Lazarus 5, Master Hilarion’s intervention, November 21, 2016

by Christine Preston,

Christine: I continue with the story of a battle against death which has been waged by a friend of mine for her father in hospital, which has been told in the videos Lazarus 1 to 4 so far, also published by Matt Muckleroy. My friend’s father collapsed in town in June 2016 because his doctor stopped the medication he had been prescribed for diabetes over a period of 40 years. His heart was good but some of his ribs were broken because someone did CPR on him in the wrong way. As told in the first Lazarus video I received prophecies about the situation. Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael stated that he would live, but my friend had to use a Lawyer in order to prevent the hospital and its health board to remove the breathing machine, as well as, as they say, help him to die, by starving him and giving him morphine. The hospital admitted there was an improvement in his condition and that he was in an early stage of regaining consciousness. My friend texted me the information that I am using for this story.

On September 20, 2016, my friend reported that her father’s readings were good and that his condition was stable. However, later, she texted she had an upsetting meeting with the doctors at the hospital. They had claimed her father was still dying and had a chest and urine infection and that they didn’t want to give him any drugs like antibiotics. They also mentioned they could give him diamorphine to help him pass easier and that she should keep a check on her phone for bad news. Archangel Michael had been adamant from the start that her father didn’t have any brain damage. So I made some calls and a feeling of scepticism came upon me. Then my ascended twin flame André informed me the doctors were trying to manipulate her. Archangel Michael and later, the Master Hilarion, came to me during the night, and on September 21, I texted:

Christine: ‘You won’t believe this! In the middle of the night Archangel Michael told me this and André repeated it to me in the morning: the Master Hilarion, who specialises in healing like Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary, went to your father and has reported to me that there is no urine infection and there wasn’t any in the first place.’

What is meant by this is that an infection anywhere in the body can be detected by a urine test, and the doctors had implied my friend’s father had a chest infection. The angels, as my friend calls them, had used my calls to intervene and said the consultant had lied. This may seem unbelievable but was proven later. My voices also said the patient needed a bit longer in coma to recover. My friend replied:

Friend: I will try and find out about the urinary infection. You are right about the doctors, they have lied to us in the past. Our solicitor says the hospital consultant is still trying to get us to give up.

Christine: Later my friend texted:

Friend: I am with my father now and the Angels are correct! There is no urinary infection. I asked the nurse this afternoon and she said that the tests taken proved there was no urinary infection. His readings are good today. He has opened his eyes quite widely but isn’t always able to focus. I am wondering if it depends how tired he is. Hopefully he will be able to focus better as time goes by. Malicious is an appropriate word for the way the doctor has been acting. It was very kind of the angels and Ascended Masters to visit my father last night. Thank you for your prayers. They are certainly helping with my father’s recovery!

Christine: During the following days my friend experienced a lot of problems. A car hit her van on a bridge and she could have been killed. Her husky dog escaped from her brother’s property, but was found and kept in a shelter for a few days as she could not collect him due to having a flat tyre. But on September 23 she had written that her father was really good and that she and her brother were starting to film him on the following Monday, as her lawyer had requested.
We were texting each other as the lawyer had asked for a list of responses to use at an initial Court hearing. On September 28 my friend received a phone call from the hospital and rushed there as they said her father was not well. However, when she got there she found the only problem was that his heart rate and blood pressure were slightly low. He was quite sleepy but a doctor said sarcastically:

The Doctor: We’ll give him morphine if we think that he’s uncomfortable!

Christine: On September 29 I texted that André informed me that the Master Hilarion had gone to my friend’s father again and that the situation was the same. Nothing that the doctor implied had happened. They had told her to keep an ear for her phone and for bad news, also mentioned the morphine, then gave her a call. She believed them but once at the hospital found that nothing was wrong. She replied her father was stable and that she would thank the Master Hilarion. On September 30, my friend texted her lawyer wanted her to start filming her father’s responses the same evening because the hospital planned to do a tracheotomy on the following Monday and without evidence the lawyer thought the hospital was not obligated to give her father the correct aftercare and could allow him to die. She wanted the operation to be postponed. But later she texted:

Friend: I have been at the hospital for a while but they won’t allow me to film! Without the video evidence we can’t protect my father and the doctors can justify giving him morphine. He’s been responding to me but I need to be able to prove it. The doctors are claiming my father has absolutely no response. That’s why we need it on film. They are telling their lawyers that we are making up the responses. We need to gather unquestionable proof. This is why they have been blocking the filming all along. After the tracheo they would move my father to a ward where he would have a much reduced standard of care. So if he was struggling with breathing, following the tracheotomy, they would be in a position to refuse to accept him back in the intensive care unit. The solicitor wants to guard against this and allow him all the assistance he needs to make a good recovery. The reason they want the tracheotomy to take place quickly is so that we don’t have time to video his responses, so that we have no evidence to prove them wrong if they don’t provide the aftercare he needs in case he struggles to recover. There is no good reason to prevent the filming other than we will then have undeniable evidence to prove the doctors wrong. Our solicitors say that filming is being done in hospitals up and down the country. It’s just this hospital that is causing problems for us. I dreamt last night that while I was visiting my father he sat up and tried to speak. I felt elated! If the doctors would only admit that he is slowly regaining consciousness, all our problems would be over. They just refuse to say their original prognosis was incorrect.

Christine: On October 3, my friend wrote that a meeting had been postponed and that she had a feeling while she was asleep during the night that whatever happens would make no difference to the final outcome as her father would survive. She understood it was a message from the angels telling her to let go of all the worrying, have faith and let them be in control of the situation. She texted she had asked the angels and Archangel Michael for help and woke up feeling fine on October 4. She thought it was amazing and they started filming. The hospital also asked her to leave the room they had provided for her. A date was set up for the tracheotomy on October 8 but it didn’t take place as the lawyer worked on obtaining a permanent protection for her father. My friend also reported that her brother filmed him blinking to command! On October 5 she had texted:

Friend: I am thinking of leaving my father shortly as he must be tired with all that commands I’m throwing at him! It’s been recorded on the video. I’ve got my father blinking, opening his eyes wide and squeezing my hand recorded! If they accept that it’s not a coincidence!

Christine: During the following four days my friend informed me that she was with her father praying the angels for help in getting a response. Then that she was getting some good footage but was running out of ideas. She could have had an excellent evidence of her father moving his head towards her, moving his mouth and squeezing her hand, all to command, on October 9. Unfortunately the nurse hadn’t pressed the record button properly. The nurses didn’t know what to do and could not leave their duty straight away. Between October 9 and 11 she explained:

Friend: The doctors won’t allow us to operate the camera. They say the nurses have to switch it on an off but they keep messing it up! But I’m so thankful to the Angels and Ascended Masters for helping my father. He’s improving in consciousness daily. We are grateful! I feel it’s a very exciting time of change. Not just for my father. We have had trouble all over the weekend with the filming. We think they now know that my father is starting to regain consciousness and are doing everything they can to stop us videoing him. Every time we try to video, the staff say they don’t know how to use the camera and make us wait for hours, by which time my father has become tired and fallen asleep again.

