André, Time of Transition and Reunion, May 27, 2016

by Christine Preston


Christine: André, my ascended twin flame, has given me the following dictation in relation to what my I Am Presence told me during a conversation while I was in meditation and practiced the visualization of the Tube of Light, yesterday morning.


André: The Divine Presence that is yours is also mine, as Twin flames were created by the same Monad through our Higher Selves. Hence, in a sense, we share a divine Presence. I am saying ‘in a sense’ because of the interconnectedness in which all beings vibrating in Christ consciousness are one at that level of being. Our I Am Presence referred to himself as ‘we’ as he meant ‘Father-Mother’ within the Monad. He was talking about a time in the future when I, and others, will gradually appear and be integrated within the world of physicality. This future is quite close. As I have already told you before, I will appear in your reality but it will be a gradual process. It won’t be that you will meet someone in the street and it will be me. No, this process is in relation to the body that I have created by will, and with the use of technology, upon my dimension, to manifest in physicality. The process is not one of uncloacking but like magical precipitation. I will be coming down in a process of a body being created with the help of the Ascended Masters’ advanced technology that has been used for many thousands of years. It consists in the application of the mind on an image, the one that is desired and that has been carefully devised by research for many months. We use a DNA which is from the quantum field of the twin flame as we have to use family DNA. The method has nothing to do with cloning.  Whenever we incarnate we chose and wait for an opportunity to come in as a child within the same family, and we have engendered children in previous incarnations which are the forefathers of the progeny we come into when we incarnate. But, as, in this case, when the twin flame needs to be the same age as the loved one who is in incarnation, the return of this twin flame can’t take place in the normal way by incarnation, as the child takes time to grow. In this case the twin flame is coming into the physical world and only so, because now is the time of reunion in these ‘end days’ of ancient prophecies.


I, André, ascended twin flame of my partner, who is taking this dictation, was called André in my past life. I ascended some years after my death and when we were both alive at the same time we had a difference of 45 years between us. We were cousins born in the same family DNA, my mother being the sister of my twin flame’s grand-mother. There was an extraordinary bond between us but we didn’t understand what it was. The reason that I shall be coming back to physicality is manifold. In this age, twin flames are being reunited because the karma that separated them in the creation of circumstances, and that kept them apart, is balanced. There also is a divine plan to bring about new consciousness upon the Earth. The Awakening has been, or is, taking place. My coming back involves a descent from the Higher Etheric Plane upon which I presently inhabit an etheric body, down to the physical level. It means stepping into some vehicles that are etheric, mental, emotional, and physical. The physical one will, however, be of a higher nature than the one you are presently inhabiting. But at that time you will have been lifted up higher upon the ladder of the dimensions as far as consciousness and vibrations are concerned. This was done by the Mater Saint Germain a few centuries ago after he ascended. He spent some time in the Himalayas then reappeared in a body created by Will with the method I have described. The people who had known him noticed an abnormality. They had aged and he had not. This is how he acquired a reputation as ‘the man who never dies.’ In antiquity as mentioned in previous messages, the method was referred to as ‘being self-begotten’ ‘without the use of a woman giving birth’.


I presently exist upon the etheric realm which the Father aspect of our I Am Presence said is active, a world similar to your own, but of higher vibrations. Now yours is being uplifted. Its atoms are being made to vibrate at a higher frequency by the action of the Light. So, you are coming up and I am coming down. A lot is going to happen between now and that time of great encounter. Your world has a range of vibrations and is changing. You personally vibrate at a high level of spiritual frequency, as do the ligthworkers, but there still are low vibrations in your world of physicality, the physical realm. Healing will be taking place as the whole world of souls is being uplifted. As I grow nearer I will be able to have a healing effect upon you, as well as one of regeneration. You will literally be experiencing a transfiguration, and with it will come a precipitation of the supply that I will bring and that you are also magnetizing to yourself. Our I Am Presence, has explained the process of my appearance, or manifestation, in your world, and touched upon the fact that millions of other beings who will return in this way are now in preparation to do so, and are building bodies they will be using.  They are forming the four lower bodies which will be vehicles for the higher etheric soul extension that we are, but which will be pure. As soul extensions of your higher selves you also are in these lower etheric, mental, emotional, and physical vehicles but they are affected, or worn out, by life and the misuse of energy or light.


Millions of Galactic beings who presently reside upon the higher realms have chosen the same method to descend upon your world, whereas many advanced souls, even ascended masters, have chosen the route of incarnation and have already re-appeared in this way during the last few decades. Some are in the world as children and will take their place, according to the divine plan master-minded long ago, to be able to carry out their sacred labor in the world at the right time. Many masters that you have heard of have already incarnated during the last decades in order to take part in the Events of the Ascension. As you know Ascension is a process that is continuous and that is being enhanced, as well as accelerated by the use of the position of the earth and entire Solar System in the Photonic Belt. We have also penetrated a Stargate of gigantic dimension. This occurred on September 28, 2015. The effect of doing so shold normally have stripped mankind of the veils and all of the shackles of their own creation in an instant but the quantum leap that should normaly have occurred to the 5th dimension in physicality was slowed down, or paced by the use of the Blue Avians’ technology that has a diffusing effect upon the Light and energies that are distributed to the world and every soul. In this way a solution has been provided to permit a greater percentage of the population to awaken and progress upon the Path of Ascension. Yes, this has taken place. I repeat it because it seems a little surreal since there is no scientific proof of this except for the fact that NASA has images of the Photon Belt and babies are being born with a third strand in their DNA whereas there were but two before. The Solar system is in a Stargate and travelling to take position as a system orbiting Sirius A. All of this, if I may refresh your memory, forms a part of an ancient divine Plan to elevate the Earth and the Solar System to a dimension which will provide a more comfortable way of physicality for the incarnated souls.


I re-ascended in your year 2012 and the method of being self-begotten, as it used to be called in antiquity, is the one that will permit us to be reunited in the context of Ascension in physicality.


Many Galactic beings vibrating at my own level are presently engaged in this work. That is the reason I will be absent now and again, and you have been introduced to my assistant who will replace me and carry out the same guardian duties for short periods of time, and has said his name is ‘Bartholomew’. Father God has said to include in the message that I am giving you that the time ahead will be full of joys and happiness when the great reunion starts occurring. It will be a time of preparation for a quantum leap to the fifth dimension in physicality. Of course, as it has been explained before, in consciousness you, the first two waves, have already reached the fifth dimension.


Our divine and supreme Father has also spent a long time explaining to you the mysteries relating to the Door that the Seat of the Soul chakra represents to a world of feelings that has been designed for the experience of intense love that can only be felt in the physicality of the world to come, so that the oneness of the polarities that are masculine and feminine can be part of life and one’s being, but in a transcended form by comparison to the basic sexual activity that is common in the world at the level at which the majority of people are able to experience it at the moment. Twin flames will experience the oneness they possess at the inner level as they are part of a same unit of being. In physicality they experience a separation which permits a transcended, active, rather than passive, reunion. He spoke of the time ahead when you will continue existing and rejuvenating. For some lightbearers and lightworkers, or Star seeds, this time of Transition will happen in a different way because they will pass away. But then their ascension will be easier without the physical body. They will be sent to Mystery schools where they will be undergoing intensive tuition and will awaken if they have not. Time is different upon our level. They will still be able to return after spiritual ascension in the world and bring their light to it. They will return to their family DNA and be born in the family, if they chose that method, pretty quickly after their death although the equivalent time spent upon the other side of the River of Life will be more extensive, like decades.


