Archangel Uriel:  Armageddon of the Psyche, March 31, 2016

by Christine Preston


Christine: Archangel Uriel has explained to me why I was allowed to experience some controled interferences, under Archangel Michael’s and my ascended twin flame’s supervision, and why some dark forces attempted to carry out an imposture of the Masters as if it was a game, or as if they wanted to fool me during much of the year 2014.

Archangel Uriel: You have been taught about the dark’s methods of operation in the context of the Armageddon of the Psyche, as well as about the impersonations that the dark forces carry out to disseminate false concepts to souls that have not had the privilege of studying the basics of the teachings of the Ascended Masters, and that are therefore more likely to accept them. It was about what the dark forces do, and it was to give you a concept of their abilities, so you could pass on some knowledge about this, that you had these experiences. They operate from the astral plane and use technology. One of the things they do is that they create synthetic thoughts and feelings, and attempt to insert them into people’s minds in a way they hope won’t be detected. When the person is able to communicate telepathically and hear them, they create impersonations of the Masters or Archangels. However, they have not been able to carry out these impostures successfully as it is not possible, even with the most advanced technology in the world, to be like an Ascended Being or an Archangel if you are not one! It was a very intensive training and very tiring, with some amount of reactions as when you suffer from stress. Some situations reflected what is taking place on the astral world but in reality there is much worse.

The Armageddon of the psyche is a reality and the existence of the dark forces is true. There is a pattern that is recognizable in the method used by the dark forces. They have attempted to influence the souls of Light with erroneous notions to take them off the path and sabotage the plans of Ascension. There were a few cases with a pattern in which some falsities were revealed to the audience after the entity had gained its trust.  Following this, the followers were lured into thinking the battle between the light and the dark was over, when it was not, and in addition to falsely elevating the status of the dark powers and inventing stories in order to excuse them for their evil deeds, there were attempts to tarnish the forces of the Light. For instance, a story was invented that an Archangel had taken a grey’s body, to enter into some kind of spying activities. But isn’t it obvious that all entities, as well as human beings, are open books to the Archangels, even from a great distance, and they can pass through matter, so why should they need to do that? They  have access to the Akashic records. And as you know the Archangels will only incarnate when it is sure that the soul extension will not come off the spiritual path. They are too strong to lose their way and take part in immoral activities when in incarnation. The soul extension in incarnation appears as any other human being and they don’t know who they are, but the Higher Self does.

The Cabal is being given a chance to turn to the Light at this time of the Harvest. There are individuals in connection with the Cabal who are being disentangled, and this war is of a psychic nature. The root of the Evil of terrorism is on the Astral Plane in those forces which have exercised a control, from there, for thousands of years. It has been related to the Reptilian presence. There are still some of them on the Astral plane (but see Archangel Michael’s Announcement that their Mafia has been abolished).

Why the Reptilians are fallen beings is found in their Antichrist philosophy. They have lost their connection with the divine Spirit many eons ago. It can be said that they are psychopathic, so what takes place in the political scenes of the world, as a result of their interference, seems devoid of common sense. They were known as the Nephilim, which means ‘fallen’ or ‘made to fall’ because they fell into the lower dimensions of their own doings. They also were made to fall upon earth and upon the astral realm, and they were symbolically described as being restricted by chains, or imprisoned, as recorded in the Book of Enoch, in order to prevent them from reincarnating, for a certain period of time, so that mankind could start again, unimpeded, and a civilization could be rebuilt after the Atlantean cataclysms. After many thousands of years, however, they were allowed to incarnate for the scenario of the Harvest when one is chosen and the other is left. These antichrist beings began re-appearing in the world, resurfacing through incarnation, some time before the Master Jesus took his embodiment as Christ, and he did say that he came for the Judgment, as well as to remove the Prince of this world. The satanic entity called Lucifer is no more. It is stated in the video ‘Vials of Karma’ in which Archangel Michael notes this entity was not a ‘good guy’, as a source has claimed. You remember how one day he approached the subject and told you that things were not as well as you seemed to believe despite the judgment of Lucifer. You then found out that the Amargeddon of the Psyche was still going on and there was need to make specific calls with the tools given by the Ascended Masters. The fallen ones are an ancient group of beings who have destroyed many worlds in this Galaxy.

Christine: For information about the galactic wars which have lasted millions of years, please refer to Archangel Michael’s message entitled ‘The Prophecy’. The dark forces interfered with evolution on the planet Maldek which orbited between Mars and Jupiter and was destroyed.

Later I asked André, my Ascended twin flame, something that had been on my mind for some time. It was the following question:

‘Concerning the stories we hear about the Secret Space Program, are they something going on at the physical plane level, not the astral? Is this program real or a scenario created by holographic technology to give people an illusion of experience?’  André explained:

André: Yes, it’s real, on the physical level. The Organization such as the Solar Warden, have policies and have a government acting apart from the Cabal forces on Earth. They have totally broken away and evolved as citizens of other worlds for decades but are conscious of their origin. The first ones who made it to the other planets were indeed the Nazis. The ‘Alternative Three’ programs were in relation to the members of the Elite who funded them, so what is out there, on the other planets of this solar system, is a Secret Space Program, and they have recently bent the knee so to speak. There is a certain amount of disinformation and suppression of truth that is restricting the inhabitants of these other worlds but not as much as on Earth. Note that the forces in connection with the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Great White Brotherhood, and the Galactic Federation of Light, are higher dimensional, ultra-systemic, or ultra-terrestrial, whereas those in connection with the Secret Space Program are like expatriates, a runaway society, but they have become extraterrestrial.

Christine: Thank you, André and Archangel Uriel, for this information. Love and namaste to all, Christine.

Archangel Uriel:  Armageddon of the Psyche, March 31, 2016

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