Christine: My friend texted on October 12 that her father seemed to have regained even more consciousness and that her brother had got some good video footage. Her father seemed to be doing well but they were informed that the Health Board were applying to the Courts to have the ventilator removed with no support, expecting that he would die, or with a tracheotomy with minimal aftercare. They had run out of money to have the case defended and didn’t know how it would progress at that stage, but had the feeling the angels were taking over because they were asked to, and that everything would be okay. Then her Lawyer informed her she had everything under control and that the Health Board would have to pay if they made this application. On October 12 my friend texted me the following:

Friend: Yes, I’m now surer than ever! I had that ‘wrapped in a warm blanket feeling’ a few evenings ago. It’s such a lovely feeling, a feeling of protection, love and kindness. That means Archangel Michael is present. Our solicitors just rang me to say that the Health Board have applied to the Court to have my father’s ventilator removed. She said that this is not good practice on their part as the Courts could be avoided if they were prepared to negotiate. It’s strange that I don’t feel in the least worried. I have asked the angels to take control of the situation last week and I feel that they’re doing so! If all goes to plan, Lazarus 5 will be a great revelation of what’s happening inside the Health Services!

Christine: From the text I received on October 13, it seems that the Consultant my friend spoke to on that day was discrediting the video footage. He said he had watched some of it but that if the patient was asked long enough to do something, he could eventually be caught doing it. He was not prepared to negotiate and the plan was still for an initial hearing the following week. However, now the hospital had decided they would not do a tracheotomy. They would take the ventilation away with no support. My friend’s brother was so upset he had to leave the meeting. The next day my friend texted she managed to film her father moving his hand on request twice. During the following three days they did not film very much because the patient seemed tired. They found out he had been given passive exercise involving moving his limbs around to keep them supple. On October 17 my friend dreamed she was having a sighting of a UFO and lots of smaller ones flying around it, and that they landed in the streets and she was meeting a galactic being called Malachi. On October 19, she wrote:

Friend: We’re almost at the end of the battle! I believe that we’ll win because the angels are helping us. Your help has been invaluable to us. I believe that my father will get well. It must be all for a reason.

Christine: On October 20 my friend reported that her father had a good night and appeared to be dreaming when she was with him. His blood pressure was good and the hearing took place the following day in London. They used some of my notes, those without references to angels and healing. On October 21 the hospital claimed that she had tried carrying out medical procedures on her father such as suctioning fluid from his lungs, but they withdraw it later. On October 21 she texted:

Friend: Things have been really hectic today because of the court hearing. We did well. Two of the consultants went with two lawyers and a barrister. The judge asked their barrister why he had all those people with him, which was good for us. We are starting videoing properly by Court Order, on Monday, for 7 days. This is also good for us because my father is improving almost daily. There will be a two day trial in London at the end of November and I will be able to give evidence. It’s looking good for us. We are very grateful to you for the very big part you have had in my father’s recovery.

Christine: On October 22 my friend was convinced her father recognised her. He woke up and stretched his hands towards her. And although he went back to sleep he woke up again when she said ‘good night’. When they started filming on October 24 they did not get much of a reaction again and it was because he was being given passive exercise again. He was too tired to respond. The doctors gave her brother a difficult time, making him wait for hours in the waiting room so he could not film. However by October 24 my friend had some filming saved on a DVD. She said she believed her dad was regaining consciousness and gaining physical strength slowly but surely. She continued filming and mentioned it on October 30. She also experienced a telepathic communication but could not remember what was said afterwards. On November 1, she said her father was doing well apart from a congestion on the chest probably due to the tube of the breathing machine, but that he was responsive. On November 2, I learned that her brother had been visiting his father every day to check how he was doing. He was looking around the room and was alert most of the time. However, the staff seemed to take no notice of it. On November 7 she said she had asked Archangel Michael and Raphael, as well as the master Hilarion for help and later informed me that the congestion on the chest had disappeared. They knew a tracheotomy would probably take place after the Court Hearing due to take place on November 23 and 24. They were planning to stay in London from the 22nd to give evidence. On November 9 my friend texted that she had watched the BBC coverage of the votes count for the American elections and commented that she could not understand why everyone was surprised when Donald Trump started taking the lead. Her cousin also hoped he would win and that enough good would outweigh the bad, she said. On November 13 her father’s heart rate was slightly too high. He may have been panicking as he was waking up. He may have been low on potassium. The problem was sorted out quickly and on November 15 he was better. On November 19, two days ago, I received the following message from my friend:

Friend: Our Lawyer spoke to us this evening and said that all the video footage has been examined by the expert consultant. He stated that not only is my father in a minimal consciousness state, but he’s at the high end of it. She’s offered the Health Board to withdraw their Court application in light of this evidence as she’s 100% certain that we will win! They haven’t replied yet but she said that they must be stunned by this news! I’m so excited and so thankful for your part in all this. I don’t think that we could have done it without your help.

Christine: I replied that this good news lifted up my spirit. Let’s hope my friend and her brother won’t have to go to Court in London to give evidence after this, because of the expenses, and that the hospital will accept to perform a tracheotomy if necessary and give their father the aftercare he needs. We will see what happens. There will be a Lazarus 6 in a few weeks.

May we all be kept safe and secure in Light and Love, Namaste, christine

Lazarus 5, Master Hilarion’s intervention, November 21, 2016

Saint Germain, Portal Now Opened to incredible possibilities, November 12, 2016

by Christine Preston,

Christine: The following telepathic communication from Saint Germain can be divided in the following subjects:

1. The fact that the Victory of the Light with the American Elections has opened a Door, and the lightworkers, as well as the world, are now on the verge of incredible possibilities;

2. Saint Germain reveals ‘intel’ on the secret technology of the dark ones who hold the strings of control. This elucidate some mysteries about Hillary Clinton;

3. The fact that some disclosure is going to take place in respect of the third dimensional secret presence of human beings in the solar system, and these should not be confused with the beings of higher dimensions who are here to assist us and are the Ascended Masters, the Archangels, and Galactic beings.

Saint Germain: I am Saint Germain and I come today to deliver a message of hope to the Lightworkers and all of mankind, for I believe that we are on the verge of accomplishing a great number of wondrous things in the world, this world which has been so buffeted by the dark forces for so many thousands of years. I would like to say that it has been a privilege to work so closely with you who have provided prayers to turn a world around. That has been accomplished with the Election of Donald Trump against all odds and adversities. Donald Trump has, as you know, been opposing the Establishment and this has been a difficult enterprise. I would like to say many more things about the way in which the Lightworkers have handled the adversity that has been thrown against them, as well, but it would take many pages and much analysis. For the time being I would like to let it be known that we are on the verge of great changes that will represent a solution to personal and national problems, such as in relation to the economy, and prosperity will return at first as a balance in the supply that the inhabitants of this nation need for a better life, and gradually the situation will improve to the point of looking as if there is wealth to make this nation sufficiently great again.

