michael,

Beloved Heavenly Father and Mother of the world, in the name of our very own beloved I AM Presence and Ascended Jesus Christ consciousness, in the name I AM THAT I AM, Sanat Kumara, and by the authority of our own Holy Christ Self, and the mighty Presence of God within us, we call forth the SOLAR RING from the flame within our heart, to come into action as that electronic circle of Light that contains the twin polarities of Mother-Father God in the Great Central sun. The Divine Complements of the Elohim and of the Archangels, the TWIN PILLARS of our Sun, that of the Ascended Masters and the God and Goddess Meru, as well as the Pillar of our own TWIN FLAME.

By the flame within our heart, we now draw the SOLAR RING around our forcefield, for the sealing of our identity, our soul, our heart and mind.

We now call forth this SOLAR RING in the invincible word of the Logos I AM THAT I AM, Sanat Kumara to be drawn around our loved ones, our families, all lightworkers, lightbearers, and people we are connected with. We call for the action of the SOLAR RING, for the protection and transformation of communities and all nations in the world, according to thy Divine Will.

In the name I AM THAT I AM clothed upon in the garment of Christ consciousness, by the flame within our heart, we now draw the SOLAR RING around our forcefield, for the sealing of our identity, our soul, our heart and mind within the TUBE OF LIGHT called forth and established upon the platform of this SOLAR RING.

We call forth this TUBE OF LIGHT from our Mighty I AM PRESENCE:
Personal Call, for the Tube of Light:

Archangel Michael: O my constant loving Mother-Father within my I AM PRESENCE, seal me and my Twin Flame in your great PILLAR OF LIGHT and cause an upsurge within this TUBE OF LIGHT, and my being, of the VIOLET FIRE OF FREEDOM’s transmuting flame, to spread the blessings from God’s own heart, and change all conditions upon Earth, into the Peace of Archangel Michael and the Ascended Jesus Christ.

The Invocation for Intervention and dispensation
<voice required=”name = Microsoft Zira Desktop”><volume level=”100″>
O Light of the Ancient of Days, Sanat Kumara, send to us the luminous presence of thy beloved Archangel Michael. Legions of the Central Sun, Light of far-off worlds, Elohim, send to us the armies of the LORD, the company of saints, the defender in battle, Archangel Michael, Lord of Light who keeps the vigile of our very life. Beloved Archangel Jophiel, Beloved Archangel Chamuel, Beloved Archangel Gabriel, Beloved Archangel Raphael, Beloved Archangel Uriel, Beloved Archangel Zadkiel, Beloved Archangel Uzziel, also come with Archangel Michael. O Hosts of Heaven from every System and Galaxy, and Star, from the Realms of Spirit, descend to planet Earth for the deliverance of the nations, from the Armageddon that is taking place in the psyche of the people, as well as on the political stage of the world.

Beloved Mother-Father God in the Great Central Sun, bless now Archangel Michael with dispensations and Hosts of Light from the higher octaves to assist him in his service upon Earth. Entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, Cosmic Councils of the Sun and Heavenly Mother-Father God in the Great Central Sun, we call forth thy intercession on behalf of Archangel Michael, that he might fulfil his inner vow to defend mankind – the vow that he made in his anticipating a decline from the golden age of Lemuria.

We call unto the Nine Powers of the Spirit and the angelic choirs, as well as the mighty Seraphim and Cherubim who keep the Way of the Tree of Life. Beloved Mother Mary, Archeia Faith and all Ascended Lady Masters, intercede for us this day, before the throne of God, for and on behalf of those who suffer because of the atrocities of wars and unequal distribution of wealth. Let the renewal, the elevation, the resurrection of the economies, the regeneration and healing come forth now! Mother Mary, Presence of the Mother Universal, intercede for us, come to our assistance, by the authority of the Cosmic Cross of White Fire, of Jesus Christ and Saint Germain, rescue your own, and raise on high the Universal manchild to live in the hearts of all! The hour of the Woman clothed with the Sun is come! We ask that the consecration of Russia to your Immaculate Heart be extended to all nations of the world. especially those that are re-creating the Atlantean downfall.

Archangel Michael, defend us in Armageddon. Defend the Woman clothed with the Sun, this symbolic woman in the solar garment of Ascension that represents mankind, and defend her manchild, the Christ consciousness that mankind is giving birth to in the labour of the Great Awakening. Defender of the Faith, that is the spiritual perception of Reality, or Truth, perceived through the 3rd Eye Chaulkrah, cut the nations free with your Sword of Blue Flame! Cut the nations free from spiritual blindness! Cut the nations free from the rhetorics and old paradigms that are not of the heart. With your legions of Light of the First Ray, cut the nations free from Spiritual blindness so they may be endowed with the ability to receive a spiritual perception of Reality!