This time of Transition that is starting now with Disclosure, as we have foretold it before, will be quite long but it will not be one in which you will be ageing if you have chosen to remain in physicality, as the clocks are being turned back, so it won’t matter. Karma has been balanced beyond the 51% of planetary requirement. That is the point at which there was a new beginning. It was March 30, 2016, and also was the date chosen by the Master El Morya to incarnate, and anchor his Light in Britain to bring back the high ideals of Knighthood to society and eventually, as part of his sacred labor, to be influencial, with many others, in creating a new civilization which will represent the manifestation of Saint Germain’s vision for a Golden Age. It will raise mankind so it can take its place as a Star nation in the ranks of the Galactic Federation of Light. Father God explained how this enterprise will refine mankind in its sensitivity and uplift it to an enlightened state. It will benefit from interaction with the Galactic beings who are famiy because they are the distant past forefathers who remained upon the higher dimension, holding the flame and the link with your divine Self in Christ consciousness, while many of you descended into the third dimension in successive incarnations, some interrupted with your ascensions, but the latter were not always possible in the past.


What our Divine Presence has conveyd to you is that, ahead of this period of Transition and of Reunion, or of great encounters, are the present changes beginning to take place at an incredible pace, with Disclosure.  We are moving forwar during the next 6 months of this year of 2016 with disclosure beginning to take place in the mainstream media. There is a change of attitude occurring as the media is beginning to perceive a different reality in the unfoldment of many events, especialy those in association with the American Elections. There is of course a great expectation with the American Elections as it is through them that the Establishment can be opposed and the control of the 1%, as well as the dark Overlords’ manipulations, can be eradicated once and for all.


Back on February 18 and 28, 2016,  when Archangel Gabriel and Mother Mary first disclosed to you that it was Donald Trump who will be elected President, we gave you these prophecies and continued to inform you that he was still on track. He has now won the necessary delegates for this to become a reality and he is receiving a different kind of attention from the media. A battle has already been won in regards a certain dissemination of misrepresentation for a political agenda. Once the strings of control are totally severed the Leaders of the Nations will be freed to make changes to spread peace around the world. It will be freed from that captivity under the forces of darkness that soulght to precipitate more and more chaos upon the surface of this globe to serve their own agenda.


The Elections will play an important role in the changes that will not only transfigure the American Continent, but the whole world, because it was the nefarious activies of the War Industries that caused the decline along the lines plotted for many decades by the Dark Forces. These fallen ones had an antichrist agenda in the sense that they intended to sabotage the Plan of Ascension. They held on to the deluded misconception  that such a thing was possible,  just to keep their wealth and power, just to remain in control and  hold the strings to create anarchy. But, as you know, the Divine Plan for this Earth, this Solar System and the Galaxy, was master-minded 25 millions years ago. The Earth is the planet that was to play a key role in the Ascension to bring physicality to a higher place, one upon which these dark entities cannot pass to, for it is necessary to have magnetized light to yourselves, to your soul, to pass into this spiritual kingdom. Yet it will be a kingdom of heaven on an Earth of physicality. There will be a Christed population upon Earth.


Father God of our I Am Presence also reafirmed to you today that the descent into the lower dimension was an accident. The Earth will first be restored to the higher physicality that it had in Lemuria, the fifth dimension. One of the causes and cores of this accident was the Galactic wars that raged for millions of years, and more specifically the Reptilian interference. It was necessary to forge a plan to eradicate it. They played a nefarious role in the history of the Galaxy, one of which was the introduction of technology, as well as a decline that culminated with the destruction of Maldek. As a third of its souls were allowed to reincarnate upon Earth they recreated a pattern that was present in their civilization but the Spiritual Overlords of our Galaxy, as well as our solar system, prohibited a repetition of the destruction that happened to that planet that orbited between Mars and Jupiter. These fallen ones had also caused the downfall of the Atlantean civilization and its obliteration. The grand Plan to reinstate Righteousness included a mass incarnation upon Earth of volonteers who would cause the systems of anarchism over the entire globe to be altered. The Pleiadeans have called these volunteers ‘system busters’. What occurs is that your thoughts first produce changes in your own life and your own environment. Then the ripple effect occurs. Transformations in the material world always start from your own thoughts, desires, and your vision. The Elementals then bring those thoughtforms into activation into the physical world.


There was great opposition from the dark forces to our own visualizations and prayers which are more direct calls for changes to the Angelic Kingdom, and for their intervention. The dark forces have been participating in satanic black magic rituals. Many leaders in allegiance with the sinister Astral force have participated in such rituals in an attempt to ruin of the souls of Light and affect world politics. However, we are seeing the end of all this.


As said before, the forces of the Light operate in ways that don’t consist in battling and exterminating the enemy. The Dark has been given a chance of turning to the Light and changing camp. However, at the same time, this is the Time of the Harvest and the final Judgment is being given to them when their time is up. It depends on their potential. There is forgiveness if they are willing to bend the knee. They had but a limited time during which they could be tested. So it was prophesied that there would be a time of Harvest. And it has arrived.


The Galactic War against a vortex of Evil that influenced the souls of Maldek had to be defeated first. The entity known as Lucifer throughout the last 2000 years was given its final Judgment [refer to the video entitled ‘Vials of Karma’]. Despite the fact that this reptilian mafia has recently been abolished, mankind has still been under attack by the forces of darkness residing upon the Astral plane. The lower astral plane was cleared up over a period of many decades and the sinister force that reaches out from the astral plane to affect the lightworkers has been losing power in a gradual way. Souls are being disentangled in the Armageddon of the psyche and the teachings of the Ascended Masters, including the Anunciation concerning the I Am Presence, or Spirit Within, are reaching millions of souls. They are being cut free from the concepts that led to materialism and those of the duality that are typical of the third dimension.


There is no room for evil in the new world. Righteousness is the key. This is why there is a Galactic Order of Righteousness, the ancient word for which is ‘the Order of Melchizedek’. Zedek means ‘righteousness’. And ‘Melche’ means ‘Order’ in the sense of Heaven, by contrast to the Material world, which up to now has been a realm of darkness, being ‘chaos’ or chaotic. ‘Melche’ also relates to the whole Galaxy of the Milky Way. This Order has also been known since the 19th century as ‘The Great White Brotherhood’. It is a brotherhood and sisterhood reflecting an amicable harmony between all beings in this system. This Order incorporates a concept of Peace and is involved in a work of Tuition


The time of Transition that is upon you all, and that is beginning with many changes and disclosure, will develop into a program of distribution of knowledge that will expose what has been suppressed. It will become a national purpose, something like an ambition across the nations. To every single aspect that will be disclosed there wil be a reaction that will produce wonderful changes and a reality beyond what you can presently conceive. Coinciding with this period of Disclosure during which the suppression of truth will be exposed, as well as the machievalic machinations of the former Establishment leaders, there will be a need for teaching, as well as working as some kind of ambassadors for the introduction to mankind of the existence of its Galactic family of the Stars. I have been working with Ashtar Command, the airborne division of the Great White Brotherhood which is also called the Spiritual Overseer, or Hierarchy, of this Solar System. This is because I am a soul extension of Archangel Michael and I have ascended at the conclusion of every embodiment. I was incarnated as Chrétien de Troyes and previously as James, the brother of Jesus.  In a more remote time, that of Abraham, who was an incarnation of the Master El Morya, I was his son Isaac. I first descended with my twin flame during the Golden Age of Lemuria. We lived through the Atlantean decline and the downfall of its civilization but in that part of the world which was later inhabited by the Athenians. I shall be coming to provide a service, to work on the project of creating a new Gaia, or recreating a civilization which will be worthy of representation as a Nation in the Galactic Federation of Light. I work with the First Ray and the Flame of Archangel Michael. The Chohan of the First Ray, the Ascended Master El Morya, is already in embodiment in Britain.