On other aspects, now, the souls or people of this nation are in great shock because they realize that the media, or the sources of the media’s narratives were out of touch with reality. ‘The amount of votes that went to our cause was totally unexpected’ they say. The polls were wrong. They are going to examine everything and do some soul searching, and check all the systems. This is a very good thing. Mainstream was so sure of their victory and have been proven wrong. This has opened a door for totally different approaches in politics and the way the whole country is being ruled. It was a victory of the Light. The manipulations of the dark forces to create conditions that would have fulfilled their own agenda, have been reversed and defeated. It is the Will of the people that is represented in these elections and that is a very important truth because the Almighty, Heaven, or God, are not able to intervene in the affairs of man, or of a planet, by Law, except if they are given authority to do so. They now have chosen a Leader who is free of connections with the dark empire of these overlords who have been pulling the strings of power in politics and have caused the downfall of this Nation, and had desires of causing even more destruction upon the globe to achieve a reduction in its population. These were criminal an psychopathic individuals who are so few in number now that they have created artificial intelligence, or robotoid intelligences, to act in the midst of your world and some function in the media, providing the false narratives which they thought would indoctrinate the crowds. Some of these robots looking like human beings are present in your society, and so human-like, that you have not noticed that there are differences in the way they behave. They sometime malfunction and this is why they had to stage the scenarios of Hillary Clinton being sick and coughing, or fainting. But in fact the human Hillary Clinton was replaced gradually many years ago as she was getting too old for the tasks of being a Secretary of State. She did not di on 9/11 at the commemoration of this disaster in 2016, but many years before. In fact it was in 2014. Various models of the secret technology that the shadow government has put into operation, have been used over the last months. The proof for this has been provided in a video by the use of a photographic technology using a body heat detector. It shows there is no heat coming from her person. Robots of this kind have been used by the dark forces to stage terrorist attacks in Paris, Brussels, and other places, as we, the forces of the Light, have told the dark ones that they are, and won’t be allowed to cause harm to human beings by carrying out terrorist attacks. There were no casualty in that sense. The falsity and deception is something these laggards are extremely excelling into. They lie and deceive. Very soon there will take place more disclosure concerning all of these deceptions as well as all the other aspects of the suppression of truths they have carried out in history. Recently there has been a certain amount of disclosure taking place in relation to the technology they possess and have kept secret to have an advantage over mankind and keep you enslaved in poor conditions. This situation is tied to many conditions but especially to the aspect of prosperity, or lack of it. The people need an income to achieve reasonable living conditions. I am referring to the lower class of the people, especially, including the homeless, but even those who belong to the higher class, or to a higher status, will suffer if the whole country is in a state of deterioration. Providing a solution to make life more comfortable for everyone will therefore be a first target by putting the nation back upon its feet, so to speak. We are going ahead with our Plan to restore Truth, and disclose, as well as to expose, what has been kept secret. And that will include what is referred to as the extra-terrestrial presence. It is not as simple as that because there are humans in the Solar System who are not of extra-terrestrial origin, who have been working for secret Alliances an organizations, and some have been born of parents who had a career working on other planets for those Alliances. They are human and of third dimensional physicality. They are experiencing the same shift to 4th density as you are, and have been lifted up in consciousness, even to the 5th dimensional level in consciousness, as you have been, and have gained a different perception of Reality, as you have, that has caused them to rebel against the Establishment that controlled them as well. There has been a battle of Light versus Dark too in the communities of the Solar System’s other planets, and an Armageddon of the psyche as well, as on Earth, all because of the effects of the Photon Light and the presence of the Solar System in the Photon Belt. These people have found themselves in that position following the exodus of colonisation of the planets on the 3rd dimension because the Nazis acquired a technology which remained a secret. So there are human beings of a terrestrial origin on other planets and there also is a galactic presence in the same space of very advanced beings who are your Star kin, as you were created in the same image as they were. You have a genetic origin in common as explained in the video ‘The Prophecy’. There also are beings of higher dimensions assisting Earth and watching over you. Their presence will have to be taken into account. They are the Ascended Masters, Archangels, and Galactic beings who are descending among you now in both an inner and external way. Our future depends on disclosure of these beings who are the angelic and heavenly Lords mentioned in scripture. I belong to this group that is descending and overshadowing, or over-lighting you, as you are increasingly integrating Christ consciousness. We are providing guidance and the prophecies have been fulfilled for a timeline of spiritual achievements which are still upon the horizon. Having passed that obstacle, which the opposition to the Establishment represented, has now opened the Door to incredible possibilities. The New Age of Aquarius has properly started on November 9, 2016. I am the Hierarch of the Aquarian Age, leading Earth and its evolutions to a development of great magnitude, just as the Master Jesus was the Hierarch of the Piscean Age. His work was greatly obstructed by the forces of darkness but the tide was reversed, especially with Brexit and the American Elections. Peace will now be possible as the movement of liberation is worldwide and more prophecies will be fulfilled. I leave you now with this vision, keeping you in my Violet Flame for I am Saint Germain.

Christine: We are truly thankful for this message, Saint Germain. It clarifies so many questions. Thank you.

Saint Germain, Portal Now Opened to incredible possibilities, November 12, 2016

Ascended Twin Flame André for Archangel Michael, Post-Election Victory Celestial Communication, November 10, 2016

by Christine Preston

Christine: It is quite a wonderful shock to one’s system to see that a prophecy channeled for many months has actually come true, or been fulfilled. This one was a whopping contention to maintain in the face of adversity, though I believed in it and had Archeia Faith at my side with the increasing hold she has in me, as well as my Ascended Twin Flame, and Archangel Michael giving me updates, and reaffirming that it was still standing throughout the months. But this was part of my inner world and I checked in case it represented an incongruity with what was going on in the external world as its media, with few exceptions, drew a different perspective. I realized the cause for this discrepancy was that the political propaganda influenced the narratives. During the early hours of November 9 [I live in Britain] I woke up a few times and at about 5 and also 6 am, Archangel Michael told me that the deal was done as Donald Trump had the votes he needed to be elected President. But at the time, and when I finally checked the reports using my Tablet, the final count was not yet known. It was at 244. I was a bit puzzled but realized later that the Archangels already knew the final count at the moment that everyone had voted. They also had been able to look at the future on the timeline. And furthermore, as will be explained by my Ascended twin flame, in the presence of Archeia Faith, Archangel Michael’s divine complement, these events are the results of a lot of work on the part of the Forces of the Light, as well as plans and dispensations for a great awakening and liberation on a path of Ascension. So André’s message is as follows:

André: Dear ones, dear lightbearers and lightworkers who have the threefold flame connection with your Divine Self, and only the dark ones don’t have it. Donald Trump is now the President Elect and it is important to remember that we have on our side some great masters such as Lord Sanat Kumara, Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha and Saint Germain, as well as a multitude of Angelic Forces and Galactic beings, who are providing assistance to mankind and this beautiful planet called Earth, so it can gain the same status as the stars and worlds in the vast region of space that are now at peace because a great many battles have been fought in the past decades against the vortex of darkness that invaded our galaxy as well as our solar system. So there is but Earth and its inhabitants representing a problem in this galaxy at the moment and it was so just before the presidential elections took place. The world is presently in a state of shock because of the way the opposition has been proliferating deception. It was unrestrained. Not many, except the astute ones, who had noticed the difference in the levels of attendance at rallies, expected the final result but a great majority had faith that victory would be obtained. We will continue monitoring the reactions and inform you of developments in the future as we have for last year.