Cut the mainstream media free, O Archangel Michael with your Sword of Blue Flame! Endow Investigative Journalism with new strength! Cut the economies free! Cut the governments free! Cut the education systems free! Cut the systems of belief free! Cut the Churches free, and clear the Way for the quickening of hearts, the Great Awakening, and the acceleration of Disclosure that is already taking place, to bring about change, Peace in the world, as well as a new era of civilization according to the Master El Morya’s and Saint Germain’s plans!

We ask for this because we have competed a Galactic cycle in physicality and the dawn of a new age is upon us. We therefore also ask to be granted a balancing of the karma accumulated during this past cycle, with the Violet Flame of forgiveness. We call to the legions of Jesus Christ and of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, all saints in Heaven, to help us manifest the vision that we have for a higher-dimensional world.

Legions of the First Ray of Divine Will, serving under the banner of Lord Mat-traya and the World Moter, the Mighty Blue forces of SIRIUS, and Great Teams of our Galactic brothers and sisters, we call for dispensations, for DISCLOSURE to take place in the world concerning all knowledge that has been suppressed.

Archangel Michael we invoke the mighty stroke of your Sword of Blue Flame as its effect is Joy and Peace. Our hearts now sing and we are in gratitude for your great Love. The Light will prevail and Victory will sweep across the face of the earth. Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM!

Invocation for the Solar Ring and Tube of Light

I Am, El Morya: Announcement, Celebrations, Part 1 & 2,

April 17, 2016, by Christine Preston,

Part One, Announcement for mankind,
Earth at 51%,

March 29, 2016


April 17, 2016: A video with a message from Sanat Kumara to Lady Master Venus on the theme of Christ Consciousness, published on 11 Jan 2016, has just come to my attention, because it tells us that the transmutation of the overall planetary karma is now over 50%, but this was in January of this year. It is validation for myself as I have received a message from my I Am Presence about this and was a bit bewildered with this announcement that I have entitled Earth at 51%, March 29. I also received a dictation from Archangel Michael on that same date, and this one has been published on video as Archangel Michael: Disclosure – God’s Way, March 29, 2016.

I have received a message on March 29. It is from my I Am Presence and is an Announcement for mankind. I had been meditating and sent a call mentally and received the following message, and it came in a fast way and with authority. My I Am Presence waited so I could grab a pen and take his dictation word for word, which was as follows:

I am: I am your I Am Presence. This morning the world has reached an elimination of karma to 50% of the totality that has to be balanced, and there was but 1% left to consume for the Collective to be able to ascend.

Speaking to the listeners, I am declaring now that this last 1% has just been balanced by an invocation done by this messenger, for the election of the new presidency in the USA to manifest according to Divine Will. So it will be the one who will work in service to manifest the Will of God, will be elected. There will be peace on Earth. I would like to say that in a coming era the Earth will be returned to the state that She was in during Lemuria. There will be a separation of the dark forces taking place in a very near future as promised. The dark forces that are plotting as I speak, to cause destructions will be removed from the seat of their power on the astral and physical worlds.

The study on Serapis Bey that has been posted on Facebook contains details relating to Ascension as it used to be performed in antiquity and up to recently. It is to do with Resurrection from the human self. It is what Jesus Christ, the real one, accomplished after a long period of initiation in Egypt. It was not after death on a cross, and Joseph of Arimathea who was his Uncle took him to the British Isles when he was a child. Jesus was instructed by the Druids there and at Glastonbury. He was elevated to a high rank of Druidism himself. There was a connection between the Druids and the Schools of Egypt that had inherited the sciences of Hermes or Thoth. Those schools were also connected with the Zoroastrianism of the nations in the East and Middle-East. All of the followers of this Wisdom were subjected to persecution as the forces of darkness began ruling the world, effectively, through the growing influence of religion that was exoteric and the fanaticism of its doctrine of sacrifice. It was the creed of the Romans which continued influencing the world and its politics, despite the claim of secularization. Factions have been set against each other in a myriad of conflicts. The light workers are tired and now comes one who has the strength to put order in this chaos. It will be like a ripple in the waters. He has the power and the drive to accomplish the great feats that will bring peace and solve all problems. The wrong will be exposed and a long process of disclosure will awaken the nation upon the initiative of the president who will be elected. This is my prediction.