There are so many events to occur between now and the end of this year. Your rituals and prayers constitute a great service as they provide the green light for the angelic Kingdom to help you in your birthing Christ consciousness, and to intervene in those situations that are still the cause of dark conspiracies. We are looking forward to see how the events will be played out upon the world scene during the next few months. A new vision of a better world will start to appear. Some of you may be waiting for something to happen, something that will release you from perpetual stress, not knowing how you will get food on the table. The economic situation in many countries is part of the dark conspiracy to keep you occupied with finding solutions for your survival. But all of this will soon come to an end now. You will see how better consitions will slowly unfold because of the absence of dark interference. The new governance in many countries, the struggle for change that has resulted with action, as well as the introduction of new technologies, disclosure, and teaching, will play the most important part after the battle is won to regain control from the Establishment. Next year is the year of Enlightenment. Everyone will be receiving information and gradually developing certain abilities during the next few years, due to the changes in your DNA. They will permit many people to enter into telepathic communication with the angelic kingdom, the Ascended Masters, as well as your Galactic family. Some teachings will be necessary to prepare mankind for the quantum leap to be properly anchored physically upon the 5th dimension or density, following the one to the 4th density at the end of this year. The one to the 5th is a jump that will offer life without disease or death in a utopic paradise, or golden Age.


So, having given you a glimpse of future events, including a financial reset that will change your living conditions, I hope I have provided a vision for you to hold on to during the few last months of difficulties for some among you. Hold on to your hats, beloved ones, as there are woes, but also a great wind of enlightenment about to sweep upon the surface of the planet. It will be blowing round your world. You are about to experience cosmic surgery! This is a time of great encounters and great reunion, a time of so-called ‘First Contact’ with your Star families. But it is not first and they have never left. We have always been one. We are coming though and working through, and with you. Archangel Michael is at your side with his legions of ‘Blue Ray’ Angels, garding you. All the Angelic Kingdom and Ascended Masters, as well as Galactic brothers and sisters join me today, to hold your hands and say ‘come up higher’. Alleluiah! We have nearly accomplished our goal! Joy and happiness be with you on hearing this message.


Christine: Thank you André for this dictation and I Am Presence for this instruction.

André, Time of Transition and Reunion, May 27, 2016

Archangel Michael: Conversation, Consciousness levels, April 17

by Christine Preston and her ascended flame André

Christine: I strongly felt Archangel Michael’s presence and asked him questions, i.e. the difference between vibrational frequencies and dimensions: Some beings can have a higher vibratory frequency, but how different is that from being upon another dimension? He said:

Archangel Michael: The expression ‘upon the ladder of the dimensions’ is correct. It is in relation to rising in consciousness, and when reaching the twelth dimension, one has to proceed carefully. The Archangels won’t let you cross to the thirteenth because you ascend if you do this in the waking state in your body. However, you can cross this barrier if you are out of your body when you sleep. That is how you do go through portals and don’t know it except that you wake up with a nice feeling, or remember a beautiful dream with a nice sensation. It has become possible for some souls to cross over to the fourteenth dimension. Sometime they hang about in the ninth, the tenth, the eleventh, and then when they reach the twelth they cross over to the thirteenth, and the feeling is so great they can’t stop themselves and continue.

Christine: I kept on asking questions while enjoying the effects of Archangel Michael’s presence. I noticed that I was having mental images and asked him what they meant. I said ‘I am seeing a sphere of blue but transparent. Is that you, or are you in it?’

Archangel Michael: Yes, the Blue Sphere of the Causal Body around the I AM Presence has descended as you are integrating your I Am Presence.

Christine: I was getting images in my mind and asked if we should visualize him as a sphere in the Sun behind the sun, and he said he could appear with a human form, and he sent me an image to my mind’s eyes. It was a nice head and face. He said:

Archangel Michael: It would not be a bearded face and in embodiment archangels normally have no beard, or very little. There is a difference between the human and angelic kingdom. In incarnation, archangels and angels are all about feelings and emotions. They learn to control them. The human kingdom is more able to attract material things and wealth, or to manifest material dreams. They are down to earth, able to handle jobs and businesses or matters relating to finances. The Angelics are in their ethereal world of love, feelings, philosophy, theology, questions about mysteries and love again.

Christine: I have not asked questions about the Galactic incarnations, but I remember reading that Pleiadeans have a great interest in Ancient History and I won’t try to go further than this because it’s a very large subject, which requires analytical skills, as well as psychology. I asked Archangel Michael what it was that I was feeling at one stage, and have in the past, every day. I have referred to it as his irradiation of energies to me, or an effect from his presence which is called ‘Electronic’. He replied that Archangels give of themselves to us when they give us healing, or help us in any way, for instance to raise us up the ladder of consciousness. I wondered about a comparison in our world, perhaps a blood transfusion? A restoration of energy is felt, and more. Apparently we are being taken up to some light chambers to be restored, but not physically. André also said:

André: Yes, this is correct. It takes place in the vehicles of the soul that you are. It is in your lightbody that you go in those chambers, upon a higher dimension. These light chambers are not on the lower dimension, or physical plane. You return with something in you that manifests slowly, trickles down through the levels of your being till it manifests as physical healing, and then the ailments disappear, or you may find that you are not as tired as you expected to be because you didn’t sleep as many hours as you should have done during the night. You are however fighting a battle with the conditions you are living in, the chemical trails, and I won’t try and produce a list of these conditions. One after the other, they will be eradicated and we shall win.

Christine: André has explained that he has started descending and is in some vehicles in an etheric body. He is in an environment that has similarities to our and the material world around him is tangible to him just as ours is to us. It corresponds to his vibrations. It’s the level which is the blueprint or image for ours. Ours should reflect it. The more we are rising, the more it is manifesting like heaven on earth. We don’t just mirror the heavenly world, we become it. It’s the manifestation of the fifth kingdom through the process of Ascension. I have been told that we are at a peak of energies. We are resonating to the photonic Light that is being diffused to us. We have been told some months ago that the peak would be in March-April this year. It has been said the light is getting ligher and the bad is getting darker. The latter may find it difficult to withstand the pressure. Everybody is feeling tired. We will be having some time when we will have a chance to integrate the energies and we can adapt. Then it could be a non-stop express train journey in the summer months till September when Disclosure will reach a critical level of sensationalism. Journalists won’t have to twist the truth to create one or create outrage in the public, they will just need to tell the facts as they perceive them to create sensationalism. This year is also one of enlightenment. Namaste everyone!

Archangel Michael: Conversation, Consciousness levels, April 17

Archangel Uriel:  Armageddon of the Psyche, March 31, 2016

by Christine Preston


Christine: Archangel Uriel has explained to me why I was allowed to experience some controled interferences, under Archangel Michael’s and my ascended twin flame’s supervision, and why some dark forces attempted to carry out an imposture of the Masters as if it was a game, or as if they wanted to fool me during much of the year 2014.

Archangel Uriel: You have been taught about the dark’s methods of operation in the context of the Armageddon of the Psyche, as well as about the impersonations that the dark forces carry out to disseminate false concepts to souls that have not had the privilege of studying the basics of the teachings of the Ascended Masters, and that are therefore more likely to accept them. It was about what the dark forces do, and it was to give you a concept of their abilities, so you could pass on some knowledge about this, that you had these experiences. They operate from the astral plane and use technology. One of the things they do is that they create synthetic thoughts and feelings, and attempt to insert them into people’s minds in a way they hope won’t be detected. When the person is able to communicate telepathically and hear them, they create impersonations of the Masters or Archangels. However, they have not been able to carry out these impostures successfully as it is not possible, even with the most advanced technology in the world, to be like an Ascended Being or an Archangel if you are not one! It was a very intensive training and very tiring, with some amount of reactions as when you suffer from stress. Some situations reflected what is taking place on the astral world but in reality there is much worse.