We have to be grateful to the Forces of the Light as they have been conducting operations of a liberating nature upon mankind and in the Armageddon of the psyche. By this I mean they have been working on mankind at soul level for many thousands of years, but particularly during the last 300 years or so, since Cromwell in Britain, as well as the Puritan and liberation movements which brought the settlers of the new Continent to the point of creating their Constitution in 1776. This was to give power to the people and so that the forces of darkness working through their rulers in embodiment, the monarchy or subsequent overlords, and eventually the Elite’s establishment, would one day be unable to pull the strings of control, and the golden age of Saint Germain could be created. The method of liberation has been fair and square, through laws, and the system of Election, so that the Collective, the people, elected a Leader by freewill. So that this could happen it was necessary for the angelic forces to cut souls free from the shackles of their own creation and instruct them for decades how to call for the Violet Flame and balance karma, and also to call for interventions from the higher realms. All souls were indoctrinated in the past by the systems, from Tradition and Religious education to Political propaganda and now by the use of the media. So for hundreds of years Heaven has been working on the elevation of consciousness in mankind as well as changing timelines by introducing liberating concepts and obtaining the lightworkers’ collaboration during the last decades, especially by using the system of communication that you now call ‘channeling’. Archangel Michael has cut souls free. Karma has been balanced. Souls have ascended as never before after death, in the sense of having been restored to the level of consciousness that we call ‘Ascended’. This is however an age of Ascension in which mankind’s vibratory frequencies are being raised and both the planet and its inhabitants are being lifted up in spirituality, as well as in consciousness, to higher levels upon the ladder of the dimensions, and the objective is an Ascension in physicality. It truly is an ascent you have been experiencing due to the action of the Light that you have been absorbing, and that has been changing you. Where it is most visible is in what we call your Perception of Reality, or how you understand what is going on. You have been enlightened and in short, it is to do with Vision, the 3rd Eye chakra, and Wisdom. It is the opposite of the ignorance that was the result of indoctrination or of all the tools that the dark forces have been using against you. The battle that has been going on for hundreds of years had the objective of freeing mankind from its bondage to the forces of darkness so this planet could be one of Light. Slavery has been a subtle one and those dark ones that your brothers of Christian denomination call Satan, were clever intellectually. In previous videos Mother Mary and Saint Germain have explained why these laggards were so. They had millions more years of experience in the material world. They are devious and manipulators of minds. They only were laggards from the point of view of their spiritual evolution. The true mankind is by comparison more naïve and of good will. Intellectual battles are difficult to them. If you ever thought you had freedom it was an illusion as you were invaded, but the dark forces, the adversary, was very crafty and kept you in ignorance. They would not have taken you over as in the scenario of the movie ‘Independence Day’. No, the Sinister Force did it without your knowledge and made sure that your DNA was tampered with 13,000 years ago so you would not be able to communicate with your higher Selves, nor remember who you really are. These fallen ones reached out from the lower Astral plane to cause corruption and disasters upon the physical plane, and they worked through their agents in embodiment on their agenda of conquest. They kept their technology secret. They made sure mankind remained ignorant. They prevented civilization to progress or your scientific discoveries to be used to make your life easier, and enslaved you through the financial system. The story has been told before and many details provided. Please refer to previous videos on the Playlist. There are more than 90 through this messenger of the Great White Brotherhood.

To return to the point I would like to make, the Victory that the Election of Donald Trump represents is due to his speeches, of course, as well as all his team’s work, but also to the progress achieved in terms of mankind’s perceptions, or vision, or the level of consciousness it has been risen to, because this is what permitted them to recognize they should vote for him. A great many souls have been raised by the effects of two particular waves of incoming energies and photonic light, as the Solar System is crossing a nebulous cloud that we have previously drawn your attention to. It’s been called the Photon Belt and NASA has published photos, as well as illustrations of this phenomenon. When the great beings of Light formed a Plan millions of years ago, and thousands of years ago, the presence of the Solar System in this luminous cloud at our time in galactic history, was viewed as a strategic advantage.
Following the last wave of Ascension we informed you we would be working on those souls that were still in the lower consciousness of the 3rd dimension, and the shift to 4th density was discussed, let’s not forget this is still in progress. The elections have been a catalyst to bring up to the surface of the conscious mind of people a multitude of aspects and issues that feel like bolts from the blue. They now realize that the narratives the media fed them were from sources that were out of touch with reality. It’s a shockwave and you can ask for more bolts of blue lightning and the action of the circles and swords of blue flame from Archangel Michael. We said those souls dwelling in the lower consciousness of the third dimension and duality were due to be caught in the net of higher consciousness towards the end of this year, and something quite remarkable has taken place as the disbelief over the Election of Donald Trump is forcing journalism to re-examine itself. The Cosmic Christ is likened to a great Fisherman casting out his net and the fishes that he is catching from the seas are the souls in all of the nations, these lost sheep of scripture. The souls needing liberation are those people in the grip of indoctrination or influence of the political propaganda that has been disseminated for the agenda of the dark forces. These people have adopted a criticism without hearing what academics call ‘primary sources’. The way in which the Forces of the Light have been operating has been in relation to the psyche and consciousness. An Awakening was essential so that a majority of souls, in this nation of America, cast a vote in favor of the one who has never been part of the Overlords of darkness. He was, in fact, placed in the position of being able to oppose the Establishment for a mission of liberation.
The financial system devised as a method of slavery by the Establishment goes back to the Babylonian days of scripture. The dark forces were able to bring about conditions of poverty and chaos upon all nations. This could not be avoided because of the law of Non Interference especially due to mankind’s karmic status. However, changes were made and dispensations were provided. And now there is a window of opportunity for freedom from this state of slavery to be obtained by Prosperity. America can be great again, indeed, as it can be an example to other nations as was intended. It was infiltrated at governmental level but the founding fathers had been inspired by the Great White Brotherhood, the spiritual hierarchy of the Solar System, and America was the project dear to Saint Germain’s heart. This project will lead to Peace in the world. The end that is written in the Book of Revelation is the end of evil, of corruption, and of a darkness imposed upon Earth by the overlords that have been judged. Lord Jesus Christ has proclaimed that these fallen ones, who have deceived a world to carry out their agenda of conquest, and have prevented the souls of Light to give birth to Christ consciousness for their ascension, will receive their Judgment. There are now many Ascended Masters, Archangels and Galactic beings in incarnation. They have come into embodiment without karma in order to hold a balance against darkness and to carry out missions of enlightenment or awakening. They also have their mentors. We are only just entering a period of Disclosure and of Transition which will lead to Contacts with your galactic family and the higher realms by telepathic communication as well as external encounters. More awakening will take place and the work is only just beginning. It is a labour of reconstruction, first to alleviate personal misery and then provide better conditions of existence. As prosperity is achieved there will occur a trickling down of benefits into all departments of life, even the animal kingdom and all of nature. Mother Earth is ascending and at the horizon of this timeline is a civilization of Light ascended to a higher level of existence, being represented at the Round Table of the Galactic Federation of Light in service for the manifestation of the Will of God. So let’s rejoice and may you be kept safe and secure in the light that never fails and the protection of Archangel Michael and his legions of Light who are with you Always. Namaste, André.