The significance of this message is that the world as a whole, or collective, has attained an elimination of karma measured at 51%. This includes the presence of the dark forces, so a large amount of souls are providing enough light in the balance to create this balancing of karma at 51%. It is the figure that permits a soul to ascend by Law. Mankind is permitted to ascend as the population of a planet, or as a Collective. However, there are elements in this population that may not pass. We shall keep you informed of any changes relating to this situation as the events unfold this year.

Part Two: Celebrations,
André and Master El Morya,

March 30, 2016,

On March 30, I posted on Facebook: A baby boy has been born in my family, today March 30, and I think it was in December 12 messages from Archangel Michael and El Morya, entitled ‘Ascension, Recreation of Civilization’, that there was an announcement about that from the Master El Morya. And it is a boy!

Before the phone rang and I was told that the mother was resting and that the baby was a boy, after I woke up in the morning of March 30 I had a very strange experience. The minute I reached for my I Am Presence for the practice of the Tube of Light, I heard the voice of my I Am Presence who had given me the message the day before, and I found myself in an environment of celebration, as if a party had been prepared. At that stage I was not aware that the baby had been born but had received messages that were personal. One was about the completion of an initiation, or training, that had lasted since 2013, earlier than I thought because my ability with telepathic communication only appeared in 2014, but I was having vivid dreams. The second was about being accepted officially to work within the ranks of the Great White Brotherhood. It had been said two or three times before, that I was accepted as a messenger, so I already knew that part of it but the announcement about being part of the Order seems to be more than that. Then I was also told the amount of karma transmutation I had achieved which was cause for celebration. They had also given me more details insisting that my twin flame André will appear in a body created by will. All of this is quite strange. I am going by my notes and not memory as I write down everything and I often find out I have forgotten what was said when I browse my notes. So I had an incredible and very strange experience early in the morning which is in my notes, because my ascended twin flame also gave me a dictation about it in the afternoon. While I was having this experience of being at a party and in celebration, the phone rang, and I learned about the birth of my grand-son Alex or Alexander.

I posted this comment on Facebook on March 30: This morning when I woke up and started my exercise with the Tube of Light, reaching for my I Am Presence, straight away I heard ‘Him’ speak to me and it was as if a party, or celebration, had been prepared. Many things were explained. I didn’t know about the baby yet and they didn’t tell me. The celebration was about something else. We went in ‘rooms’ and in each one I was told something which explained something significant about what has been happening during the last 3 years, or something about an attainment.

I could hear the music that I particularly like which is on a video about the awakening of the Angels in the background ,in the room where I was in the presence of a group of beings, as well as of my I Am Presence who spoke to me with authority and in a warm way, and my ascended twin flame. I could not really see the I Am, but perceived his presence, and also that of André, a bit further, like 2 meters away from me at first and we were facing each other. He was standing at the front of an audience of beings, and I was focusing on what was being said. I also was in that very special and pleasant feeling which is typical when one is risen higher upon the ladder of consciousness or in a higher vibration. I think it was bilocation and later André dictated:


All this is true and so were the experiences in 2014. You have presented a view to the world that there is an Armageddon of the psyche taking place, which is true, for the world, but you were in a circle of highly protected souls undergoing initiation. Today we have celebrated, you were taken to a party and your I Am Presence spoke, congratulating you for having completed the initiation and eliminated karma, which you were told last evening, and the baby was also born some time before we celebrated. We celebrated this morning and there was music, that of the video on human angels which starts with a reference to the Grail. You saw me, I was in front of you for a while and then by your side when we went to another room. We renewed our vows of marriage. This is why we went into a second room before the phone rang. I have told you many times we are married though not in physicality. You were told what will happen to you physically. It will take some time to manifest. You will still go through portals of Ascension. You are still to be taken to Light chambers later.


Then we were interrupted as the phone rang. On March 30, I noted: About the birth which occurred at 5 am, I recorded on Facebook the following: I have got news this morning. A baby boy has been born in my family as was prophesied. I have had a message from the Master El Morya this morning. I felt he wanted to be born in March, but the previous time I had a message from him, he said the birth would take place 3 weeks later. I had calculated it could happen this coming Friday but it did today (Wednesday).
Aries is the sign of Abraham, who was an incarnation of the Master El Morya. So much is happening at the moment.  I thought I should share this.  After I learned that the baby had been born I received a message from his Higher Self, the Master El Morya:

El Morya’s:

March 30 is when I was born again into the world, as I have remained in an etheric body for a long time at Shamballah, which is the place from which I represent the Earth in the Galactic Federation of Light, in an etheric body. I had various incarnations, one of which as the Abraham of Genesis, one of the wise men who travelled to see Jesus in a manger, Melchior, and Thomas Beckhett, and others. The Star which the wise men followed by the way was actually a spaceship, but we had astrological calculations for the birth of the one who was going to achieve Ascension in his life. He was initiated in Egypt in the East, and also by Druids in Britain, which was called Albion. The three wise men were the Master Djwhal Khul, Kuthumi, and myself. And now, Christine, you will do the same using satellite technology to travel with your daughter by car to that home of your son in the middle of nowhere, as you say, in the country where there is nothing except sheep and horses. It will be quite a sanctuary by comparison to the hussle of busy towns. I was the one who founded the Summit Lighthouse through Mark and Elisabeth C. Prophet. Your family has a DNA that goes back to the daughter that the Master Jesus had with Mary Magdelene. Mother Mary has told you that you were her grand child so this is not new to you. Not only does your family descend from that daughter called Melissa, but you were her. This was an episode of life that took place in the South of France and you have felt an attraction to Carnac in Brittany because you actually studied the ancient stones or megatliths there, even in that life. Souls always reincarnate within the family DNA as they have formed karmic ties with its members and they are reunited. André, your twin flame, and yourself, were incarnated again in that Belgian root of this family and you have cousins in France. And now the connection is being made with a family in Britain from which the mother of the newborn child descends. It is an ancient family descending from the ancestors who moved to Glastonbury, who were given land there, who had connections with the Druids and Mary’s ancient family. For she was of British origin. Later, Joseph of Arimathea, Jesus’s Uncle, had a descendance which is known as the early kings of Britain, about whom the authors Geoffrey of Monmouth attempted to record a history. As I said I was King Arthur who attempted to rebuild civilization after the world was liberated from the Atlantean despotism. Your son, who now is my father is the reincarnation of L.A. Waddell. His interest in horses is due to the years he spent traveling in the East with the army. He didn’t want any more of the academic world as he was badly treated by it. I am El Morya, the Spirit of the one who has just been born and has not been named yet.


I also received a communication from Mother Mary, on April 10, as I had been looking at some scenes in the movie ‘The King of Kings’. She confirmed that Jesus, or Ieshouah, was blond with curly hair and blue eyes. It has been assumed that he was Jewish and therefore he is often represented with dark hair, but this is also built upon the erroneous notion that the children who were the descendants of the Israelites were semitic. They descended from Noah and were of the 5th root race, or Aryan, the meaning of which is ‘Indo-European’. In Hinduism and Brahmanism the counterpart of Noah is Manu. The archeologists of the 19th century discovered evidence that the first dynasty of the Sumerians and their language were not Semitic. This was in the 1850s and led to heated debates up to the 1920s, and the evidence is in the museums of the world as it is obvious from some statues and sculptures that these people had blue eyes. Lapis lazuli stones were used in their eyes to represent this fact. The early Greeks were blond and this has been forgotten. Jesus was blond because his mother, Mary, was from a genealogical branch of family that originated from the British Isles. Britain was called Albion. This is why there are legends and historical records in relation to Avalon and Jesus in Britain.

André also dictated on March 31:


We have celebrated the completion of the initiation. You were taken to a party and your I Am Presence spoke to you and congratulated you for having completed the course and in the process, balanced some karma. You were told this as well as the fact that the balance of karma, as far as mankind is concerned, now amounts to 51%. That means that the lightworkers have achieved a very high individual transmutation of karma, and are holding a balance for the weight of negative karma incurred by the darkest forces that form part of mankind. Some time before we were informing you of this fact, another event had taken place. It was the birth of your grand-son on March 30. This as we have said before, also represents the appearance in the material world of a great light, the incarnation of the Master El Morya of the Darjeeling Council of Shamballah, who has founded the Summit Lighthouse and the HeartsCentre in Montana, which are beacons of light, teaching mankind as their Messengers have acted as emissaries for the instruction of the Masters of the Great White Brotherhood and Archangels, as well as other Cosmic sources. The Master El Morya was the real King Arthur, who lived at an earlier period of history than is estimated by the academic world, by those who are certain he was more than a legendary character. The party was to celebrate your confirmed admission in the Great White Brotherhood as a messenger, and it was said that you made your own contribution in this repayment of karma, that is now at 51% for mankind as a whole. It was by the completion of these 3 years of initiation. We celebrated and you heard music.