The Armageddon of the psyche is a reality and the existence of the dark forces is true. There is a pattern that is recognizable in the method used by the dark forces. They have attempted to influence the souls of Light with erroneous notions to take them off the path and sabotage the plans of Ascension. There were a few cases with a pattern in which some falsities were revealed to the audience after the entity had gained its trust.  Following this, the followers were lured into thinking the battle between the light and the dark was over, when it was not, and in addition to falsely elevating the status of the dark powers and inventing stories in order to excuse them for their evil deeds, there were attempts to tarnish the forces of the Light. For instance, a story was invented that an Archangel had taken a grey’s body, to enter into some kind of spying activities. But isn’t it obvious that all entities, as well as human beings, are open books to the Archangels, even from a great distance, and they can pass through matter, so why should they need to do that? They  have access to the Akashic records. And as you know the Archangels will only incarnate when it is sure that the soul extension will not come off the spiritual path. They are too strong to lose their way and take part in immoral activities when in incarnation. The soul extension in incarnation appears as any other human being and they don’t know who they are, but the Higher Self does.

The Cabal is being given a chance to turn to the Light at this time of the Harvest. There are individuals in connection with the Cabal who are being disentangled, and this war is of a psychic nature. The root of the Evil of terrorism is on the Astral Plane in those forces which have exercised a control, from there, for thousands of years. It has been related to the Reptilian presence. There are still some of them on the Astral plane (but see Archangel Michael’s Announcement that their Mafia has been abolished).

Why the Reptilians are fallen beings is found in their Antichrist philosophy. They have lost their connection with the divine Spirit many eons ago. It can be said that they are psychopathic, so what takes place in the political scenes of the world, as a result of their interference, seems devoid of common sense. They were known as the Nephilim, which means ‘fallen’ or ‘made to fall’ because they fell into the lower dimensions of their own doings. They also were made to fall upon earth and upon the astral realm, and they were symbolically described as being restricted by chains, or imprisoned, as recorded in the Book of Enoch, in order to prevent them from reincarnating, for a certain period of time, so that mankind could start again, unimpeded, and a civilization could be rebuilt after the Atlantean cataclysms. After many thousands of years, however, they were allowed to incarnate for the scenario of the Harvest when one is chosen and the other is left. These antichrist beings began re-appearing in the world, resurfacing through incarnation, some time before the Master Jesus took his embodiment as Christ, and he did say that he came for the Judgment, as well as to remove the Prince of this world. The satanic entity called Lucifer is no more. It is stated in the video ‘Vials of Karma’ in which Archangel Michael notes this entity was not a ‘good guy’, as a source has claimed. You remember how one day he approached the subject and told you that things were not as well as you seemed to believe despite the judgment of Lucifer. You then found out that the Amargeddon of the Psyche was still going on and there was need to make specific calls with the tools given by the Ascended Masters. The fallen ones are an ancient group of beings who have destroyed many worlds in this Galaxy.

Christine: For information about the galactic wars which have lasted millions of years, please refer to Archangel Michael’s message entitled ‘The Prophecy’. The dark forces interfered with evolution on the planet Maldek which orbited between Mars and Jupiter and was destroyed.

Later I asked André, my Ascended twin flame, something that had been on my mind for some time. It was the following question:

‘Concerning the stories we hear about the Secret Space Program, are they something going on at the physical plane level, not the astral? Is this program real or a scenario created by holographic technology to give people an illusion of experience?’  André explained:

André: Yes, it’s real, on the physical level. The Organization such as the Solar Warden, have policies and have a government acting apart from the Cabal forces on Earth. They have totally broken away and evolved as citizens of other worlds for decades but are conscious of their origin. The first ones who made it to the other planets were indeed the Nazis. The ‘Alternative Three’ programs were in relation to the members of the Elite who funded them, so what is out there, on the other planets of this solar system, is a Secret Space Program, and they have recently bent the knee so to speak. There is a certain amount of disinformation and suppression of truth that is restricting the inhabitants of these other worlds but not as much as on Earth. Note that the forces in connection with the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Great White Brotherhood, and the Galactic Federation of Light, are higher dimensional, ultra-systemic, or ultra-terrestrial, whereas those in connection with the Secret Space Program are like expatriates, a runaway society, but they have become extraterrestrial.

Christine: Thank you, André and Archangel Uriel, for this information. Love and namaste to all, Christine.

Archangel Uriel:  Armageddon of the Psyche, March 31, 2016

Archangel Raphael, Remedy for Depression, May 17, 2016

by Christine Preston

Christine: Following a request from someone experiencing severe depression Archangel Raphael went immediately into action and talked to me the same evening, as well as the next morning, then later, he dictated the following message for the person concerned. I am posting it without name as it may be useful to someone else.


Archangel Raphael said to me:


Archangel Raphael: I have come to minister to the needs of this soul. She doesn’t need to worry. I have looked into the probabilities and certainties on the timelines of events concerning her and I have found a good happy outcome. The problem is that she worries due to a feeling of insecurity. It is not surprising because of the conditions of life these days, but she can find healing and confort in the presence of the Masters, the Archangels, and her own Higher Self, or Christ consciousness, if she works more consciously to seek  the integration of the latter.

This is what I would like to say to you, dear one, the person concerned: it will make you progress in spirituality, save you from these depressions, because the descent of the Christ makes you whole. It takes away the negative emotions, heals the psyche, heals the body, even if only a little at a time. Ask your I Am Presence to take dominion in you and your world.

Keep faith, dear one. We are watching over you. You are not alone. Don’t play into the hands of the illusions. Work on the inner relationship. You are all close to deliverance from that captivity that is oppressing mankind. Soon you will be reaching that victory of the Light that never fails, and we shall see the beginning of the period of Transition when life will be easier for the Lightbearers. You will be receiving teachings and the suppression of truths will be exposed, as well as the conspiracies of the dark powers. At the beginning of the Age of reconstruction of civilization you will all be receiving healing in Light chambers. There will not be any need for anyone to worry about an income or supply. Just remember this, and watch how the Divine Plan is unfolding during the next 6 months. I hope that this reinforces your spirituality and that you will now be able to go forward without worry, doubts and fears about the future. Trust in the powers of the Light. Do call to Archangel Michael to cut you loose and set you free from fears and doubts when you call for the Tube of Light. There still are some astral forces that attack the Lightbearers. They sometime attempt to insert ideas or feelings into the mind or psyche of the souls of Light who do not realize these insertions are not their own. These could lead to depression. So make your calls to obtain the protection of the Archangels and the Tube of Light so we can intervene to a greater measure. The fact that you do causes you to advance faster upon the Path of Ascension, as well as build up your spiritual strength. Also call for the Violet flame as it brings solutions to all problems. So raise your thoughts to your I Am Presence. Ask for the Tube of Light, Archangel Michael’s blue flame, as well as the Violet Flame.  You can also ask for this protection to be granted to the members of your family, as well as all Lightworkers and mankind.

The Ascension is the greatest service you can give to your world. By your prayers you will be helping yourself as well as other souls, and this help also is a work of healing. Your calls will compel the answers and you will be in the service of the Spiritual Hierarchy. I hope that you will be able to continue studying the teachings that we, the Archangels and Masters, are delivering through various channels. We will take you by the hand and lead you to the answers you need, or are looking for, to make sense of the mysteries that relate to your spiritual search, as well as your Path. So this is my message. Take heart and God’s speed. This was Archangel Raphael.