Ascended Twin Flame André for Archangel Michael, Post-Election Victory Celestial Communication, November 10, 2016

Ascended Twin Flame André, The Secrets of Saint Germain’s Plan, November 3, 2016

by Christine Preston,

André: According to Voltaire, the Comte de Saint Germain was “a man who knows everything and who never dies.” But Saint Germain had died and reincarnated, and in one of his lives he ascended by resurrection from the mortal consciousness of his human self.
Between February and November 2016, a number of Ascended Masters such as Mother Mary, and Archangels, such as Archangel Gabriel, Uriel, and Michael, and the latest being the Ascended Master Hilarion, prophesied through this messenger that the Candidate for the American Elections of 2016, Donald Trump, was the one who would be elected and that he is a soul extension of Saint Germain.
It was in February of this year of 2016 that we started indicating that the matter of 9/11 would be the first subject of a wave of disclosure. Archangel Gabriel alluded in a dictation, dated February 18, without giving a name, and Mother Mary let the cat out of the bag in a message dated February 28 saying that what has been regarded as a conspiracy theory would be given more credibility if disclosure regarding 9/11 came from Donald Trump after he had been elected President. Then in April and May we gave a more obvious prophecy concerning the fact that we can see on the Timeline that it will be Trump who will be elected President of the United States of America. I, as well as Archangel Michael, have reminded you of the story that it was the destiny of America to be an example to other nations with its Constitution of 1776 when Saint Germain shouted:
Saint Germain: ‘Sign that document!’
André: The creation of a golden age on the Earth through the destiny of America has always been Saint Germain’s special project and one close to his heart. He has worked on it and made an enormous amount of preparations over the last few centuries. He ascended from Europe, went to the Himalayas, and returned to France in a body created by Will, where he acquired the reputation of a man who never dies because he was recognized by people who had met him before. They had aged and he had not. You know the story and can find the details on Youtube videos, or consult the Summit Lighthouse’s archives. Saint Germain had previously incarnated as Christopher Columbus who was destined to discover the new Continent that would be called America. Are you familiar with the fact that this name ‘America’ means the I Am Race? It means the children of the I Am, or of the Monadic Presence. This history is related to a Master Plan for the Victory of the forces of the Light over the forces of darkness that have afflicted mankind, and kept them in captivity for thousands of years. Mankind has not had the knowledge that it was enslaved and it’s only in recent years that the situation became terribly aggravated. One of the means by which an Oligarchy has kept its grip of enslavement over mankind is by the financial system the forces of darkness devised, back many thousands of years ago. They have enriched themselves by depriving mankind using various methods. The financial system they devised can be traced back to Babylonia and what appears to you under the guise of a political Establishment, is a sinister force holding the strings of control from the astral plane, of the so-called elected government which was not really elected, year after year, because the system was rigged. A hierarchy that is invisible has been functioning and operating from the top of the evil pyramid of their dollar bill. They are a counterfeit creation of the Pyramid of the souls of Light which represents mankind on the path of Ascension. The illuminati hoped to keep the top pyramidion separated from the main body of the pyramid that represents the collective of mankind. This pyramidion that they represent as separated on their dollar bill can also be symbolic of Christ consciousness, but as said before, the reality is that this pyramidion is now connected to the main body of the pyramid as Christ consciousness is being integrated. The second coming is taking place as the Christ is appearing in consciousness. Now, the dark embodied powers can be represented as being situated at the bottom of this pyramid and as a part that is soon to be separated from the main body of this pyramid because a separation of reality is occuring, as explained before, and they dwell in 3rd dimensional consciousness whereas many souls have graduated to 5th dimensional consciousness, and are experiencing a shift to 4th density.
Saint Germain has released the announcement that the World Mother has come with the Ruby Ray to dethrone Babylon the so-called Great, as well as the entity sitting upon its throne. This is why the Establishment is experiencing difficulties. Time is up for that Beast of the Book of Revelation that works through the Capitalist system and its concepts and policies. Tied to it are the concepts relating to a falsified interpretation of the religious records that were preserved in the beginning of the Christian era. Among those records were the prophecies of John of Patmos which you know as the book of Revelation. They are about an eschatological time, the final days, but they have been misunderstood as a time of apocalypse, and sometime have been interpreted as an end of world prophecy. And it is true that it seems as if the dark forces have been successful in creating atrocious conditions on the planet. They did have an agenda of destruction, but what is really due to come to an end is not the world, but the forces of evil themselves. And the term ‘apocalypse’ comes from the Greek. Calypso means to hide, and the term is in relation to a revelation of what is hidden, or even occult, and so it means Disclosure. The time of the judgment of the forces of darkness is one of disclosure. I have said this before. I have digressed a bit but wanted to emphasize that the great destiny of America is Saint Germain’s cherished project for the manifestation of a golden age. Mankind has been enslaved by the means of a system devised long ago by the forces of darkness which have a connection with the Reptilian species, even before Babylon and the Sumerians who preceded it, and Saint Germain’s Plan is one of deliverance from this enslavement. The dark overlords who are incarnated in a minority have a connection with those forces that brought the Atlantean civilization to its downfall. The Atlanteans who had ideas of conquests and of a one world government were renegades who had already experienced life on the planet Maldek. I am mentioning this so you realize that the history of mankind’s enslavement finds its origin far back in time. Those destructive beings were given a second