Mother Mary, Announcing Acceleration, Christmas Celebrations, December 8, 2016

by Christine Preston

Christine: Hi Lightworkers, this morning I have received the following telepathic message from Mother Mary. It is as follows:
Mother Mary: Know that you are loved, dear ones. You are doing well. I have been associated with the concept of the Immaculate Conception because I came to Earth with a pure heart to be the Mother of Jesus, Yeshuah, in that moment of time more than 2000 years ago, which it has become traditional to commemorate on December 25, in the Christian tradition, and even in those nations that are not, as this celebration has been amalgamated with the ancient Roman festival of Saturnalia as well as other feasts of Eastern Nordic legends. By that I mean that wonderful story of Father Christmas, or Santa Claus, who is portrayed as coming down chimneys. It’s a wonderful idea and you may not know this, but the idea originated from the fact that in the country of origin of this legend the entrance to the peoples’ homes was by the roof. We in the heavenly regions, the higher dimensions, are looking forward to the Christmas Season as we can use it to sweep more souls into the Great Fisherman’s Net, that cosmic Web of Ascension into the 5th dimension in consciousness. One of the results of this awakening was the recent shift into 4th density in your physicality, the lower body of your multi-dimensional system of operation, so to speak, and eventually your Reality, as you are creating the 5th kingdom and the process of recreating Gaia has started. There is much to say about what is taking place right now. Progress is being made in the general process of Ascension, as well as the shifting of the physical atoms of planet Earth into 4th density, bringing many changes that are still to be manifested as time goes on after the New Year. At the same time you are being elevated upon the ladder of the dimensions in consciousness. Your attention has been drawn to the fact that there is shortly to be a stepping up of energies once again. The American lands have been the stage of a battle in the psyche, a great Armageddon in which you have seen different views and narratives emerging in your media, reflecting the level at which souls dwell in consciousness. The Presidential elections have been the catalyst for that Harvest of souls in the end time, bringing a victory to the forces of the Light over those of darkness that had for their agenda to keep mankind in captivity with their various systems of control and psychotronic warfare, for their program and manipulations of supremacy and of conquest, even of the whole solar system. But this is over now, or practically so.
Dear ones you have entered a new Day, a period of Transition which will bring to you disclosure with enlightenment, as well as the manifestation of Saint Germain’s Plan for the Earth. And I have come to this messenger today to announce to you that you will shortly be picking up the pace upon the Path of Ascension and of the Golden Age. You will indeed be on a fast track and experiencing an acceleration now, a quickening, and further awakening as a result of the descent of the Lightbody or Christ consciousness, as well as all of the prodigious contacts you will be experiencing in the years to come. I would also like to inform you that your Galactic family are watching your progress and providing you with assistance in all the ways they can. The acceleration that you are about to experience is the result of the recent progressive shift to 4th density and of the victory of the Light in the matter of the opposition to the darkness of the Establishment, for behind the scenes of what you see with your physical eyes, a conflict with the overlords who held the strings has been taking place. It’s happening in other nations too and is a revolution in consciousness demanding Freedom. The door is now opening to the Peace of my son, the Ascended Jesus Christ, as well as Archangel Michael’s, and it is descending upon Earth from the higher octaves. Infinite blessings and wishes are coming your way, dear ones. Healing, changes in your DNA, will eventually restore you to full consciousness and a condition in physicality that is not affected by illnesses, changes, and death. That recovery is on the timetables after you have renewed contact with your celestial, ascended, or Galactic, may I say ‘so heavenly’ family. It has been a difficult year. We looked forward to that confrontation and now, we can celebrate, especially as the Christmas festivities are approaching. We are very joyful and want to let you know that you are very tired because you have lived through years of stress, on adrenaline, as the dark lords have created atrocious conditions, particularly during this last decade. But let’s turn to the future now and let’s enjoy together the wonders, fairy tales and magic of the Christian tradition of Christmas, as well as its good tidings. The New Year will bring a most wonderful set of events as this is just the beginning of our reunion. You are being caught up in more waves of Ascension, and we are pushing on with an activation, or acceleration, that will eventually manifest a new golden age, and the fulfilment of prophecies. I Am Mother Mary and I am keeping you safe and consecrated in the love of my Immaculate heart. As always, I am interceding for you and mankind, and I am eternally devoted to my tasks upon the Emerald Ray, as a mother and friend. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, dear ones, Namaste, Mother Mary!

Mother Mary, Announcing Acceleration, Christmas Celebrations, December 8, 2016

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