Christine: I have thanked Archangel Raphael for this communication.

On April 24, in the message published on the video entitled ‘Leap and Woes’, Archangel Michael explained that we (the two waves of September 27, 2015, and March 20, 2016) now vibrate in the reality of the 5th dimension although we are physically in the 3rd. He said that the changes coming up at the end of this year will be comparable to a dissolution that will entail having our feet upon the 4th density. And yet there will still be some people in 3 D. Please refer to Adronis’ message through Brad Johnson for details.


It seems that this will happen at the same time as a Third Wave of souls joins the first and second ones in the Reality or vibration of the 5th dimension. We will all have our feet in the 4th density and will continue experiencing changes in following years. Our world is being raised up to the level at which mankind will be able to experience communication and contact with its family of the Stars. Sanat Kumara also said that in soul, or spirituality, we are in 5 D, in body we are in 3 D, and in consciousness, we rise up and down above the 5th dimension and up to the 12th dimension.


The initiations are stages of attainment and the first of them signifies admission on the path. It’s when you are beginning to be controled by Christ consciousness, with responsibility, unconditional love and service.

The second initiation is to do with the mastery of the emotional body. It’s the hardest. It’s to do with the sacrifice and death of desire. The lower nature and emotions, as for instance those revolving around doubts and fear, human questioning, emotional instability, are brought under control. Freedom is the keynote, and the Hierarch who can help with this is Saint Germain and his angelic hosts of Light.

In the 3rd initiation there is the development of self-mastery over the mental body and personality. The persona merges with the Soul (the higher Self). You are free from the lower mind and desires. The disciple receives guidance from the Monad.

In the 4th initiation there is freedom from self interest and personal life in the interest of a larger whole. There can still be sacrifice and suffering. The initiate has laid the personality on the altar, is uninterested in money, reputation, character, world, etc. and has achieved liberation from incarnation. The I Am is a source of guidance.

There is a 5th and 6th Initiation before the Ascension to the 5th density. This is why we will enter a time of Transition when we will be prepared and given teachings, not only to expose the lies and disclose the suppression of truth in order that civilization can be rebuilt and we can be freed from the captivity of a tyrannic financial system, but to be given instruction as well as a teaching that will change us and heal our psyche. This will prepare us for the quantum leap.




Beloved Mighty Victorious Presence of God within the children of the Great Central Sun, Saint Germain, Archangel Raphael, Mother Mary, Archangel Michael and Uriel, and Master Jesus, dear, as well as the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and the Word Mother, charge! Charge! Charge into the four lower bodies of the Earth and Her evolutions the light of a thousand suns, the flame of Illumination, the flame of Cosmic blue Lightning, and the transmuting violet flame! Cut them free! Cut them free! Cut them free from all afflictions of the psyche and spirit. Shatter! Shatter! Shatter all negative influences negatively affecting the Earth and her evolutions. Replace it all by the immortal, victorious, cosmic threefold fame of love, wisdom and power, the great Cosmic Light and the light of Cosmic victory.


Namaste! Christine

Archangel Raphael, Remedy for Depression, May 17, 2016

Lords Sanat Kumara/ Michael: Operation Apocalypse, Transition, May 11, 2016

by Christine Preston


Christine: This morning I have experienced a communication with Sanat Kumara of the Sun behind the Sun when I reached to my I Am Presence for the Tube of Light, the moment I woke up. He said:


Sanat Kumara: I can hear you my daughter. I have to inform you that you are on track with your plan of Ascension. All the plans of Ascension which are my greatest desires are being fulfilled! You are one of those who volunteered to carry out a mission. As a baby soul we let you go.


Christine: I knew what Sanat Kumara meant. His few sentences were accompanied with a serie of thought transmissions, ideas, without words, which I aimed to record as soon as the communication ended. I took a pen and paper and expected my ascended twin flame, André, to dictate, but I received what I think Ashtar Command calls ‘waves of tele-thought transmissions’ from Archangel Michael, one after the other, because we had practiced this form of communication a few times before. This was not an actual dictation word for word as I already knew what had been communicated. They were as follows:


The mention of ‘baby soul’ was a reference to the idea that at one time, some 25,000 years ago, we were young angelic souls who volunteered for the mission of Ascension to raise Earth as it was the Divine Plan, and it already was known that it was Earth’s destiny to play a key role in the Ascension that would raise the level of physicality to a higher dimension after having been lowered to the 3rd dimension.


This role was in relation to the great battle between the Light and the Dark. It also is a battle in the psyche because of the need to disentangle the incarnated soul extensions from the shackles of their own creation, as well as a battle against the attacks and interferences of dark fallen beings, those that reside upon the Astral realm and operate from there, using their agents and pawns who dwell upon the physical plane of physicality.


So, we, as young souls, or babies in Sanat Kumara’s eyes, came as the 144,000 because of our love to serve. The mission also offered the potential of a tremendous acceleration for our own growth. Already existing in etheric bodies upon the planet Venus, we descended as twinned soul extensions of our own Higher Selves. We descended upon the land of Lemuria, each possessing an umbilical chord to our own Higher Self, but also as twin flames in a unity of being that was departed from in incarnation. Then came the era of the Atlantean decline. After its awful cataclysms and destruction, we continued working and fulfilling the projects of the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Solar System by operating like boots on the ground in incarnation. When mankind was locked into the 3rd dimension, the soul extensions that we are could not fully descend into the abyss where the physical world now existed. The spectrum of consciousness was reduced, hence, it was necessary for incarnation to take place into physicality split up from our christed celestial Self. In other words we have a celestial counterpart that remained in heaven while we are incarnated. However, that celestial counterpart is the real us. We are this soul extension and operate in etheric, mental, astral, and physical vehicles. These correspond to the four elements, fire, air, water, and earth. The separated being in the lower dimension became the persona, or lower self. However, in the secret chamber of the heart chakra this persona, or human being, has the threefold flame that is the connection with the I Am Presence.


The celestial counterpart that remained in heaven is an etheric being of great light and it has been said that with the process of the Ascension we will be recovering full memory of our identity. However, an awakening has to take place for many before this can happen because the human self needs to integrate the qualities of Christ consciousness which it has lost on its long journey of incarnations into the matter world. We are in transition.


The Christ Self that is descending is a blueprint that the human self should mirror. We are being transformed, and are being risen in consciousness. The Celestial Counterparts that we are, are descending. We are transforming our reality and creating a new kingdom, a new Gaia. We are changing the world and its erroneous systems. We are freeing it. That is the mission. Upon this path of Ascension there also are stages of spiritual attainment or initiations. Upon the path of initiation, as Christ consciousness is being integrated, the Higher Self also descends and takes control of the persona and the ego.


After a night sleep you wake up and can have forgotten what you experienced out of the body. But when you are restored and transfigured, when the reconstruction of your DNA is completed, you will know who you are. From the point of view of the Celestial Counterpart the separation with the incarnated being is comparable to a bilocation. When the body deactivates as it falls asleep, the Celestial soul de-bilocate, so to speak.


Some dreams are symbolic representations of the life the soul is experiencing upon the higher dimension of being. However, there is a kind of dream that is synthetic and artificially inserted into the minds of people when they are asleep. This has been done by dark forces residing upon the Astral plane with the use of technology. The dream is comparable to a film prepared in advance that is inserted during sleep. This insertion is an attack. However, this practice has now recently been prevented because the souls of Light have been raised to a level at which they cannot be reached by those forces of darkness.