So this is my report of what you might call my Celestial Communications with the announcement, regarding the karmic transmutation achieved by mankind, but it doesn’t change the personal requirements for any individuals in the process of Ascension. With regard to the baby’s name the parents decided it would be ‘Alexander’. I have been told that there is a significance in the name chosen. ‘Ander’ in the name relates to ‘André’ and ‘Al’ to Albion, the name for Britain about 2,000 years ago. But this is unknown to the parents.
I have shared these messages and communications although some are of a personal nature because they contain details that may help the lightworkers to understand the nature of that other world to which we are being lifted up to. What happens in respect of the telepathic communications should also be of interest because they are related to an ability which is developing for every one. Soon you will all have your personal telephone line to your I Am Presence, the Archangels or Ascended Masters, or the Galactic beings, if you don’t already have it. We sometimes have experiences and don’t understand what they are about, so perhaps this may hold a key to elucidate a mystery. Namaste! Christine

I Am, El Morya: Announcement, Celebrations, Part 1 & 2,


CHRISTINE: In the process of my attunement with my Mighty I AM Presence, this morning, I have once again felt the electronic radiance of his Light, as well as that of the Archangels, and Ascended Masters I reached to. I have invoked their Rays, their Light, their flames, as well as their intervention for the protection of the members of my family, of the Lightworkers, and I have asked for an unfolding of events for the victory of the Light in the Ascension process. André, my ascended twin flame, spoke to me last and said to expect a dictation from Lord Sanat Kumara who came to Earth 18 million years ago to take his position as the Logos of the Earth, and to direct the evolution of souls. André is now saying he is going to relay, or channel, the message from Sanat Kumara, as it is the chosen method of communication for today:

ANDRE: Greetings, dear listeners. This is André relaying information from Lord Sanat Kumara. Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days, is the great Being and Saviour who master-minded a Divine Plan, hundreds of thousands of years ago, to save the Earth when the situation didn’t look good at all. He asked for volunteers to incarnate in order to hold a balance of Light against the dark ones, or fallen ones, including those of Maldek in that more recent period of history, from his point of view, which was to do with the decline of the golden age of Lemuria, when these souls started waking up to their powers and misused them. They rose up in power, and after making their way up upon the ladder of their society, were the ones who built up the Atlantean civilization, and introduced a technology which was then used to realize their designs of conquest. They also entered into deals with extraterrestrials. These souls of Maldek established a global rule around the world except in Europe, around that area called Ionia, and the Ancient Athenians who opposed them finally obtained victory. Plato refers to these Ancient Athenians in his work Timaeus. These conflicts to gain freedom from the tyranny imposed by the Atlanteans took place about 12,000 years ago. Christine will provide some known historical details on Ionia and the Ancient Athenians at the end of this dictation.

To come back to Sanat Kumara and his call for volunteers, as I have digressed a bit, the volunteers who were enrolled originally were one thousand I AM Presences, Mighty Elohim, who created twelve Higher Selves each, who in turn sent into physicality twelve extensins of themselves, in total 144,000 (a hundred and forty four thousand) soul extensions, or spiritual beings, who were necessary for the Plan to succeed, to change the mind-set and the systems of the world, and these were supplemented by the incarnation upon Earth of millions of other beings, Star seeds of various Galactical origins. This Plan was ingenuously calculated to propulse all souls upon an accelerated path of Ascension by making use of the Waves of Photonic Light, that it was known would sweep across the Galaxy at this time, and have an effect upon the psyche of the inhabitants of this world, as well as those of the other planets of our Solar System, while the latter would be traversing the Photon Belt. This acceleration would be more than a local incident. It was also to occur in other parts of the Galaxy that were to come into contact with this photonic light.

Sanat Kumara has held the office of planetary Logos for the Earth up to recently. His position has been taken over by Lord Gautama Buddha as some upgradings are taking place at the moment in the Spiritual Hierarchy. Sanat Kumara has taken position in the Star of our system, the Sun behind the physical sun of our solar system. He has not left, or is not leaving, as someone has claimed. The Ascension is his project. Does it make sense that he would be leaving before it is completed, or before the Light has achieved full victory? The beings who are involved with the Ascension project, these one hundred and forty four thousand who were mentioned in the book of Revelation as saints who were not defiled, have a soul family connection, and are related to the one thousand I AM Presences, or Monads. They have a family DNA connection. A great portion of the DNA that scientists call junk, is quantum. It is a blueprint or image which becomes reflected in physicality. The small percentage of DNA that science detects as relating to physicality, and not junk, is an instruction.

These one hundred and forty four thousand extensions are not necessarily in incarnation on Earth as they could have ascended or could be in embodiment upon other worlds. Some of these souls’ higher selves are Archangels and in some cases, having ascended, these soul extensions are the known ascended masters. The soul extensions have a direct link to the I AM Presences who created their own Higher Selves. It was in this way that they lowered themselves in physicality in the lower dimension.