chance during the Atlantean era and after the cataclysms that caused the submersion of the island of Poseidonis, they were prevented from reincarnation for about 8,400 years, so civilization could be rebuilt upon the physical plane in preparation for the incoming of souls by the billions which would hold the balance of Light against those of darkness in the end days that you are living now. The enslavement through the financial system of the fallen ones was a strategy of darkness as it makes the lightbearers dependent upon it for their very existence. Do you know, dear ones, that there was a time before the downfall of Atlantis when the people were capable of precipitating as if by magic, the food that they needed to sustain themselves? But this required certain practices and abstinences which they were influenced by the dark priesthood to rebel against and which they abandoned. It was the result of a plot designed to bring mankind into a state of dependence upon agriculture and all of the ways civilization appears to have been built upon. Then the monetary system was invented, or introduced, and it became a method of enslavement. The dark ones then conspired to lower mankind into a state of poverty. The burden was eventually placed upon the lower class. The measure of austerity was imposed upon many nations quite recently, and I don’t need to outline all of the problems experienced by people due to unemployment, wars, and environmental disasters. Now the remedy to all of this is opposition to the Establishment upon the physical plane. Behind the scene of course, the Armageddon of the psyche has been going on. Archangel Michael has been cutting free the souls of Light from the shackles of their own creation, and from their negative psychological traits, leaving them free for an awakening by the effects of a tsunami of light and love being irradiated to Earth as the solar system is traversing the photon belt. You have been rising upon the ladder of the dimensions and your ascension has been taking place in consciousness. You perception of reality has been altered and you have gained abilities which you will be able to apply due to your shift to 4th density by February 2017. Your molecular structure has been worked on for some time, and even for decades, in preparation for this shift and the one to the 5th dimension which will come after a period of Transition. I was referring to the remedy to Austerity and Poverty, and it is Prosperity, the one that Saint Germain will bring to the world. Work has been in progress behind the scene as well as by various means within your spectrum of consciousness. A work of opposition to the control of the forces of darkness has been ongoing, especially in the political field. The opposition to the Establishment is a battle that has been waging through a war of words, of policies, and it has caused some degree of awakening among the masses. We have stated in previous dictations that Donald Trump is a soul extension of Saint Germain. Are you able to see that the restoration that could come from trade and laws based on the original Constitution of America could lead the country to Prosperity, and that at some point the replacement of the financial system by one that has been prepared by the Ascended Masters, could be that Reset that you have been waiting for? Without the conspiracies of the dark overlords Peace could be establish upon Earth quite quickly. The main reason that wars have been waged during the last decades are the conspiracies of the illuminati forces of darkness out of self-interest. The whole Earth needs freedom from this enslavement. May it be shaken off from Gaia’s surface! The World Mother has come with the Ruby Ray for the judgment of these beings who have been given a second chance but continue to deceive you and to work to sabotage the plans of Ascension to preserve their own power and control. Freewill is involved, but some lightbearers who were most indoctrinated in the way they perceive the external scenes of the world are now awakening. There are astrological influences or portents that will prevent the dark ones to bring back their old ways, their policies, and what they call their ‘new order’. It is an old obsolete order now that would have precipitated chaos. And the Stars are taking Earth to its destiny in the Aquarian Age of which the Hierarch also is Saint Germain. It was the Master Jesus who was the Hierach of the Piscean Age and he incarnated to lead earth into his age of love and of a new way. However, his doctrine was altered in the 4th century AD under the dominion of the Roman Emperor Constantine. Many Masters, Archangels and Galactic beings are incarnated at this time to lead Earth into an era of prosperity with a time of Transition in which the truths that have been suppressed will be disclosed. It’s a time of Transition when Prosperity will also be the result of a financial system that will replace the one that was designed to bring destruction to mankind with austerity, poverty, diseases, control and transhumanism. All of these things will be prevented from happening by a replacement of governance all over the world. Guidance will be provided. This coming period of Transition will also be one in which new technologies will appear or will be introduced as a result of contact with what is sometime referred to as the Extraterrestrial presence. Among the latter will be the higher realms’ intelligences that scriptures refer to as angelic. The people of this world are their family in more ways than one. At the end of this period of transition there will be a quantum leap to the 5th dimension in terms of density. You will be recovering many of the paranormal abilities which were lost during the Atlantean decline from the previous Lemurian golden age, such as paranormal abilities. Telepathy will be one of the ways you will receive a direct teaching from your higher dimensional connections such as your Higher Selves, ascended twin flames, or your monadic Presences. You may also be contacted by extraterrestrial beings who have a connection with you and have the mission to contact you and instruct you. They may be soul extensions of your own Higher Self that incarnated upon other worlds. Heaven is well organized and every detail forms part and parcel of a Master Plan created eons ago. The drama that is unfolding upon the world stage is but the mechanism by which Freedom will be appearing. Freedom is an aspect of the action of the Violet Flame of the Master Saint Germain. It is by its power that the Will of God will manifest in the world. The Will of God is brought to mankind from the highest Councils of Heaven by the Archangels.
I will now leave you to dream of a better world and wish you to be kept safe and secure in the heavenly Light of your monadic Presence. Andre.