In physicality we exist in a third dimensional world. The 4th dimension that scientists have identified as Time is the Astral world. However, a great many souls are now anchored upon the 5th dimension by their purity of heart, their concepts and viewpoints. Their Reality can be said to be that of the 5th dimension. This relates to spirituality and spiritual attainment such as the integration of Christ consciousness or righteousness. The level of integration of the higher mind propulses you up the ladder of the dimensions well above the 5th dimension of your reality, even if only for fleeting moments. The Higher Self is also manifesting through the Soul extension in incarnation, and this represents the opening of the way to a myriad of wonderful experiences for the soul, as it enters into communion with the higher being that it is part of.


The Ascended Masters have provided a spiritual tool to accelerate these integrations and all that is required is to be willing to surrender, to permit the Archangels and Ascended Masters to work on you and transform you. All you have to do is to work on the relationship, raise your thoughts to your I Am Presence, visualize the Tube of Light and violet flame. Virtues reflecting the etheric blueprint will then appear. You will be freed from the hurts of the past which are said to be surfacing today. The Violet Flame erases all negative emotions as well as their causes and cores. What you have done and what has been done to you will be forgiven. This is why Saint Germain is the Hierarch of the Aquarian Age and Seventh Ray. Freedom is appearing on Earth as a result of the great work that is being carried out.


The lower astral level has been dismantled. Many dark entities have been removed. The Astral level governs the emotions and it is being cleaned up, and the battle of the Armageddon of the Psyche continues. The Illuminati, or Dark powers, those that have been enslaving the nations, still stand, but like wounded beasts, cornered, with no escape. They are bewildered but still full of the illusion that they can oppose the Forces of the Light. They are retaliating so this is a time to call for protection and for intervention.


However, you have been given the Announcement by Archangel Michael that the Mafia that was galactic has been abolished. This is in relation to the Reptilian agenda. Please refer to Archangel Michael’s message entitled ‘The Prophecy’ to appreciate the enormity of the operation that the Galactic Federation of Light has been involved with for a period of 25 million years. Understand the enormity of the Victory when it has been announced that this mafia has been abolished! The great prophecy that Archangel Michael gave in primordial times is very close to fullfilment.


Lord Sanat Kumara has also given a warning to the dark ones who are pulling the strings in the governments of the nations from their Astral domain. He has warned them that ‘from this day on’ any attempt to interfer with, or cause harm to the souls of the Great Central Sun, will bring upon them their Judgment. They will be taken to the Courts of Saturn where a judgment will be pronounced. If they are not fit to be granted to continue evolving upon the lower dimensions of another world, they will be reprocessed in the Sacred Fires of the Great Central Sun at the centre of this Galaxy. The second death is a term for  the process of undergoing the second death, and this is to do with the death of the soul.


Lord Sanat Kumara has also stated that he will move the shift of our actual physicality to the 5th dimension to an earlier date than previously planned. In other words, he will make it happen sooner. This will occur as a quantum leap after a period of transition in which we will have created new conditions, new Gaia, and received new technologies. The Event that we are told ‘is coming soon’ is in relation to a financial reset that will take place before this period of transition starts. We will be freed from the slavery of the financial system of the dark overlords and their Establishment, which will be the ‘old world order’ by then.


The inhabitants of the Earth have been lifted up in their perception and reality because the Solar System is passing through a most concentred part of the photonic belt and through electro magnetic fields of Light. Their ascent occurred in waves on September 28, 2015 and March 20, 2016.  A third ascent will take place at the end of this year for the souls of lightbearers who are being prepared and motivated by various sources, as well as astrological configurations. In a previous message it was also announced that a removal of dark interfering forces would take place this summer.


Furthermore, we are looking forward to a shift to 4th density at the end of this year as announced by Adronis of Sirius through Brad Johnson. This means that whereas you presently are physically in 3 D, you will all be experiencing a shift to a higher level of physicality which is where the Astral level used to be. Therefore, the part of your lower dimensional self that is presently an astral vehicle will be raised up to the next level.  Each of your four lower bodies, or dimensional vehicles, will be raised up a level. God has a plan and it is being manifested, so have faith, as this is the end time when evil has to come to an end and heaven has to be manifested upon earth.


A Dictation from Archangel Michael


Archangel Michael: Greetings children of the Sun. This was a message by thought transmission, and I have continuously provided thought waves for it from beginning to end.


With regards to the video entitled ‘Prophecy regarding the Elections,’ it has caused some bewilderment. However, some people were already given such a prophecy many years ago. The prophesied election of Donald Trump is in relation to the need to oppose the Establishment and large Corporations. If some people see a division occurring, remember that you are now living in the predicted time of great tribulations called the Apocalypse. It is associated with cataclysms and there are many. However, this term of Greek etymology alludes to a veil falling off from something that is hidden. You will therefore be glad to learn that this is about a time of Disclosure when the truths that have been suppressed are brought out into the open for the people of the American Nation as well as the whole world. This process will lead to changes, Peace and the period of transition during which everything will be rebuilt and the great collective of mankind will be receiving a teaching, as well as given access to the Science of the Ascended Masters and their Galactic family.


Dear ones, if you feel you are among those who experience the division and tribulation, or you think you see it taking place, do not seek answers in the external world, as they are found in the inner Self. If you experience a doubt about channeled messages, no proof can be provided for the time being, but turn to your own inner teacher, in that communion with the Spirit, with your Higher Self, or your I Am Presence. Develop the relationship which is spiritual and the goal of the Path of Ascension. Seek the answers from the world within and, as you seek, there takes place an activation at the level of your DNA. The field is intensified and the spectrum of your consciousness is enlarged as it used to be before the Atlantean decline. You build the Antakharana, the connection with you own real identity. There will be a time when you will all have developed the telepathic ability for thought transmission, and will be receiving instruction from your own Higher Selves, or the beings commissioned to function as your mentors and gardians. You will be at peace and there will be no room for skepticism.


Keep surrendering and aligning your desires with those of the Divine Will even if you do not know what they are. It is a safer method than using the intellectual abilities in trying to assess what is right and what is wrong. The devotion of a pure heart is greater than the intellect. You do not know to what extent the Illuminati have been demonic. You do not know what strategies the Forces of the Light have had to use in order to bring about the liberation of mankind from its captivity at the hands of the powers that have controlled it for thousands of years. We operate in ways that would mystify you.


We, the Archangels and our many legions, have fought a long battle. We have closed in upon the vortex of evil in space and abolished the Reptilian Mafia. Now you are living the last days when the power is taken from those that are causing the scenarios on the political scene of the world. They have gradually been denied more and more action. They have been prevented from exterminating you in a nuclear war. They are still attempting to enslave you with a cunning modus operandi and despicable strategies of darkness. Do turn to your Spirit Within at this time, pray, allocate some small amount of time to practice an attunement and call for the protection of the Light in all the forms that you know, or have been taught, and in case of disasters, call for more dispensations and help from the Archangels and Masters that we are, as you then give us more authority to intervene.


This was a message from Archangel Michael. Dear ones, we are brotherhood, we are family. I seal you in the radiance of my blue flame protection, individually and collectively.


Christine: Thank you for this message, Archangel Michael. Thank you Lord Sanat Kumara.