Incarnation in the physical world did not always take place in the same conditions as it does today and since the recreation of civilization on Earth following the Atlantean disasters and cataclysms. During the Lemurian golden age, incarnation did not result with the same separation between the consciousness of the body, or what you might call the vehicles of the soul, and its celestial counterpart, the Soul, Higher Self, or Lightbody. The vehicles of the lower soul, the persona, are etheric, mental, emotional and physical. When mankind was allowed to reincarnate through a DNA bottle-neck after the Atlantean drama, as well as the tampering of its physical DNA, 13,000 year ago, some limitations were introduced, and although they were part of an agenda of the dark forces governing mankind, such as the Archons, the Spiritual Hierarchy decided to allow them in order to avoid a repetition of the misuse of power that had precipitated the downfall of Atlantis, such as the premature use or misuse of psychic powers. You have heard from Mother Mary why Archangel Michael fashioned his sword of blue flame and why Mystery Schools were created during the age of Atlantis. It has been explained that the souls of Maldek which were allowed to reincarnate in the late Lemurian period, did so in bodies which were upgraded, to permit them to progress. Saint Germain has also contributed some explanations about those events in connection with the souls of Maldek in his message entitled ‘Cast on Earth’. Members of the Lemurians, who were referred to as the Sons of God, entered into inter-marriages with the daughters of man who were Atlantean. Unfortunately, the progeny of these marriages, the souls of Maldek, who were regarded as the lost sheep, misused the powers they genetically inherited and recreated the negativity of their former civilization. You know that the Master Jesus has been represented as a Shepherd who came to show the way to the lost sheep.

There is much more that can be said about this matter, so we could return to this subject later in another dictation. For the time being Sanat Kumara wishes you to understand that you are family and you have the interconnectedness at the higher level of your being, and this is the reason that it would be ludicrous to state that he is going away, to imply a separation. He is not going away as Ascension is his Project, and you can be assured that the distance between the Sun and the Earth is of little importance where his activities, as well as the range of his influence, are concerned. Dear one, why should he be leaving, as in going to another Universe, after so many millennia of hard work, just as all of heaven is rejoicing because the dominoes are beginning to fall in relation to disclosure and a great escalation of events is about to unfold? It is a time when mass ascension is occurring. It is a time of spiritual harvesting which is also related to Sanat Kumara’s own cosmic evolution. In the Ascension the soul extension is re-united to spirit, it merges with the I AM Presence, or Monad, and Sanat Kumara is the supervisor of the ascension ceremonies.

You are being blessed by the power of his I AM name, and you remain enfolded in his protection and infinite Wisdom. André

CHRISTINE: For some information, Ionia is a name for the region of the Anatolia’s Aegean shore in present-day Turkey that was colonized by the Greeks in 1000 BC. Plato used some information he found in an unfinished work by Solon, who obtained it from some Egyptian Priests at Saïs (Sa-es), and he wrote his works in about 360 BC. Plato wrote that about 9,000 years before his time, Atlantis had risen up out of the Atlantic and threatened the entire European continent as they had designs of conquest. He stated that the Priests of Saïs had said to Solon:

‘In this Island of Atlantis, a great and wonderful power exerted rule over the entire island and several others, and had dominion over very large parts of the continent of Europe. This vast power, having gathered together in strength and arms, O Solon, endeavoured to attack and enslave our region of Egypt and Europe, and yours, as well as all those who live within the columns of Hercules. Then at that time, the power of our city, Athens, shone forth beyond all glory. Athens fought bravely against the Atlantian tyrants and eventually subdued them. On the night after the Athenian victory, however, the earth shook, and an enormous tidal wave swept over the island of Atlantis, submerging it and both armies.’

Solon was astonished and delighted to learn of Athens’ glorious past. Solon’s region was Ancient Athens but not the classical Athens, it might be called Proto-Ancient Greece. It was the Ancient Athenians, the ancestors of the Greeks, who rid the world of the Atlantean threat.