Ascended Twin Flame André, The Secrets of Saint Germain’s Plan, November 3, 2016

Archangel Gabriel, How to Prepare for Telepathic Contact, October 29, 2016

by Christine Preston

Archangel Gabriel, How to Prepare for Telepathic Contact, October 29, 2016
Christine: Hi Lightworkers! The Annoucement that I was informed Lord Sanat Kumara wanted to give us was about the fact we have been in a dire state of emergency, or Red Alert, and that we are out of it now, and have come through with flying colours, not that all is perfect, or good, yet. I was told two or three days ago that Saint Germain may give me a message for this announcement but in the end it was Archangel Michael who revealed what it was about. We are all blessed in the Light and love, and as he says ‘in his protection always’, and we are thankful. Yesterday I received a dictation, word for word, from Archangel Gabriel, as follows:
Archangel Gabriel: You have said you would like to write an article and receive a comment about Adronis of Sirius and what he has said through Brad Johnson recently about certain vents that will manifest next year, and you would like to compose a version of the Summit Lighthouse’s Call for the Tube of Light which would be modified for the needs of the hour and reflect the changes that have taken place during the decade since the Messenger passed away. I am the Archangel who spread the words and knowledge concerning the existence of the I Am Presence, and who uses my trumpet to do so. So now, for this coming time when Trump will be President, I will be using my trumpet to carry out a lot of work through him. I will do a work of disclosure and will cause all the truths that have been suppressed by the dark oligarchs and overlords of a former and present time since Atlantis, to be exposed, as well as their plots to control mankind. Yes, this is something that Adronis of Sirius has included in his predictions for the coming year of Connection. It will be my pleasure to, at long last, be able to spread the truths to the four corners of the Earth, and in doing this, change the perception of all souls across its horizons. I would like to say that we, in the heavens of higher dimensions, Archangels, Ascended Masters and Galactic beings who are your Star kin, are delighted and jumping with joy, as you say, because at long last, we have come to that wonderful moment when something so important can change, just that condition which will result with the final removal of the dark controlling forces. The battle is going to be won for Donald Trump on the voting day, and there is no doubt that it will be so. These sinister and malicious beings who are in position of control as they are in the White House, will have no more right to be there. Adronis has mentioned the fact that they are already in retreat, attempting to return to the installations that were vacated after some battles. These were underground or underwater and hiding places for the reptilian species. Associated with those who now know they have lost the battle, are those who have control of certain facilities situated in Alaska and Antarctica, with which they have created storms and earthquakes as well as tsunamis, and these have been part of secret programs controlled by that shadow force. Adronis has hinted at the fact that, next year, some people will be campaigning and manifesting for a disclosure and action to put a stop to these scientific activities. I shall be involved with an activation that will cause disclosure concerning the fact of the existence of these technologies and that such powers have interfered with the Laws of nature. As far as the mainstream media is concerned this fact belong to the category of the conspiracy theories, but I will cause it to infiltrate the media and common human knowledge. My trumpet will sound the alert and disturb the ethers till many are compelled to act. Disclosure and announcements are very much what I am involved with in order to bring to mankind the manifestation of the Will of God. Not one stone shall be left unturned. Disclosure is a work of destruction of the indoctrination and false belief systems. We shall look for ignorance and rebuild great wisdom upon Earth for the recreation of a better world. In the process of finding Truth there is a liberation taking place for ignorance and false beliefs hold mankind in bondage. This is so because with false systems of belief and misinterpretations you are led to act in the wrong way and the kingdom you then build around you is that of the devil. So we are going to do the opposite and this will be possible because, at long last, there will not be any more interference with our creations. We told you, lightworkers, that we would be removing the interference and that Disclosure would take place, and increasingly so. Prophecies are being fulfilled. Now, something else will be accelerated and a greater amount of light and energy will be at your disposal at the level of density, and of heart, that you will be at from the end of this year, and even more by February of next year, and we have said before that it will increase your magical abilities.
Furthermore, there is the matter of the Contacts which will be taking place. Adronis has spoken of certain telepathic contacts to be initiated in June 2017 and they will be the start of a large outreach by the Intergalactic powers to bring to the planet an enlightenment and knowledge that will be the foundation of a better world. They will prepare teachers who will show the way and all of mankind will rise upon the spiritual path which leads to the restoration of human beings as physical angels, or angels in physicality upon a higher dimension.
There is a way to accelerate your preparation to gain the telepathic ability, beloved ones! And that is the practice of the Tube of Light and Solar Ring as a platform for the establishment of this pillar of Light in the forcefield of your human energies, and to convert the latter into the polarity of your God Self. It will raise your vibrations and increase your sensitivity to the Light which actually is a substance that your I Am Presence irradiates to you and around your forcefield for your protection. This invisible Light is very real upon the etheric plane. With your imagination you can call it forth. Just a few seconds using a visualization with your third eye vision of this Tube of Light, actually causes it to be manifested, even though your spectrum of consciousness is too limited for you to be able to see, with your physical eyes, this magical creation taking shape. The practice of calling for the Tube of Light, and visualizing its creation, is a tool that will activate the manifestation in you of certain psychic abilities such as the one used in telepathic communication. But do not seek to possess such abilities for the sake of possessing them, or for a sense of superiority, of course. This would be foolish and I know that the lightworkers are above such aspirations. You are looking forward to that time of reunion and contact with beings who are ancient family, or have a particular connection with you, as those Star beings. We will all be reconnecting and such contact always occur at first by or in dreams. The beings of higher dimensions have a technology with which they monitor evidence of spirituality, or the kind of forcefields the inhabitants of this planet manifest. Contact is at first established when they are in that sleep mode. Later it is done by thought transmission, and our messages are said to be channeled. The dark powers of this world have unfortunately created a counterfeit technology which has allowed them to cause interference with a similar system which has been mentioned before as the insertion of bad dreams. But these have been considerably reduced as these forces have now been forbidden to continue with this practice. We are enforcing various prohibitions upon them which leave them free to exercise some freewill in the hope something good will result from it, but they have continued attempting to use what they have left, to perpetuate an agenda of destruction in their state of complete delusion. We are sorry to see this happening. They are indeed frantic, now as their end is near. Their artificial intelligences will, of course, have to be deactivated and a great cleansing of the Earth will be necessary. This will be done with the technology that will be brought to you from extraterrestrial sources. Things are more in control in space, or your solar system, than upon Earth, but at long last, what you have dreamed of, and waited for so long, is going to take shape under your eyes, and will be reported in your media in a fairer way as it will also be freed of control. So, I do invite all of you to devote some time to the practice of the Tube of Light to prepare for the possibility of that Contact, especially if you have the desire to serve with the Light. I, therefore, leave you with a modified version of this all, composed today, and to the enjoyment of contact with the Light of your I Am Presence. Your sensitivity to it will increase with faithful practice. I sound my trumpet and its sound is a vibration of love and light which will resonate in your aura and lift you up in the safety of my electronic and magnetic presence. I Am Archangel Gabriel. I have brought to you my word in love and peace. Alleluiah!
Christine: Thank you Archangel Gabriel! We are grateful.
Inspired from the Call for the ‘Violet Fire and Tube of Light’ dictated by the Ascended Master Saint Germain in 1962, as well as that for the Solar Ring by the god and goddess Meru in 1983.
O my constant loving I Am Presence whose radiance forms a circle of fire that lights my way, I am faithfully calling to Thee to keep your great pillar of Light intact through every passing moment, and I do now draw the Solar Ring around my forcefield for the manifestation of the Cosmic Christ in the Earth. I see its twinned shafts of light descending as the twin pillars of Alpha and Omega, of the mighty Elohim and Archangels, and of my own celestial twin flame. Into the electric circle of divinely charged energy of my Tube of Light, direct a swift upsurge of the violet fire of Freedom’s forgiving transmuting flame. Do cause the ever expanding energy of this flame projected downward into the forcefield of my human energies to completely change every negative condition into the positive polarity of my own divine Self! Let its magic purify my world until all discord, cause, effect, record and memory is forever changed into the Victory of Light and the peace of the Ascended Jesus Christ. I am now accepting the full manifestation of my prayer and calling for a sacred release of assistance from your divine Heart to amplify it until all are God-free in the light that never fails. In the name of Jesus Christ I seal myself in the flame of God Harmony and I call for the protection of the legions of the First Ray around this Tube of Light and that Solar Ring, and in gratitude, I accept this done in full power.