Lords Sanat Kumara/ Michael: Operation Apocalypse, Transition, May 11, 2016

Ascended Twin Flame: Decree for Elections

May 9, 2016, by Christine Preston,


The following is a call inspired from the ‘Decree for Elections’, and the one for the ‘invocation of the Circle-and-Sword Patterns for the Elections’, in the ‘Prayers, Meditations, and Dynamic Decrees for Personal and World transformation Decree book’ published by the Summit Lighthouse. The invocations have been modified under the supervision of my Ascended Twin Flame to calm down the agitation of the people and unite them. Decrees are like spiritual letters. First we are calling to the God within, and we name some Ascended Masters as well as Archangels. Then we give the command for a particular light action and situation, or a problem needing a solution. One section will be repeated three times for the power of the three times three. And for closing we will be sealing the action of precipitation by saying that we accept, or believe, that the call will be answered.

The Invocation


Beloved glorious I AM Presence, beloved Father Supreme, I am calling to Alpha and Omega, beloved Sanat Kumara in the Sun with Helios and Vesta, beloved Surya, Lord Gautama, Jesus the Christ, El Morya, Mother Mary, Saint Germain, the Great Divine Director, the mighty Elohim, Archangels, and Chohans of the Rays, the Messengers from the Sun, the cosmic beings of higher dimensions, powers, activities, and legions of Light, the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, or Brotherhood of the Star, the Melchizedek Cosmic Order, and the World Mother, elemental life, fire, air, water and earth.


In the name of my loving I Am Presence, the Light of God above me whose radiance forms a circle of fire before me to light my way, I am calling for the restoration of cosmic justice, mercy, peace, and power, into the heart of America, its people and affairs in connection with the forthcoming elections. I am calling to Archangel Michael to seize, bind, and lock all Illuminati, or dark forces’ intrigue, their manipulation of the masses, as well as their interference with this nation. Restore the unity of the people by the Light of the Christ and his apostles. Release the power of Mighty Cosmos’ secret rays and the cosmic honor flame to the people of America to enable them to make their choice under the guidance of their own Holy Christ Self.

Invocation of the Circle-and-Sword Patterns for the Elections


Beloved Mighty I AM Presence, beloved Mighty Astrea, Entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, World Mother, lock your cosmic circles and swords of blue flame of thousands of suns from the Great Central Sun in through and around all opposition to the fulfillment of God’s Will in the process of the election of a candidate to become the President of the United States of America, as well as any misrepresentation in media coverage, with their causes and cores. Expose the wolves in sheep clothing.

Christine :

Close in upon it all and transmute, transmute, transmute it all, cause, effect, record, and memory – before it can act, approach, or encroach upon life any longer. Replace it all right now by the cosmic threefold flame in the full power of the three times three, in the full power of the ten thousand times ten thousand, and the full power of the thousandfold flame of the sacred love of the sacred fire in overcoming cosmic power, tripled each instant of each hour, until all are wholly ascended in the Light and free.

Close in upon it all and transmute, transmute, transmute it all, cause, effect, record, and memory – before it can act, approach, or encroach upon life any longer. Replace it all right now by the cosmic threefold flame in the full power of the three times three, in the full power of the ten thousand times ten thousand, and the full power of the thousandfold flame of the sacred love of the sacred fire in overcoming cosmic power, tripled each instant of each hour, until all are wholly ascended in the Light and free.

Close in upon it all and transmute, transmute, transmute it all, cause, effect, record, and memory – before it can act, approach, or encroach upon life any longer. Replace it all right now by the cosmic threefold flame in the full power of the three times three, in the full power of the ten thousand times ten thousand, and the full power of the thousandfold flame of the sacred love of the sacred fire in overcoming cosmic power, tripled each instant of each hour, until all are wholly ascended in the Light and free.


Archangel Michael, all the Archangels, and legions of Light, Come, come, come in your visible, tangible, supernatural bodies, and strike, strike, strike your mighty cosmic swords of blue flame of thousands of suns from the Great Central Sun, Sun in through and around all opposition to the fulfillment of God’s Will in the process of the election of a candidate to become the President of the United States of America, as well as any misrepresentation in media coverage, with their causes and cores. Expose the wolves in sheep clothing.


Close in upon it all and transmute, transmute, transmute it all, cause, effect, record, and memory – before it can act, approach, or encroach upon life any longer. Replace it all right now by the cosmic threefold flame in the full power of the three times three, in the full power of the ten thousand times ten thousand, and the full power of the thousandfold flame of the sacred love of the sacred fire in overcoming cosmic power, tripled each instant of each hour, until all are wholly ascended in the Light and free.

Close in upon it all and transmute, transmute, transmute it all, cause, effect, record, and memory – before it can act, approach, or encroach upon life any longer. Replace it all right now by the cosmic threefold flame in the full power of the three times three, in the full power of the ten thousand times ten thousand, and the full power of the thousandfold flame of the sacred love of the sacred fire in overcoming cosmic power, tripled each instant of each hour, until all are wholly ascended in the Light and free.

Close in upon it all and transmute, transmute, transmute it all, cause, effect, record, and memory – before it can act, approach, or encroach upon life any longer. Replace it all right now by the cosmic threefold flame in the full power of the three times three, in the full power of the ten thousand times ten thousand, and the full power of the thousandfold flame of the sacred love of the sacred fire in overcoming cosmic power, tripled each instant of each hour, until all are wholly ascended in the Light and free.


Beloved Ascended Master Jesus Christ and the seven mighty Elohim, come, come, come in your ascended Master bodies and strike, strike, strike your mighty cosmic swords of blue flame of thousands of suns from the Great Central Sun, in through and around all opposition to the fulfillment of God’s Will, in the process of the election of a candidate to become the President of the United States of America, as well as any misrepresentation in media coverage, with their causes and cores. Expose the wolves in sheep clothing.


Close in upon it all and transmute, transmute, transmute it all, cause, effect, record, and memory – before it can act, approach, or encroach upon life any longer. Replace it all right now by the cosmic threefold flame in the full power of the three times three, in the full power of the ten thousand times ten thousand, and the full power of the thousandfold flame of the sacred love of the sacred fire in overcoming cosmic power, tripled each instant of each hour, until all are wholly ascended in the Light and free.

Close in upon it all and transmute, transmute, transmute it all, cause, effect, record, and memory – before it can act, approach, or encroach upon life any longer. Replace it all right now by the cosmic threefold flame in the full power of the three times three, in the full power of the ten thousand times ten thousand, and the full power of the thousandfold flame of the sacred love of the sacred fire in overcoming cosmic power, tripled each instant of each hour, until all are wholly ascended in the Light and free.

Close in upon it all and transmute, transmute, transmute it all, cause, effect, record, and memory – before it can act, approach, or encroach upon life any longer. Replace it all right now by the cosmic threefold flame in the full power of the three times three, in the full power of the ten thousand times ten thousand, and the full power of the thousandfold flame of the sacred love of the sacred fire in overcoming cosmic power, tripled each instant of each hour, until all are wholly ascended in the Light and free.

And in full faith I consciously accept this manifest, manifest, manifest, right here and now, with full power, eternally sustained, all-powerfully active, ever expanding, and world enfolding until all are wholly ascended in the Light and free!

Ascended Twin Flame: Decree for Elections

Archangel Michael Ultimatum to the Dark

May 1, 2016, by Christine Preston


After the video on colonialism was published, I searched the net for videos on the same subject and found a few that are disseminating the ideologies that I have opposed. Many Belgian people have commented under the videos saying they didn’t know a genocide had taken place, but they don’t realize the allegations are a scam. My ascended twin flame was horrified. He said the situation is catastrophic. On the following day, May 1, I received a message from Archangel Michael. He said:

Archangel Michael:
A deal has been done today as a result of your work yesterday. You didn’t realise that as you were going through the videos and posting some comments under them, we were actually electronically tracing their origin to their source and examining the motives of the people who formulated the ideologies carried in these videos. We are going to the root of the problem. Today we have arrived at a deal with the forces of darkness after we made something clear to them. We are in the process of implementing a project to rid the world of the oppression that it has been subjected to, for thousands of years, and especially during this last decade, as it is during the latter that the forces of darkness have succeeded in developing a conspiracy that affects the human spirit, either by a feeling of culpability, or of hate in respect of the white colonial of the years 1900s, or in relation to Belgian colonialism.