by Christine Preston and her Ascended Twin Flame André


CHRISTINE: THIS IS A MESSAGE ABOUT THE LAW OF THE ONE. It’s in the form of a Call, prayer, or visualization TO MANIFEST DISCLOSURE ACCORDING TO DIVINE WILL, AND IT’S TO DO WITH SAINT GERMAIN AND THE VIOLET FLAME. IT’S a VISUALIZATION THAT YOU CAN USE AS A TOOL, AND IT’S a TEACHING THAT was given in previous decades and that THE MASTERS WANT TO BRING BACK to the Lightworker’s REMEMBRANCE.  MY ASCENDED TWIN FLAME André HAS RE-USED a few STATEMENTS MADE BY SAINT GERMAIN IN 1983 but corrected them for our needs today. THE MAGIC OF THE VIOLET FLAME CAN BRING SOLUTIONS FOR personal as well as global problems. BY THE LAW OF THE ONE you can invoke the Violet Flame and PRECIPITATE THE GREAT EVENT OF DISCLOSURE THAT is inevitable in the process of Ascension, and from which should manifest THE NEW ERA OF TRANSITION that leads TO THE CREATION OF NEW GAIA, as well as to an existence free of hardship, disease, and death, for the inhabitants.


ASCENDED TWIN FLAME ANDRE: This is a Call and Visualization that I have composed on the basis of a dictation by Saint Germain through the Messenger E. C. Prophet, in 1983. It was entitled ‘I AM THE ONE, BY SAINT GERMAIN’. I have adapted it to present day needs, in particular the matter of disclosure to take place according to Divine Will and not in a partial way, nor over a longer period of time which is what the forces that have suppressed truths have conspired to do. Pray so this is not permitted. Here it is:


I AM THE ONE! I am opening my heart and reaching to the Master Saint Germain. O Saint Germain, do come again. Hierarch of the Aquarian Age, Come and take dominion. Nothing that I can do on my own can bring heaven on Earth, and the hordes of darkness are causing chaos down below, attacking the Light in the sons and daughters of God. What can I do? I know I have the key. God is in me, in the Law of the One.


Therefore, I call by the authority of Saint Germain, I AM THAT I AM in the center of this temple of my body, and I declare in the fullness of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood that those, who practice the black magic arts against the children of the Light, are bound by the hosts of the Lord, and those who have dodged karma do now receive the full return, multiplied by the energy of the Cosmic Christ, of the nefarious deeds which they have practiced since the very incarnation of the Word.


Through that ME God will change the world, will turn things around, and will bring the New Day. I can hold the balance. I AM with the World Mother and I AM in the flame. I fulfill the Word of God. The Word will act through me. The Christ will work through me. Full Disclosure will manifest and come in God’s Way. This will be according to the Divine Will that the Archangels and the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, the Spiritual Hierarchy of this Solar System, are bringing to our hearts and minds. That blueprint, that image, is being reflected, is taking shape first descending from the etheric realms, through the mental realms and the emotional one, manifesting in the material world.


I take my Vow in the alchemy of my souls’ union to the living Spirit. I AM the invincible bride of Christ in my soul because I have called for the Solar Ring. I am standing as a child of God in the earth clothed upon with the Sun of Righteousness. I come with healing in my wings. I have descended from the heart of God from the heart of my own Mighty I AM Presence. I am a soul extension of the Higher Self who is taking hold in me. I stand in my own Christ Self, and by the flame within my heart, I do now draw the Solar Ring around my forcefield as the foundation of my life, and around the members of my family and friends, as well as all lightworkers, Star seeds, and all beings in incarnation who have a connection with the Divine Father-Mother of All. I do now call for my invincible Tube of Light to be established upon the platform of my Solar Ring for the sealing of my identity, my heart and my mind, within this Mighty Tube of Light by the power of the Solar Ring.


The I AM in me is using the power of Seraphim for the protection of the Nations and the earth body. And I have established my Tube of Light for the sealing of the Collective that has to be lifted in its vibration upon a higher level of consciousness and density. This Tube of Light, that NOW seals all of us, is a great Pillar of Light from the loving I AM PRESENCE, the light of God above us, whose radiance forms a circle of fire before each of us to light the way. The Mighty I AM Presence keeps this Tube of Light intact through every passing moment, as a shimmering shower of beautiful Light through whichnothing of the human effluvia can ever pass, or through whichnothing directed from the lower astral or physical planes – using technology, whether holographic or psychotronic, whether known or unknown – in order to affect the wellbeing or the spirituality of the Lightworkers, can ever pass.


Into the electro-magnetic circle of divinely charged energy of this Pillar of Light is directed a swift upsurge of the Violet Fire of Freedom’s forgiving transmuting flame. This Violet Flame is expanding right now, as Saint Germain is projecting it all around each one of us, and within the Tube of Light. The Violet Flame of Saint Germain is changing all of our human energies, as well as all negative conditions, within each forcefield, into the positive polarity of our Great God Self. The magic of this Flame purifies our world with Light, so all – whom we shall come into contact with – will experience the blessed effects of the fragrance of the Violet Fire of God’s own heartand this power will consume all discord, cause, effect, and even wipe from the record and memory of Life, in a flash, all that was never intended to be.