Archangel Gabriel, How to Prepare for Telepathic Contact, October 29, 2016

Archangel Michael: We Are 100% Sure, November 3, 2016

by Christine Preston,

Christine: On November 1, I interviewed Archangel Michael because he said:
Lord Michael: I am 100% sure that Donald Trump will be President. We are 100% sure he will be.
Christine: I asked how they can be sure. He said:
Lord Michael: By looking at the timelines. They have converged to this event. So we are 100% sure. The FBI did what was right by revealing they were reopening the investigation over Clinton’s emails.
Christine: I asked him about the polls and if they were accurate. He said:
Lord Michael: No the polls reported on CNN or elsewhere are all wrong. Polls are not reliable at all. They are just a tool for the Establishment. The vote result will surprise many.
Christine: In regard the machines that were reported to change peoples’ votes he said it is being investigated by the FBI and that it will be another scandal.
Christine: I asked what was the emergency about. I meant the one mentioned in the previous video. Archangel Michael answered:
Lord Michael: It was due to the intense opposition against the movement of liberation, even you, lightworkers, and Donald Trump was in danger of assassination. I repeat Donald Trump is going to be President and we are rejoicing as it is going to be the start of a new world!
Christine: This morning, November 3, I had a communication from Archangel Michael and after a few minutes I wrote down what he had just said on a notebook I had kept next to my bed. I asked him first if I could turn round and get it as I was in a higher place in meditation, focusing on his electronic presence. I had just noticed that I was sensing some vibration, or pulsation of love, or high energy, with every words I was receiving. As previously Archangel Michael had said that he was 100% sure that Donald Trump would be elected President and that there would shortly be an Announcement from Lord Sanat Kumara about the position of the Solar System on the outskirts, or periphery of the sphere of physical influence of the Constellation of Sirius. Archangel Michael had spoken of love and given his prediction very seriously, but was also joyful and even said they were throwing a party on the higher dimensions. He then said:
Lord Michael: The Sirian Council is watching you like a hawk as you and the lightworkers of this group are at the top of the pyramid, as you have the largest vision and are pulling the others from the top of the pyramid of consciousness.
Christine: What follows is my notes of what Archangel Michael said:
Lord Michael: We are 100% confident that Trump is leading and the Press is being shaken to the core with evidence being released by Wikileaks and the FBI reopening its investigation of Hilary Clinton. In relation to the slogan ‘Black lives matter’, the black community needs to stop perceiving themselves as separate. It is that perception that causes problems and racism. But the forces of darkness, those in power have been repeating, suggesting to them they are the victims of persecution. They have created museum for the remembrance of a version of history that has been quite falsified, just to inflame hate in them, or at least dissatisfaction, so they will react and cause acts of violence. Most of the white population do not entertain thoughts of dislikes or hate that could be called racist. The situation had progressed after the influence of Star Trek, but recently, you are being fed with speeches that are trying to revive the old problems. People are actually more tolerant and loving than ever before. There is an evil agenda beyond this. Many attacks, even those that have cost the life of some police officers have been engineered by some mind control program. The truth is that the population welcomes other races, and colours of skin, more than ever before even blue, green and grey! It is in galactic consciousness, and those who would like to keep control but know they are losing it, have been telling the public many lies to manipulate opinion. The dark ones, those manipulators of the masses, this sinister force, have used skin colour as a tool or weapon to divide. They have worked on mind control by amplifying the consciousness of victimization in those people who have an ancestry in connection with slavery. They see themselves as having been badly treated by the white race but this concept of having been mistreated at the hands of the white race is only part of the correct perception to have about this. What they do not perceive is the fact they were slaves at the hands of a higher class of individuals with a superiority complex, an Elite in power which also mistreated the people who belonged to the same race or skin colour as their own. Kings acted as tyrants and even used their armies against the inhabitants of their own nation. This is what happened in England in past ages and the reason that I incarnated as Oliver Cromwell. It was to liberate the people from a rule of darkness. All souls evolving upon this planet have been enslaved by these dark powers, which have pulled the strings of the governments for many ages and the physical incarnation of which you know call the Establishment. The problem has always been a bondage resulting with hardship, and this was particularly true 300 years ago. The people were treated as if they had little importance, or did not matter. The nature of the problem, or the way in which the anarchy was experienced, has always been social or related to class or poverty, or lack of money. I will not address other problems which are related to ideologies such as those related to extremist ones also due to a manipulation of minds and beliefs. There has been a vacuum of ignorance and misinterpretations concerning some religious legacies, so the solution is indeed to create a safe haven by more control over the borders. In general, all problems have been created by the control agenda of the Elite few, who have kept mankind captive. We are putting a stop to that now. As soon as Donald Trump is President there will be a reversal of those evil forces and their influence in the whole world. He is running for office with the backup of the Galactic Federation of Light, and working to restore conditions which will bring prosperity to the American nation, and peace will be born from that. It is the work of Saint Germain through the power of the people and their Constitution will be their power, and he, as well as the archangel that I am, and the entire spiritual Hierarchy, have been working on the liberation of the nations. We have been interested to bring about these liberating events, in particular since my incarnation in the 17th century to secure the power of Parliament as a tool for the people and democracy. The concept born from the Greek philosopher Democrates reflected a principle held dear to the Ancient Athenians. By Ancient Athens I do mean a people who pre-existed the classical Greek civilization, and that already existed during the Atlantean days. They were those who opposed the Establishment of the Old days, as the Atlanteans were globalists who already were on the war path of a dark agenda that ended in disasters. As an extension of myself and in preparation for today’s liberation, Cromwell, later called ‘The Lord Protector’, ruled for five years after a civil war that was caused by an intrusion of the royal armies upon the Parliament of those days. The idea of Parliament was a revolutionary innovation by the Queen of England, Elizabeth the First. My work was, however, undone after I passed away, as my Puritan, Republican followers reintroduced a figure of leadership from the royal monarchy of England. They were so heinous that they demanded a death sentence upon the members of Parliament who had signed the document that had liberated the people from the Monarchy’s tyranny. However, this monarchy did not regain the full powers it had possessed before my intervention, so it has been said that England was never the same after Cromwell, the Lord Protector, who stated ‘I will liberate man’s souls’. It was now in the hands of the Parliament and of the Ministers. Therefore the powers of darkness have been unable to so easily create conditions of anarchy as they wanted, and Democracy has mostly prevailed. This is what permitted Brexit, a liberation from the web of European control linked, in an intricate way, to the American establishment as the system put in place by the founding fathers of the Constitution declared in 1776, was infiltrated. Progress is however being made in the matter of the liberation of the souls of Light, the mystical body of God on earth. A lot of work will now be taking place to rebuild the nation. It has been a joy and pleasure for me to see the unfoldment of events. We are 100% confident that Trump is leading and the press is shaken to the core today with evidence being released once again in relation to the FBI investigations.
Christine: So this was the content of the communication I have received this morning and Archangel Michael stopped there but he usually ends saying ‘I am with you always’. It is still important to go and vote even if you believe that it is 100% sure that victory is obtained. Keep safe and secure in the Light, Namaste, Christine.

Archangel Michael: We Are 100% Sure, November 3, 2016