We have met with the forces behind the falsification of history which are the same as the forces behind the agenda of political dissemination of that concept that has created a condemnation of the Belgian colonials. It is affecting the present generation of Belgians with a burden of guilt and the Africans with hate, or a complex of persecution, as they think of their forefathers as having been victims of the colonial regime. The falsification of history created a division and is at the root of many conflicts.

We, the Archangels, have presented those Dark ones with an ultimatum. They are to cease these activities, stop bending minds, stop influencing the world and mankind into ways of thinking with a false history which is the basis that motivates people into reactions of violence, genocide, as well as wars. Those dark forces have worked to keep these people from the path of righteousness.

We have told them that they must bend the knee to the Light and accept defeat in the battle of the Armageddon of the psyche for the Earth, or they will be bound and taken to the Saturnian tribunals for their final judgment, where a decision will be taken by the Council whether they should, or not, be given another chance of evolution on another 3rd dimensional world. If they do not obey right now, it may lead to the taking of their very existence in the Sacred Fires prepared for the Devil and his fallen associates who have conspired to oppose the Divine Plan for time immemorial and attempted to sabotage the Process of Ascension. They have done this by corrupting the world to an extent that is much greater than what they did during the Atlantean decline, its downfall, and finally a cataclysm that they did not expect would be unleashed as a result of their irresponsible and foolish sciencitific manoeuvres. They were deluded in thinking they could go on and fool manind for ever, and had illusions about their power.
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Update May 1
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Mankind, the one connected in the heart with the Spirit Within, has been rising in consciousness upon the ladder of the dimensions, in its frequency vibrations, or spirituality, to such a degree, despite the external appearances of chaos in the world, that it now has been lifted up above the reach of the dark ones. A separation of the world of realities and of souls is taking place in the process of this upliftment, and a great canyon between those of the Light and those of the dark of the astral plane, exists now between the two camps.

The Light is getting stronger in the upper world which is still rising and the lower world is falling apart. Their foundations are crumbling away, as promised. It was indeed said that the lower astral plane would be dismantled. This means that their grids, or matrix, have been removed. However there still is a reaction to this state of affairs upon the physical realm. It is one of despair and even panic, and one comparable to a wild beast being wounded, cornered between a rock and the deep blue sea, as you say. This is when it can even get more dangerous. It lashes out again. So it is a time when the lightworkers should call for their protection, call for its reinforcement. It is constantly there, but there are moments and situations in which they can still be affected by an attack when the dark ones find a way, or a crack in the shield.

At the same time, there is a feeling that the air has been cleared and Disclosure is taking place in the mainstream media. This is but a beginning. The dominoes are being made to fall upon the screen of life, one by one, one after the other. So much knowledge is being brought forth that you all have a difficulty to keep up with the information that is being made available, by the boots on the ground, and you have the feeling that there are less hours in the day than there used to be. You continue working too late and we take you out of the body to regenerate you at the level of the soul, so your physical body does not get depleted by the lack of sleep. However, you don’t need as much sleep as you did in those days when you were at a lower point on that ladder of the dimensions.

In soul your world is the 5th dimension, which you have entered on September 28, 2015, or on March 20, 2016. That is despite the fact that in physicality you still exist or have your feet on the holographic construct of a 3rd dimension. Scientists have said that the 4th dimension is time, but their concept of time in a linear fashion is not correct. There is but a ‘Now’ for the immortal souls and a movement of planetary bodies in the great body of the Mother that is the Galaxy and the Universe. The Now is the eternal Higher Realms of a collective that is divine in the Great Central sun. However, there are levels of consciousness, 12 of them, and the 12th has a ceiling that you can perceive with your mind’s eyes. It is a barrier, or void, that separates the 12th dimension from the 13th.

Your body is not your self. It is but a vehicle of transportation in the physical density, so what matters is the dimensions of consciousness that you are experiencing. You go up and down these levels during your wake hours. When you leave your body at night, you travel out of the body at the etheric level because you have risen to a higher place in consciousness, or purity of heart. When portals open, you cross over beyond the 12th dimension into the 13th if you are ready for it. It is an Ascension and you return to your body. If you crossed to the 13th dimension in your body, it would be an Ascension which would produce the transfiguration of your body into light, an Ascension in which the body would be taken up to the higher realm, but also vanish from human sight. This summer, at Solstice time, the portals will be opening once again for such a process of Ascension to take place. You have already gone through portals many times. This is apart from the effect of the Stargate and photonic light which caused powerful waves of Light to be distributed and diffused by the technology of the Blue Avians, and that resulted with two groups of souls to be anchored in the 5th dimension, despite your density and reality still appearing to be three dimensional. This is because you are remaining in physicality. Those of you, who have already crossed over last September and in March of this year, can be said to be upon the 5th dimension because you exist in a higher mind set.

The idea of the 4th dimension is the equivalent of an Astral level, which is still a place inhabited by discarnate souls that have not magnetized enough light, or are not advanced enough to go higher into the Etheric level inhabited by souls that are higher in consciousness. The higher level of the Etheric Realm is the level of Christ consciousness and spiritual attainment. It is inhabited by souls that have gained their Ascension and passed 6 initiations when they were alive and then ascended after their death. It is also the home of your celestial counterparts which could not accompany you when you descended into the 3rd dimension, and therefore you continued descending but as a result, lost a certain range of your spectrum of consciousness. You visit this celestial counterpart when you leave your body at night, if you have access to the etheric realms, but when you return to your body, you have no memory of what you experienced, or little. This is due to the limitations affecting your DNA. However, you will be restored so that you will retain memory of who you are at soul level when you wake up in your physical structure. The work is in process a bit at a time in regards to this aspect.

Your Higher Selves are not those celestial counterparts that remained in heaven, but there is something comparable to an umbilical chord between them and your celestial counterparts. Along this connection are communicated the aspects of identity that you manifest in incarnation. Your Higher Selves are bringing to you Christ consciousness. You are integrating it and are in greater alignment with the Divine Will. The soul mirrors the blueprint and eventually manifests it in the kingdom of creation and physicality. You are on your way to transfiguration and to being christed beings walking in the Earth, and even more than this, due to your amalgamation of the I Am Presence. Healing takes place slowly due to these supernatural occurences, and the process is activated tenfold by the presence of the Solar system in photonic light. It is activated and accelerated.

You are being uplifted in consciousness and there is a change taking place as a result in your physical structure. It is slow but leads to an existence without diseases and free of death, with the help of advanced technology. But note, I am referring to the technology of the higher dimensions to which you are being lifted up. In the overall process you create a new kingdom, or world, around you. It starts with a precipitation of changes in respect of your own self. Then the ripples continue and some changes manifest in the world around you. Finally you will have rated a higher civilization as well as a new Gaia.

There are various plans that will bring this about. Those of the Master Saint Germain, as well as the Chohan El Morya of the First Ray, are multiple. So this is how the process of Ascension works. I hope I have provided you with images and details that will help you to understand better what is taking place.

I Am Archangel Michael. I am with you always. This can be said for various reasons one of which is that we are part of an enormous family. But call me for yourselves and the world. I am grateful for your allegiance to the Light and your faith in the Victory of the Light.

Archangel Michael Ultimatum to the Dark