The Violet Flame of Saint Germain is magical and has the power to forever transform all conditions in our material world, as well as manifest the Peace of the Ascended Jesus Christ that Archangel Michael, all Elohim and other Archangels, are assisting us to bring into manifestation. The Light of the Violet Fire of Freedom’s Love, theGreat Cosmic Light and the Light of Cosmic Victory, are pouring in from cosmic sources, like the power of ten million Niagara Falls, and are descending to permeate the atmosphere of earth, its lands and oceans, and are even penetrating its core. This power is being intensified more and more and negativities are being removed at the Lord’s command. ILLUSION and corruption is being replaced by the Great Cosmic Light that brings Saint Germain’s great Golden Age into manifestation. This Great Cosmic Fire comes with Cosmic Victory, the Light of Cosmic ILLUMINATION and Enlightenment of Archangel Uriel, that can turn a world around in a flash, and forever change it for the fulfilment of Archangel Michael’s Ancient Prophecy that will forever lift creation out of the grip of Darkness.


I was saying: What can I do? I know I have the key. God is in me, inthe Law of the One. I have NOW called for the full power and manifestation of this fiat of Light and as the call compels the answer, a sacred release of assistance from God’s own heart in the Great Central Sun is being accelerated without limit until all of mankind is ascended and free in the Light that never, never, never fails!


I embody the Spirit of Freedom that will liberate the world from all opposition and conspiracies because I AM in the One and the One is in me, and through that ‘I’ in me, God can change the world and bring solution, enlightenment, and cause the manifestation of a DISCLOSURE concerning the truths that have been suppressed, concerning the secret space program and the technologies that are known but that the Elite has deprived mankind of. But let this be according to God’s Holy Will.


A world can be turned around and be illumined. The Flame of Forgiveness can bring the New Day without negative reactions on the part of those who have been deprived. A golden Age will come and a New Gaia will be built. Is it not time for Full Disclosure to appear and in the hearts and the psyche of the collective of mankind? I NOW call for the fears inspired from the lies and disinformation of the Dark to be no more.


Archangel Michael is wielding his Sword of Blue Flame and is now cutting all souls free and disentangling them from the shackles of their own creations. He is blazing God-power and protection into all of us, to purify our vision, our perception of Reality for the Awakening. His transcendent Blue Lightning power is now flashing through all souls to make them more radiant and whole. With his great Faith he is imbuing all souls. His legions of Blue are descending and coming to seal mankind, to keep it faithful and true. Now by the power of the I AM, we are fully charged and blessed. By his blue flame we are armor-dressed. Therefore, there is no more fear from the conditioning of science-fiction movies that suggest an alien invasion, or a threat to mankind. We have already lived with those forces of darkness that opposed the Light for thousands of year. They have been in our midst for centuries and millennia but this fact was hidden from mankind.



Through the ‘Law of the One in me’ the I AM is God in me. I am in the garment of Ascension to ascend. I am in the golden garment of Ascension that the angels have weaved for me, or my soul, because I have  lifted my thoughts to heaven and aspired to that contact with that force above me, the one that is the Consciousness Divine in me. I have wished for the Truth that makes us free. That One is now descending in the Violet Flame and is coming for ever to reign. As the Violet Flame keeps blazing through, all of Earth will be ascending. Saint Germain has said that Heaven can manifest the solution to every problem that we have, whether this problem requires an individual or global solution. We are opening our hearts to receive them now.


These solutions in the heart of Sanat Kumara are descending. Christ Consciousness is descending and is awakening the whole world. The Maha Chohan breathes the breath of Life to revive the fire of the heart for freedom to increase. He is blazing forth his breath into all hearts to turn the world around. You will see how this world will turn to the right action, and therefore, the swings of political manipulations will cease. There will be one Law, and one Will in alignment with the Divine Will.


Saint Germain is tearing the veil of confusion, of chaos, and is NOW revealing the Christ who rules in the heart. Out of the LAW of the ONE, he SEALS us in the heart of the LORD of Righteousness. We are pronounced ONE forevermore in Spirit, in matter, in body, and in soul. It is a meeting of worlds, not only for the victory of a planet, but the VICTORY of galaxies beyond galaxies, and its beginning is in the victory of single individuals as a result of their Armageddon in the psyche. Saint Germain has proclaimed:




CHRISTINE: Thank you André for this teaching in the form of a call and visualization.


ANDRE: It is with pleasure that I have given it and with Archangel Michael I remain with you ALWAYS.